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Tag: AI

AI Made in Italy: Vedrai completes acquisition of Premoneo

The company developing AI software for pricing, forecasting and segmentation is now fully owned by Vedrai Group

An Italian technology that saves lives with AI chosen by the U.S. government

Using a patented and unique algorithm, SmairtHero creates a digital twin of the patient, alerting in real time in case of dangers to health

Open source tools for Smart Agriculture get even smarter

With Project FarmVibes, Microsoft is releasing in open source new tools and modules data scientists and developers can use to create new applications for precision agriculture

AI: Vedrai buys the Data Intelligence division of Altea

The new joint venture Vedrai Data Intelligence (51% Vedrai, 49% Altea) aims at bringing Artificial Intelligence to SMEs

The event discovery platform Evensi is now part of Events.com

The italo-american startup Evensi has been acquired by Events.com: its AI technology will be integrated in the event management platform

AI Made in Italy: Vedrai acquires 60% of Indigo.ai

Another key step in the growth path of Vedrai Group, founded in 2020 and already established as a key player in Artificial Intelligence solutions

1000 Miglia and Matchplat: automated market analysis joins regularity races

Innovation based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data from the startup Matchplat based in Bergamo, Italy enhances the ‘most beatiful race in the world’

SAP acquires the Italian startup Askdata, focused on search-driven analytics

Based in Rome, with offices in San Francisco, the company applies cutting-edge AI technology to natural language processing, giving users the ability to answer any data question with a simple search

iGenius raises €10 Million to further democratize data for business users using AI tecniques

Founded in 2016, the scale-up based in Milan, Italy is known for its augmented analytics platform Crystal

Italian MiSE to launch new funding for AI and blockchain

With an initial budget of 45 million euros, a new development Fund looks for innovative ideas coming from SMEs

AI: Vedrai works with Würth Italia

Vedrai AI technologies help Würth Italia in forecasting raw materials availability and costs. Thanks to Becky, a "vertical" virtual agent.

Startup Italy: InSilicoTrials

Using simulation tools, InSilicoTrials helps developing new drugs faster and with less costs

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