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The event discovery platform Evensi is now part of Events.com

The italo-american startup Evensi has been acquired by Events.com: its AI technology will be integrated in the event management platform


From Emilia Romagna to California: this is the path of Evensi, startup founded in 2016 in San Francisco and Modena, Italy by Yuri Grassi, along with Emanuele Corradini, Paolo Privitera, and Andrea Pelleschi. Defined as "the world's largest and most advanced platform for discovering events, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning", Evensi is now part of Events.com, which acquired the italo-american startup for an undisclosed sum.

Evensi's appeal is, Events.com now explains, in its technology. It has processed data on over 200 million events worldwide, in multiple languages and currencies. Evensi built a platform to make it simpler and more intuitive for event organizers to market events and for participants to search for, discover, and attend events.

Using advanced artificial intelligence and recommendation technology, Evensi processes more than 200,000 events per day and provides a unique experience based on interests and behavior for each user. The Evensi community is made up of 60 million event-goers and over 10 million event organizers in more than 100 countries who have created and promoted events using Evensi's AI-powered event marketing and promotional tools.

"We built Evensi to celebrate the desire for human beings to connect with each other and share life experiences," said Yuri Grassi, Founder of Evensi. "We think Events.com represents the best fit we could have imagined. We share the same vision and culture, with the goal to become the foundation of the event industry."

Paolo Privitera, CEO of Evensi, said, "We are so glad to join the Events.com team and to continue to build technology that supports Events.com's mission. Events.com is working to help organizers and participants do things better. It's great to be a part of that vision".

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