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Feature story
A new glass ceiling for the Italian startup ecosystem?

Equity investments in Italian tech startups remain well below the 2 billion euros threshold: too little, compared to other European ecosystems

Why hybrid working will help startups to grow faster

The best employees look for the best work/life balance they can get, and conventional companies aren't always able to satisfy their needs

Grow fast or take your time? The "late stage startup" lesson.

Growing fast is what makes a startup appealing? Maybe, but many solid and rewarding companies arrived "late" at their date with the market.

European cloud: beyond the hyperscalers

Cloud market dynamics can help smaller operators who want to play at the European level. But how much are national strategic cloud plans influencing the market? The debate is open.

Will PNRR help Italian Smart Cities?

PNRR will fund the technological and sustainable development of Italian Smart Cities. But its timing may not be in line with their optimal growth.

Italian innovation should be "open"

Digital innovation gets the best results when it's open to different approaches and ideas. This open innovation is probably the right choice for Italian companies.

PNRR: a welcome change

Italian recovery plan ask companies to think long term: digital innovation is key to work differently, not a list of technologies to adopt

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