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An Italian technology that saves lives with AI chosen by the U.S. government

Using a patented and unique algorithm, SmairtHero creates a digital twin of the patient, alerting in real time in case of dangers to health


SmairtHero was born with the aim to use technology to save lives. This is possible thanks to a system that can noninvasively monitor a person's vital parameters to signal in time and without false alarms a fall, an accident or an illness, so that prompt actions can be taken. Sometimes a few minutes can make the difference in saving a life”, says Massimiliano Garruzzo, an expert in Artificial Intelligence and security, as well as co-founder and Scientific Director of MAIS, the startup based in Turin, Italy that has created SmairtHero.

SmairtHero reads data captured by a common wearable smart device, analyzing them by making use of a proprietary algorithm that is able to understand within seconds whether the person being monitored is sick, has Covid, is experiencing an assault, is under stress, or there is an illness that is arising. The accuracy is 99.9 percent: “in practical terms, SmartHero can distinguish whether a man is down because he is sick or lying down to perform maintenance on a manhole cover. The ability to recognize false positives and not send false alarms makes a big difference”, adds Garruzzo.

SmairtHero was recently introduced to a major U.S. government agency, which immediately placed a half-million dollar order to secure its use. The deal is confidential, but one can imagine what it would mean to equip military personnel with technology that would detect their health status with extreme accuracy and figure out on the fly if a deployed soldier is in life danger. In addition, SmairtHero is already working to provide its technology to 20 thousand employees of a world-class Telco giant.

Massimiliano Garruzzo

"Our system is patented in the U.S., Japan, Australia and will soon be patented in Europe. It is field-tested in both civilian and military settings, has a medical certification and can analyze data coming from wearable devices but also from large databases in hospitals. Our AI processes this information becoming a valuable support to doctors' diagnosis or sending an instant alert to an operations center", concludes Massimiliano Garruzzo.

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Edoardo Bellocchi

His first contacts with tech and IT date back to the era of the never forgotten Commodore 64. After some 15 years as a tech user and sometimes enthusiast, he went on to pursue a career in the IT field, first as a journalist and then as a PR. In recent years, he prefers to be identified as a journalist covering the wider technology market, with an eye to innovation topics.

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