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IDC: Italian Public Sector faces new challenges

Three Italians out of five believe that government agencies must lead the digitalization of the whole country


More than 25% of Italian Recovery Plan (PNRR) funds are allocated to the Digital Transformation of the public sector. So, it's not a surprise that Public Authority innovation goals are somewhat ambitious: before 2026, Italians should be able to use online 80% of the most important public services. Still before 2026, 75% of the government agencies should use cloud services for their IT functions and platforms.

Recovery funds will also be used to give a boost to ultrabroadband connectivity infrastructures. And are focused not just on Public Sector internal processes modernization but also - and, some say, most of all - on improving all the interactions citizens have with government organizations. And there actually is room for improvement: the IDC Consumers, Users and Citizens Survey 2021 says that 62% of Italian citizens expect Public Authorities to be the most important actors in transforming their user experience with public services.

Apparently, there's yet a gap to fill: just 29% of Italian citizens, IDC says, think that their relationship with Public Authority shows an integrated citizen experience. A sign that Italian Government needs, analysts say, "deep transformations in the interactions inside authorities, among them and among Public Authority and other ecosystems". An evolution involving also partners and suppliers, to get "agility, transparency and risk control".

From a technological/IT standpoint, IDC says, there are many issues to resolve. A big part of public IT spending is still devoted to legacy systems maintenance. Administrative processes should be simplified. There is a general lack of Digital Transformation skills: cloud, data/AI/analytics, app development, cyber security, collaboration are what government agencies mostly need now.

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