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Found Advances Weight Loss Standard of Care With MetabolicPrint Launch

Found, one of the largest medically-assisted weight loss programs in the U.S., announced the launch of MetabolicPrint, a first-of-its-kind approach to personalized weight management care. Developed by...

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  • Informed by Found’s expansive member dataset and comprehensive member intake assessments, breakthrough root-cause diagnostic tool powers personalized, precision weight care
  • Found MetabolicPrint™ recognizes weight loss as deeply personal, influenced by genetic predispositions, hormonal or chemical imbalances, metabolic rate, and mood responses
  • Weight care visionary continues to model evidence-based, responsible clinical protocols in the medication-assisted weight care era

AUSTIN, Texas: Found, one of the largest medically-assisted weight loss programs in the U.S., announced the launch of MetabolicPrint, a first-of-its-kind approach to personalized weight management care. Developed by Found, MetabolicPrint is a digital diagnostic support tool that uses biological and behavioral assessments to create a personalized weight health profile, or “fingerprint,” to allow care teams to tailor a corresponding precision care protocol.

“Evidence-based guidance, previously only available in specialty obesity clinics, is now made convenient, accessible, and affordable for millions of Americans through MetabolicPrint, which builds on existing research related to obesity phenotypes,” said Found’s Chief Medical Officer and former Medical Director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Dr. Rekha Kumar. “MetabolicPrint is about more than medication — it’s about equipping healthcare providers with individualized insights to design weight care plans that are unique to someone’s biology. At Found, we know that every body is different.”

Clinically-supported weight care has long been limited to specialty medical providers and largely inaccessible to the 70% of Americans struggling with overweight or obesity. Made worse by a shame-based narrative that weight gain is a result of a lack of willpower and combined with a shortage of doctors trained in obesity medicine, many Americans avoid finding treatment altogether. Those that do seek treatment may fall victim to a new generation of online medication delivery companies offering inappropriate medications or one-size-fits-all quick fixes and fads that do more damage than good. Found uses tools like its proprietary MetabolicPrint to design personalized care based on a person’s unique biology — this personalized approach is what drives lasting, sustainable results.

“Every American struggling with overweight or obesity deserves access to evidence-based, root-cause medical treatment, shame-free and on their terms,” said Dr. Kumar. “MetabolicPrint uses a personalized approach to help members feel seen and heard, remove stigma, and provide accessible insight and support throughout their weight care journeys — a critical factor in driving lasting results.”

How MetabolicPrint works:


Assessment and plan development: MetabolicPrint is a proprietary metabolic health assessment engine used by Found affiliated healthcare teams to contribute to determining a personalized treatment plan to help its members lose weight. MetabolicPrint leverages technology to replicate the process that leading obesity medicine physicians use when treating patients. The assessment includes questions that span medical history, eating habits, cravings, success history, portion control and family history, helping Found clinicians identify the biology and behaviors that influence a member’s weight and then create personalized treatment plan suggestions based on their unique markers.



Shared insights: MetabolicPrint outlines four metabolic traits that can help identify the root cause of weight gain:


Brain-gut disconnect: When food passes through the stomach too quickly, causing hunger soon after meals.

Mood response: When shifts in mood and hormones influence eating patterns, making managing weight difficult.

Slow metabolism: When one has a slower metabolic rate, making it harder to lose weight and more likely to experience weight plateaus.

Constant cravings: When the brain has a hard time staying in tune with satiety levels, making it easy to overeat.



Ongoing personalized experience: Found clinicians and coaches are delivering a customized experience for members within the Found app, ensuring members feel educated and confident about their treatment plan, and regularly evaluating whether changes need to be made for the plan to remain effective and lead to lasting results. Rather than giving generic recommendations, MetabolicPrint unlocks specific guidance tailored to an individual’s unique biology — whether suggestions related to meal sequencing, optimal exercise, or sleep schedules, personalized tips provide valuable and actionable takeaways that empower people on their weight loss journeys.

“U.S. healthcare is long overdue for a meaningful commitment to root-cause, personalized weight care. MetabolicPrint is a big step forward in empowering people to uncover the root cause of their weight challenges rather than believing outdated narratives that weight is about willpower, or that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to getting healthy,” said Sarah Jones Simmer, CEO of Found. “MetabolicPrint is also a signal to the broader weight care industry that Found recognizes a wide range of medications are proven effective for the different biologies and behaviors that drive weight gain — a personalized approach and responsible prescribing that utilizes the many options available is what leads to lasting results. At Found, we’re using the best of clinical and technological excellence to make doctor-led weight management more accessible.”

The announcement of Found’s MetabolicPrint follows the recent launch of MuscleGuard, a strength training program by obé Fitness to help prevent muscle loss, build strength, protect bones, and improve body composition and metabolic health for people experiencing rapid weight loss.The program was developed by obé Fitness trainer Melody D. and clinically guided by Found Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rekha Kumar and is available exclusively through obé Fitness.

“With 70% of Americans struggling with overweight or obesity, weight care providers have an opportunity to destigmatize weight gain, help people understand the drivers that are unique to their biology, and empower people to take control of their weight loss journeys,” said Dr. Christine Marshall, Associate Medical Director of the Found-affiliated medical group, a practicing physician who sees Found members. “With the launch of MetabolicPrint, we’ve taken another monumental step in removing blame and shame from the conversation on weight.”

Launched in 2019, Found is one of the largest medically-assisted weight care programs in the country, and has grown to meet the rising demand for quality care, including:

  • Introducing Found for Business, a clinically comprehensive obesity care program for employers. As medication-assisted obesity care goes mainstream, Found for Business gives employers a clinically-sound, cost-efficient obesity treatment program for forward-thinking employers.
  • Launching Found Assistant, a generative AI guide within the Found app that offers members the ability to ask questions and discover instant and relevant information on nutrition, movement, health habits, and more. Found Assistant is available 24/7 to provide personalized guidance throughout members’ journeys and further support them in reaching their weight and health goals.
  • Equipping medical providers with a broad range of medications and treatments to help Found members lose weight. Found understands that obesity is a heterogeneous disease and is unique to each individual who is affected, necessitating various approaches that meet Found members’ medical and financial needs. Found recognizes that every body is different, so includes a number of medications (including GLP-1s in addition to legacy, non-GLP1 based medications therapies) and treatments that may be prescribed.

For more information about MetabolicPrint, take the quiz here or visit the Found blog here. For more information about the science behind weight loss and strength training, check out our conversation with obé Fitness here.

About Found

Found is an evidence-based weight care platform that combines the best of modern medicine with lasting behavior change, access to personalized coaching, and a supportive community. Centered around clinical excellence, Found provides its members with a doctor-designed, comprehensive, and personalized weight loss program that delivers long-term, sustainable results. Found’s members are supported by a team that includes providers to prescribe effective medication that addresses the root cause of someone’s weight challenges, combined with the best of consumer technology to provide behavioral health interventions delivered through our app for guidance on nutrition, movement, sleep, and emotional health. Found is one of the largest medically-assisted weight loss programs in the country, having served 200,000+ Americans to-date. For more information, visit www.joinfound.com, follow on Instagram @joinfound and Facebook @joinfoundhealth.

Fonte: Business Wire

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