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VikingCloud Announces Industry’s First Generative AI-Powered Chatbot Combining Real-Time Cybersecurity and PCI Compliance Intelligence

VikingCloud, the leading predict-to-prevent cybersecurity and compliance company, today announced THOR AI (Threat Hunting and Orchestrated Response), a first-of-its-kind generative AI-powered cybersec...

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THOR AI, a Patent-Pending Expert Advisor Bot, to Offer Enhanced Cyber Threat Intelligence, Real-Time Interactive Analytics, and Persona-Based Personalization

CHICAGO & DUBLIN: VikingCloud, the leading predict-to-prevent cybersecurity and compliance company, today announced THOR AI (Threat Hunting and Orchestrated Response), a first-of-its-kind generative AI-powered cybersecurity chatbot. The new complimentary cyber defense tool is designed to assist companies of all sizes find more vulnerabilities faster – before they become disruptive threats to their business.

THOR AI is built on two recently filed patent-pending innovations for (1) THOR AI’s algorithms based on VikingCloud’s unique cybersecurity and compliance dataset, and (2) persona-based communications customization. The company currently has 28 granted patents.

“Organizations of all sizes generate vast amounts of cyber event data every day. Even cybersecurity professionals risk getting lost in the online noise, losing time, and missing threats,” said Kevin Pierce, Chief Product Officer at VikingCloud. “THOR AI is designed to reduce information overload and find potential online threats that human analysts might miss due to alert fatigue – and that legacy cybersecurity tools might not stop.”

THOR AI’s patent-pending technology guides risk mitigation investigation and action, giving companies a much-needed advantage in their ongoing battle with cyber threats, including:

  • Enhanced and custom cyber threat intelligence: THOR AI is the first and only cybersecurity chatbot to use both anonymized cybersecurity telemetry and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) insights in its dataset. The algorithms are trained and overseen by VikingCloud’s Cyber Threat Unit and PCI compliance experts.
  • Expanded access to real-time, interactive cyber analytics and expertise: THOR AI’s generative-AI-powered algorithms continuously improve the identification of threat patterns and customer-specific anomalies that might otherwise go undetected. Users of any cybersecurity skill level simply ask questions and THOR AI responds with up-to-the minute insight on their business, including recommendations for follow up queries, best-practice risk mitigation suggestions, and direction on how to get additional information and assistance from VikingCloud expert advisors.
  • Personalized, User-based Communications: THOR AI’s patent-pending, persona-based communications customize the level of answer detail, complexity, and vocabulary used in responses and recommendations. Proprietary models will accurately identify the level of cybersecurity expertise of individual users, from non-existent to CISO-level capabilities – making the solution highly-adoptable, easy-to-use, and effective. Click here to view VikingCloud's THOR AI video demo.

“Cybersecurity threats have never been more relentless or complex, and businesses of all sizes are simply unprepared. Either they’re too small to hire dedicated cybersecurity expertise or just can’t find and hire enough talent because of the global skills shortage,” said Jim Burke, CEO at VikingCloud. “With THOR AI, we saw an opportunity to bring much needed cybersecurity resources to our customers. It’s like getting every user an always-on team of cyber analysts who know their business – quickly and at no extra cost.”

THOR AI is expected to be accessible to VikingCloud partners and customers in late Q2 2024 via the exclusive Asgard Platform, VikingCloud’s one-stop hub for all solutions that help businesses stop threats before they stop business. VikingCloud currently stops 33+ billion client cybersecurity events every month.

Click here to learn more about VikingCloud.

About VikingCloud

VikingCloud is the leading Predict-to-Prevent cybersecurity and compliance company, offering businesses a single, integrated solution to make informed, predictive, and cost-effective risk mitigation decisions – faster. Powered by the Asgard Platform™, the industry’s largest repository of anonymized cybersecurity and compliance event data, we continuously monitor and analyze over 6+ billion online events every day.

VikingCloud is the one-stop partner trusted by 4+ million businesses to provide the predictive intelligence and competitive edge they need to stay one step ahead of cybersecurity and compliance disruptions to their business. Our 1,000 dedicated cybersecurity and compliance expert advisors understand that it’s not just about technology. It’s about transacting business and delivering an exceptional customer experience every day, without fail. That’s the measurable value we deliver. And that’s what we call, Business Uninterrupted. For more information visit www.vikingcloud.com and visit us at www.linkedin.com/company/vikingcloud/.

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