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Sparkle works on environmentally sustainable content distribution

The Italian company partners with MainStreaming for high-performance, energy-efficient video streaming

Fintech: Links tests the use of exponential technologies in the banking sector

Links Management and Technology just concluded the testing phase of a research project focused on banking transformation

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Axyon AI: Italian Artificial Intelligence for Finance applications

Axyon AI offers an AI platform specifically designed for asset management, with several interesting strengths for those approaching machine/deep learning applications

Italian Artificial Intelligence tackles medical emergencies at sea

Mermaid-AI is a telehealth platform at sea based on a visor equipped with an AR, medical Artificial Intelligence algorithms, satellite communications and IoT technologies

iVis Technologies enables remotely-controlled corneal telesurgery

It's based on Italian technologies the first successful intercontinental telesurgery intervention for keratoconus carried out remotely, connecting Bari and Dubai

The Etna Valley will be a main European semiconductors hub

The EU ChipsJU program will fund the development of innovative semiconductors production lines in Catania, thanks to an international consortium led by CNR

Awentia brings Italian Deep Tech to South America

From Imola, Awentia Agritech will take its Smart Agriculture technologies to Argentinian companies Ava Fruit, Doña Paula and Bodega A16

Sicily is more and more digitally connected

Thanks to EXA Infrastructure investments, more routes provide rapid access to mainland Italy and beyond

Italy will host Huawei Seeds for the Future 2024

In 2024, the Huawei initiative for digital skills and literacy will be entirely in-person and will take place in Rome

Insurtech: Targa Telematics buys Earnix’s spin off Drive-it

The operation gives birth to Targa Drive, a Usage-Based Insurance telematics solution integrating behavioral analysis of drivers through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Maire boosts cyber defenses with Vectra AI Platform

Maire's Cyber Fusion Center: where cyber resilience takes shape through Artificial Intelligence and expertise.

Storm Reply implements a knowledge management chatbot for Audi

The new chatbot allows Audi employees to get answers to inquiries in a simpler and faster way

Four Italian companies lead clean tech projects funded by EU

Five projects led by Bormioli, Saint-Gobain, MyRemono, and ABS will develop new technologies to lower the environmental impact of energy-intensive industries

Comau makes innovative assembly lines for HYCET

A technologically advanced production line makes it possible to meet stringent requirements for precision and product quality, while ensuring better adaptability and efficiency and reducing production…

Metaverse: between fashion, ecommerce and real estate in Italy strong gains are on the horizon

The European market for the metaverse will generate $119.35 billion in revenue. Companies must make themselves ready.

Italy's Space Economy ecosystem looks to the Moon

Italian Space Agency is developing a lunar habitation module that could be used in the NASA Artemis Space exploration program

Italian Apio for the cocoa supply chain in Africa

Apio revealed his blockchain platform at the Eurochocolate fair in Perugia (Italy).

A former mining site to become a green data center in Northern Italy

The Trentino Data Mine will act as a reference point for digital innovation, especially in Health, AI, IT and financial security, and the management of large amounts of data

Vodafone and Nokia partner to introduce Open RAN in Italy

Covering a cluster of sites in northern Italy, the pilot will involve Nokia containerised baseband software running on the hybrid cloud application platform Red Hat OpenShift, hosted on Dell PowerEdge…

Mexedia LAB AI, a research laboratory for CX vertical AIs

Italian group Mexedia launched a research lab for new AI applications improving the quality of digital customer interactions

Reply Unveils MLFRAME Reply, a Generative AI Framework for Knowledge Development and Sharing

Reply is pleased to announce the launch of MLFRAME Reply, a new generative artificial intelligence framework for heterogeneous knowledge bases. Developed by Machine Learning Reply, a specialised compa...

Enel Green Power together with a Sicilian startup for dry cleaning

An autonomous and sustainable robotic system for cleaning photovoltaic panels, without the use of water developed by RIEWA for Enel Green Power.

Octo Telematics and IBM for increasingly connected, secure and sustainable mobility

Some evolutions of the platform for connected mobility realized by Octo Telematics are based on a microservices model.

Microsoft teams with iGenius on generative AI

Crystal, the 'GPT of numbers' developed by the Milan-based scale-up, arrives on Microsoft Teams and on Azure's data platform

E4 Computer Engineering combines HPC innovation with energy efficiency

At ISC in Hamburg, the Italian company unveiled a new cooling system that ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness of HPC systems

Milan Internet Exchange connects Greece with Western Europe

MIX hosts the first European continental PoP of Islalink's Ionian submarine cable

Italy's quantum computing road starts from Naples

SEEQC's italian R&D center introduced the first quantum computer in the country and it's working on a commercial launch

Greener flights come to Italy as ITA Airways joins Iris air traffic modernisation program

The Italian flag carrier will be the first full service airline in Europe to join the program developed by Inmarsat and European Space Agency

Health Tech: Cerba tests biological samples transportation with drones

It's a first in Italy, and in the next future the company wants to extend its "drone sampling" all over the country

Solid-state batteries: Comau works on a new project

Comau joins the Spinmate initiative, and its goal to improve European SSB supply chains for the automotive sector

Liquid cooling in data centers: Frigel shows it can be done

Frigel will demonstrate how liquid cooling can sustain a 350kW modular data center, lowering energy consumption and respecting the environment

E-health: Italian software for the augmented reality in 5G adopted by Boston Scientific

A remote proctoring solution by Vodafone Business with software from Italian startup Artiness to view 3D models of patients' hearts and also interact for real-time support

Politecnico di Milano designs the Next Generation Hospital

Through the Joint Research Platform Healthcare Infrastructures community, Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico are designing the hospital of the next future

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Hacker attack in Europe: Italy's response was strong

No system has been irreparably compromised and the media hype is absolutely excessive.

