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‘Made in Italy’ on the spotlight at Alibaba.com

More than 350 Italian B2B companies showcased until February 2024 as part of an initiative to promote Italian excellence


Spotlight on the excellence of Italian industries by Alibaba.com, one of the leading marketplaces for B2B globally, thanks to the "Made in Italy Event”, a new dedicated multi-format section of its platform.

Active until February 2024 on Alibaba.com's app, the Made in Italy Event aims to foster visibility, traffic and conversions to Italian products and companies featured on Alibaba.com,guiding the searches of potential international buyers through the different touch points and the vast offer available on the platform.

Following a start-up period, all channels of the initiative are now fully active: from dedicated showcases, to hybrid activities and live streaming, to inclusion in high-visibility areas of the marketplace and creation of highlights facilitating new business opportunities for international buyers and Italian companies.

To date, more than 350 companies have already joined the Made in Italy Event, representing various sectors of excellence in the Italian economy, including food&beverage, beauty, home&garden, and electronics.

In addition to the hundreds of Italian companies already operating, a note states, the number of participants will grow further, following the inclusion in the Made in Italy Event of the companies already part of the project resulting from the collaboration between Alibaba.com and Agenzia ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, created to offer Italian SMEs the opportunity to enter the world's most important online B2B marketplace for free. The collaboration began in November 2020 and was renewed in 2023, the first project in Europe launched by Alibaba Group together with a government partner.

Italian exporting SMEs in the agrifood, fashion system, cosmetics and furniture/design sectors will also be able to take advantage of ICE-Agenzia's free TrackIT blockchain service. Thanks to supply chain traceability on blockchain technology, the service allows companies to make their certifications and sustainability features usable, strengthening and protecting the value of Made in Italy products on foreign markets.

"Alibaba.com is the most advanced B2B e-commerce platform also because of its ability to create a digital ecosystem that is functional to the needs of businesses, thus connecting the demand and supply of even very specific products from different product categories. What we aim to add to this is the creation of an advanced environment that is easy to recognize in order to promote the excellence of Italian-ness, thanks to digital marketing tools and strategies. We hope that still many Italian companies, especially SMEs, will seize the Made in Italy Event opportunity in the coming months", says Luca Curtarelli, Country Manager Italy, Spain and Portugal at Alibaba.com.

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