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The “PNRR” of other EU countries: how Italian companies can take advantage of the opportunity

Italian companies and the Next Gen EU of other European countries: how to exploit it.

Markets Funding

The PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan – the Italian name of Next Generation EU) aims to be a great growth opportunity for Italy and all Italian companies. Italy is the main beneficiary of the European funding program, with a budget of €191.5 billion divided between loans (€122.6 billion) and grants (€68.9 billion). To these is added an additional 43.62 billion to reach a total of 235.12 billion euros.

The document approved by the Italian Parliament that ratifies the Next Generation EU (PNRR) identifies 16 investment components, grouped in 6 missions, according to three main axes: innovation and digitalization, ecological transition, and social inclusion.

The PNRR funds are intended for both central and local institutions, and for private companies, whose appropriations are provided in the form of non-repayable contributions and tax credits. The rules of engagement provide for delegating the definition of calls for tenders and the implementation of projects to local authorities and state concessionaires. The local authorities will be also responsible for the implementation of the plans, under the strict control of the Ministries.

Tax credit: tax relief granted for certain investments. By indicating the credit acquired in the tax return, the company obtains a discount - relating to a percentage of the expenditure - on the taxes to be paid to the tax authorities.
Non-repayable contributions: economic incentives that companies must not repay.

Italian companies, therefore, are faced with two opportunities: to participate as a supplier in a project intended for the Public Sector or to activate their own project, always within the development topics defined by the PNRR. About the first opportunity, nothing prevents Italian companies, with presence also in European offices, from participating in the Next Generation EU calls of other countries.

With Next Gen EU, business opportunities for Italian companies are extended to the whole of Europe

To support Italian companies in the spread of Made in Italy in Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for the International Cooperation (MAECI) has produced a document that offers an overview of the opportunities that the Next Generation EU plan of the other countries of the European Union offer to Italian companies.

The document, edited by the Directorate General for the Promotion of the Country System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, summarizes the information and data collected at the offices of the diplomatic network in EU countries that have adopted or have started the approval process of their National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

For each of the EU countries, a summary was drawn up with general and governance information, the priority sectors pursued by each Plan, the opportunities for Italian companies and a detailed table of the main appropriations provided for by each Plan with indications of the area or investment project and its amount.

In addition, each card is enriched with a "green tag" and a "digital tag" that provide synthetic measures, elaborated by the EU Commission, relating to the impact of the Plan of each country in pursuing both the green transition and the digital transition.

The Maeci advises all companies interested in deepening the aspects or individual projects related to the PNRR of other EU countries to contact the Commercial Offices of the Italian Embassies in Europe.

Download here the complete document.

At this link all the updates about the Next Generation EU throughout Europe and all the useful information for private companies.

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