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The total number of startups in Italy

According with official data updated to 2022.

11 Italian startups to watch in 2023

2023 will take advantage of the long wave of VC investment in the last quarter of 2022.

There's no Digital Transformation without innovation

Innovation's role is now strategic also in Italian companies, says a new report by Politecnico di Milano

Webidoo launches Jooice, the one platform for the SMEs digital transformation

One single hub for all digital marketing tools with the support of artificial intelligence.

Too little culture of failure and an "innopardesco" system

The Italy of startups is an entrepreneurial model that struggles to change, and that still needs time to adapt to the innovation system already launched in the major European countries.

Food crisis and sustainability: startups can have a leading role

Startups use innovative technologies to introduce new sustainable practices in the agrifood sector, leading the change it sorely needs

Deeptech: a step ahead for EU funding

The European Commission is trying to make faster investment decisions for companies in the deeptech sector, as the original process was too ineffective

The event discovery platform Evensi is now part of Events.com

The italo-american startup Evensi has been acquired by Events.com: its AI technology will be integrated in the event management platform

Why hybrid working will help startups to grow faster

The best employees look for the best work/life balance they can get, and conventional companies aren't always able to satisfy their needs

Grow fast or take your time? The "late stage startup" lesson.

Growing fast is what makes a startup appealing? Maybe, but many solid and rewarding companies arrived "late" at their date with the market.

Green Independence: said and done

The Italian startup joins GreenHydrogenTech Accelerator thanks to a new generation of solar panels converting wastewater into electricity and green hydrogen

B2B FinTech for Future: Fabrick's call to European fintech startups

The next wave of fintech solutions will be focused on B2B services, and Fabrick wants to involve the most promising European startups

MERMEC continues its expansion in Japan in the field of railway diagnostics

The Italian MERMEC for the Japan railway system: new contracts have been signed for more than 20 million Euros.

Smart Agrifood in Italy: an opportunity not to be missed

Smart Agrifood market and applications grow steadily, now that Italian food supply chain see a real value in digital technologies

Startup Italy: InSilicoTrials

Using simulation tools, InSilicoTrials helps developing new drugs faster and with less costs

Two Italian startups receive funding from EIC

European Innovation Council will finance 65 European startups and their innovative projects: two of them are based in Italy

Startup Italy: DiCEworld

DiCEworld works on energy consumption and environmental monitoring, with products that put people and sustainability at the core of technology

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