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ITALIAN PROJECT AWARDS 2023: the best IT projects of the year, awarded

Now in its third edition, the initiative is targeted at the ICT professional world and honours projects based on innovative ideas and technologies, realised in a collaborative dynamic of strong interaction…

Feature story
Digital Health: more ideas, less money for startups

Global investors look for safer bets today, leaving less money on the table for other companies. But the market demand for innovation is still strong. 

A bridge to Dubai for luxury tech startups

The Dubai Future Foundation launches a competition open to innovative ideas in the luxury retail sector

Italy is working on AI and innovation

Italian Government's next steps for AI and innovation according to Alessio Butti, undersecretary of Palazzo Chigi with responsibility for innovation

A technology bridge between Italy and Japan

Italy and Japan are strengthening their partnerships in different technology sectors, with new synergies between respective companies and startups

Italian innovation cities: Padova

Padova got the second place in the European Rising Innovative City category of the European Capital of Innovation Awards

Metaverse: between fashion, ecommerce and real estate in Italy strong gains are on the horizon

The European market for the metaverse will generate $119.35 billion in revenue. Companies must make themselves ready.

Italian Jakala goes on with acquisitions: now it's Roibox's turn

Italian firm Jakala acquired a Riga-based provider of geospatial analytics for digital advertising.

The Agnelli's family "safe" Exor now owns 15% of Philips stocks

Italian investment company Exor now owns a 15 per cent in Philips, the Eindhoven health care and technology company.

‘Made in Italy’ on the spotlight at Alibaba.com

More than 350 Italian B2B companies showcased until February 2024 as part of an initiative to promote Italian excellence

Southern Italy as a platform for sustainable development

The South Innovation meeting confirmed South Italy as a Mediterranean platform for innovation.

Coverflex acquires Italian startup EatsReady

The Italy’s digital-only meal startup EatsReady is the fourth acquisition for the Portugal’s Coverflex.

Feature story
Are Gaia-X and Government initiatives real opportunities for Italian cloud providers?

Which players, and how: these are the big questions around for the new year.

There's no Digital Transformation without innovation

Innovation's role is now strategic also in Italian companies, says a new report by Politecnico di Milano

Italian 5G needs good new ideas

Companies tend to invest in vertical services that would be impossibile without 5G features. And you don't need to be a Telco to provide such services.

Biotech: Angelini Ventures aims to help Italian research go to market

Angelini Ventures, CdP and Evotec created Extend, a partnership to accelerate the translation of academic innovation to commercial products

The Italian Culture and Innovation Center, a new link between Italy and Silicon Valley

ICE Agency on behalf of the MAECI, Fondazione Brodolini and Entopan Innovation have formally been appointed to start and manage the new place.

Italian exports: positive trend will keep on

+18.2% in 2021 (on 2020) and +22.4% in the first half of 2022 (on the first six months of 2021).

How to create a startup in Italy if you are a non-EU innovator

Three Government programs help innovative entrepreneurs who want to create a startup in Italy or to invest in the local innovation ecosystem

Project of the new mosque in Shusha, Azerbajian, will be made in Italy

A very profitabile journey in Italy for the President Ilham Aliyev.

Insurtech in Italy: the "tech" part is not enough

Insurance companies must change because their customers are changing, but new technologies alone can't do much: expertise in the field is still mandatory

The “PNRR” of other EU countries: how Italian companies can take advantage of the opportunity

Italian companies and the Next Gen EU of other European countries: how to exploit it.

Smart Agrifood in Italy: an opportunity not to be missed

Smart Agrifood market and applications grow steadily, now that Italian food supply chain see a real value in digital technologies

Italy has to invest more in infrastructures, PwC says

Digital and physical infrastructure gaps make Italy less efficient and competitive. PNRR can help.

European Data Governance Act boosts data sharing in Europe

European Commission welcomes political agreement to boost data sharing and support European data spaces

The hidden gold of Italian water sector

Italian water companies are more appealing to investors than they seems now, says a report, especially for ESG investments

Italian manufacturing needs more flexibility

The ability to manage unexpected events and fluctuations in demand is critical, digital platforms help companies to gest exaclty that

Europeans like technology, but it must help everyone

Europeans strongly support science and technology, according to new Eurobarometer survey. With some challenges.

Digital Italy: mind the gaps

DESI rankings leave Italy in a bad digital shape, but in the country's economic scenario ICT is growing better than it seems

Industry 4.0: just for big companies?

Smaller Italian manufacturing companies are not investing enough in Industry 4.0 technologies, says UCIMU

IDC: Italian Public Sector faces new challenges

Three Italians out of five believe that government agencies must lead the digitalization of the whole country

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