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Iterable Unveils Advanced Data Management Capabilities Made for Marketers

Iterable, the top-rated AI-powered customer communication platform, today announced its 2024 Winter Product Release featuring the new Iterable Ingest Toolkit. The Toolkit features Smart Ingest, an Ite...

Business Wire

SAN FRANCISCO: Iterable, the top-rated AI-powered customer communication platform, today announced its 2024 Winter Product Release featuring the new Iterable Ingest Toolkit. The Toolkit features Smart Ingest, an Iterable-native feature co-developed with Hightouch that directly connects to leading cloud data platforms and enables marketers to bring all of their valuable customer data into Iterable. The Toolkit also includes Data Schema Management, the intuitive user interface to easily manage and control data structure. With this release, marketers can now easily activate more data and unlock the full power of AI-powered user insights on Iterable to drive richer personalization.

“The future of customer engagement will be defined by marketers’ ability to easily integrate and activate intricate data in real-time with AI,” said Andrew Boni, CEO and co-founder of Iterable. “In our latest release, we're bringing these advanced capabilities to marketers now, empowering them to take control of their data without the need for expensive technical resources. Our innovative features propel our industry forward, democratize data activation, and accelerate the evolution of customer engagement in the process.”

New data management features and innovations include:

Smart Ingest Streamlines Data Activation Without Engineering Support

Smart Ingest, an Iterable-native feature co-developed with Hightouch, enables marketers to connect Iterable directly to their cloud data platform. It offers an intuitive, marketer-friendly UI to automate importing valuable data like user attributes, product catalogs, and more into Iterable using the latest data from their system of record.

With Smart Ingest, marketing teams can bring all of their rich customer data into Iterable, enhancing their ability to accelerate experimentation, enhance audience targeting, and better personalize cross-channel communications — all without having to deal with manual data uploads or waiting on technical teams to build custom pipelines. This new feature empowers marketers to own their data strategy, reducing reliance on technical resources and enhancing the return on investment in cloud data platforms.

“Iterable and Hightouch share a vision of democratized data, where every marketer has self-service access to all of their customer data and can activate it to deliver personalized experiences that create stronger customer connections,” shared Kashish Gupta, Founder and co-CEO of Hightouch. “We’re thrilled to partner more closely with Iterable to deliver our technology to marketing teams around the world.”

More Control and Faster Data Activation with Data Schema Management

Iterable's Data Schema Management is a user-friendly and intuitive visual management solution designed for marketers to effortlessly control their data structure and enhance data fidelity. With a single click on the Iterable UI, marketers can now lock their data structure to prevent the addition of new data fields, increasing the fidelity of their data to maximize collaboration across teams and systems.

Additionally, the new feature allows for the seamless addition of new user profiles or custom event fields into their projects, delivering a level of control of their data and confidence in their results. Empowered by Iterable’s Data Schema Management, marketers can now quickly activate their customer data to deliver timely and high-impact customer messaging.

Enrich Your Snowflake Data with Iterable's AI-Powered Insights

Iterable is enhancing its Snowflake Secure Data Sharing integration with AI-Powered User Insights like Brand Affinity™ and Predictive Goals. Eligible marketers can design better in-product experiences to boost loyalty for customers tagged as “Neutral” by Iterable’s Brand Affinity™, which classifies users based on their engagement levels with a brand’s communications. Marketers can also combine Predictive Goals, which analyzes historical data to forecast which users are more likely to convert on business objectives in the future, with other business or product data in their Snowflake account to see how various in-product experiences influence engagement and conversion rates for specific custom events and customer segments. These AI-powered insights are now automatically added as part of the user profile data update for the Snowflake Secure Data Sharing integration, enabling marketers to make more informed decisions to unlock impactful business outcomes and achieve ROI at an accelerated pace.

"More and more marketers are migrating their marketing data to the cloud and want to activate that data across channels to drive outcomes, as well as analyze the performance of those activations,” said David Wells, Media and Advertising Industry Principal at Snowflake. “Iterable and Snowflake are helping marketers accomplish those goals in a faster, more efficient manner."

To learn more about the Iterable Winter Release and how these new capabilities can help businesses expand their global reach, visit www.iterable.com/whats-new-winter/.


Iterable is the top-rated AI-powered customer communication platform that helps organizations like Redfin, Priceline, Calm, and Box activate customers with joyful interactions at scale. With Iterable, organizations drive high growth with individualized, harmonized and dynamic communications that engage customers throughout the entire lifecycle at the right time.


Hightouch is a leading provider of Data Activation and Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, enabling marketing and data teams to activate customer data directly from their data warehouse to over 200 destinations like advertising platforms and CRMs. Trusted by leading organizations like Cars.com, Spotify, Chime, PetSmart, and GameStop, Hightouch unlocks a fast, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative by activating audiences and other customer data points directly from an organization’s single source of truth - the data warehouse - out to the many business tools it is needed in.

Fonte: Business Wire

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