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Singularity in AI is coming says the Italian company Translated

The moment when a machine will prove to be more intelligent than human being is behind the corner.

Italy gets Europe’s first 5G hybrid mobile private network (MPN)

Porsche Engineering and Vodafone Business push 5G infrastructure at Nardò Technical Center in Southern Italy for the development of intelligent and connected vehicles

An Italian technology that saves lives with AI chosen by the U.S. government

Using a patented and unique algorithm, SmairtHero creates a digital twin of the patient, alerting in real time in case of dangers to health

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Automated border controls in 20 seconds with the new smart gates at Rome airport

Manufactured in Italy by Saima Sicurezza, the 15 new ‘eGates’ at Fiumicino International Airport have been installed by Minsait, who also developed the integrated software designed to automate screening…

Voice banking: Italian global software provider Auriga presents IOLE, a smart virtual assistant

Based on open APIs, the solution can be easily integrated with other self-service banking channels and third parties service providers enabling a faster time to market for new services

Sparkle Wins the “Best Subsea Innovation” Award

Its Genoa Landing Platform is among the winners at the Global Carrier Awards, the most prestigious competition in the global telecommunications sector

Innovation moves far and beyond at Gitex Global 2022

‘The world's biggest tech event’, as the organizers dubbed it, held in Dubai in mid-October, attracted a wide attendance, certifying the growing focus on IT in new areas

Open source tools for Smart Agriculture get even smarter

With Project FarmVibes, Microsoft is releasing in open source new tools and modules data scientists and developers can use to create new applications for precision agriculture

Next-gen simulation is key to address our planet's most critical problems

Simulating complex ecosystems with virtual twins and embedded knowledge lets us face new problems with more effective tools, says Dassault Systemes

More than 30 Italian exhibitors to showcase technology at Gitex Global 2022 in Dubai

UAE will host in October the 42nd edition of largest tech show to explore and experiment the making of the Web 3.0 economy

AI: Vedrai buys the Data Intelligence division of Altea

The new joint venture Vedrai Data Intelligence (51% Vedrai, 49% Altea) aims at bringing Artificial Intelligence to SMEs

Italian carbon capture technology goes global

KBR will license Giammarco-Vetrocoke carbon capture technology for petrochemical and refining industries

Connected cars: Targa Telematics in partnership with Mercedes Benz

The Italian tech company becomes a 'Trusted Partner' of the digital data solutions subsidiary of the German manufacturer

Italian paytech Nexi partners with Microsoft to drive the digitalization of European payments

The strategic collaboration focuses on cloud transformation in digital payments and innovative payments solutions

Hevolus' metaverse helps Würth Italia to improve its sales experience

Hevolus used hVERSE, its low-code platform for proprietary metaverses, to create a virtual environment where to translate online and traditional sales activities

IPCEI on Hydrogen: six Italian companies are on board

Six Italian companies and two research centres will start new research projects on H2 technologies thanks to European funds

SAP acquires the Italian startup Askdata, focused on search-driven analytics

Based in Rome, with offices in San Francisco, the company applies cutting-edge AI technology to natural language processing, giving users the ability to answer any data question with a simple search

Yape, the Italian droid for home delivery

Yape's fleet of self-driving droids will operate in Milan, in a long test project sponsored by local authorities

In Italy the first CO2 battery long-duration energy storage plant in the world

Energy Dome announced the successful launch of its first CO2 battery facility in Sardinia, Italy.

Targa Telematics develops a solution to cope with increasing fuel prices

Aimed mainly at Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Targa Lite boasts a new algorithm allowing fleet managers to optimise consumption and reduce operating costs up to 20%

Italian Project Awards: the first prize goes to a joint project VEM Sistemi - Panduit - Cisco

The innovative project MUG-Magazzini Generativi, backed by Emil Banca Credito Cooperativo of Italy, wins the first edition of the IPA award

AI: Vedrai works with Würth Italia

Vedrai AI technologies help Würth Italia in forecasting raw materials availability and costs. Thanks to Becky, a "vertical" virtual agent.

Enel adopts quantum-inspired technologies to optimize maintenance

Reply's models can be performed by quantum and conventional hardware, helping Enel in planning network maintenance operations

The Italian road to AI

Italian AI ecosystem has a vast, but not fully exploited yet, potential: that's why Italy now launches a radical upgrade of its national AI strategy

Italian 5G grows thanks to new investments

New networks and infrastructures for 5G will be funded with more than 2 bln euros coming from PNRR

Italy's role in EU quantum Internet

Leonardo, CNR and INRiM joins the consortium for the design of the future European quantum communication network, EuroQCI

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