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Project of the new mosque in Shusha, Azerbajian, will be made in Italy

A very profitabile journey in Italy for the President Ilham Aliyev.


One Italian company, based on Azerbaijani Government request, will implement the project of the new mosque in Shusha, President Ilham Aliyev said in a long interview with the Italian 'Il Sole 24 Ore' newspaper in Italy's Cernobbio Forum Ambrosetti.

"This (new agreement) demonstrates the level of our relations because Shusha for every Azerbaijani is a sacred place and the new mosque in Shusha was awarded to an Italian company. That means that there is such a high level of trust that we made that step. And we have big plans for renewables, for wind and solar plants, for hydro, to invite more Italian companies. Yesterday, during my meeting with the Prime Minister, we brought the figure of the amount of contracts implemented by Italian companies in Azerbaijan, the contracts financed by Azerbaijan. It is more than 10 billion dollars. So, Italy is well presented in Azerbaijan, but in liberated territories, I am sure they will keep this important second position after Turkiye during all time of the restoration" said Aliyev.

Media agency Askanews reports about the two days trip in Italy. The program began with the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in via Giovanni Battista de Rossi 27, in Rome. In the six floors of the building, not only the consular and embassy offices, but also the Cultural Center of Azerbaijan, with permanent exhibitions of artistic objects of Azerbaijani culture and temporary exhibitions.

The inauguration of the headquarters was followed by the ceremony of the agreements already signed on academic cooperation for the Italy-Azerbaijan University, which will be based in Baku, hosted on the campus of Ada University.

The President expressed particular joy that the first event in the new headquarters concerned the theme of education."Today opens a new page of Italy-Azerbaijan relations. We are starting a new large-scale cooperation in the field of education" he said.

President then recalled the documents on the strategic partnership signed between Italy and Azerbaijan, and the excellent political and economic relations between the two countries. In the commercial sphere, revenue reached 9.6 billion dollars and in seven months of this year 11 billion dollars.

At the end of the speeches, the rector of ADA University, Pashayev, expressed his emotion for a historic day, which will bring "the relations of friendship and collaboration" between Baku and Rome "to a new level" that will allow to "train excellent specialists for the economy of the future".

The following meetings with President Sergio Mattarella and with Prime Minister Mario Draghi were focused on appreciating the excellent level of political dialogue between the two countries, and on the continuous strengthening of the multidimensional strategic partnership, including the strengthening of collaboration in the wide-ranging economic sector, in particular in the energy sector, and in the cultural, scientific and educational sectors. The issue of the important role of Azerbaijan for the energy supply of Europe, and of Italy in particular, was also addressed.

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