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Metomic Launches ChatGPT Integration To Help Businesses Take Full Advantage Of The Generative AI Tool Without Putting Sensitive Data At Risk

Metomic, a next generation data security solution for protecting sensitive data in the new era of collaborative SaaS, GenAI and cloud applications, today announced the launch of Metomic for ChatGPT, a...

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Metomic for ChatGPT enables security leaders to boost productivity while monitoring data being uploaded to OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform in real-time

LONDON: Metomic, a next generation data security solution for protecting sensitive data in the new era of collaborative SaaS, GenAI and cloud applications, today announced the launch of Metomic for ChatGPT, a cutting-edge technology that gives IT and security leaders full visibility into what sensitive data is being uploaded to OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform. The easy-to-use browser plugin enables businesses to take full advantage of the generative AI solution without jeopardizing their company’s most sensitive data.

Shortly after OpenAI’s initial ChatGPT launch, the technology set a record for the fastest-growing user base when it gained 100 million monthly active users within the first two months. Its explosive popularity has continued to grow as new iterations of the technology have been made available. Meanwhile, multiple industry studies have revealed employees are inadvertently putting vulnerable company information at risk by uploading sensitive data to OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform. Last year, reports showed that the amount of sensitive data being uploaded to ChatGPT by employees had increased 60% between March and April, with 319 cases identified among 100,000 employees between April 9 and April 15, 2023.

Because Metomic’s ChatGPT integration sits within the browser itself, it identifies when an employee logs into OpenAI’s web-based ChatGPT platform and scans the data being uploaded in real-time. Security teams can receive alerts if employees are uploading sensitive data, like customer PII, security credentials, and intellectual property. The browser extension comes equipped with 150 pre-built data classifiers to recognize common critical data risks. Businesses can also create customized data classifiers to identify their most vulnerable information.

“Very few technology solutions have had the impact of OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform—it is accelerating workflows, enabling teams to maximize their time, and delivering unparalleled value to the businesses that are able to take full advantage of the solution. But because of the large language models that underpin the generative AI technology, many business leaders are apprehensive to leverage the technology, fearing their most sensitive business data could be exposed,” said Rich Vibert, CEO, Metomic. “We built Metomic on the promise of giving businesses the power of collaborative SaaS and GenAI tools without the data security risks that come with implementing cloud applications. Our ChatGPT integration expands on our foundational value as a data security platform. Businesses gain all the advantages that come with ChatGPT while avoiding serious data vulnerabilities. It’s a major win for everyone—the employees using the technology and the security teams tasked with safeguarding the business.”

Metomic for ChatGPT identifies critical risks in ChatGPT conversations in real-time and offers contextual previews of sensitive data being uploaded to the platform. Metomic customers that implement the browser extension have visibility to sensitive data that is being shared with ChatGPT by employees using Chrome on desktop.

“We know the massive value ChatGPT offers businesses. It is the ultimate productivity platform, making entire workforces exponentially more efficient. We designed our ChatGPT feature so that security teams and employees can work together,” said Vibert. “Your employees get all the benefits of generative AI while your security team has complete visibility into the chats happening on the platform, keeping your most critical data safe.”

Metomic for ChatGPT is available to any Metomic customer that has implemented the data security platform.

About Metomic:

Metomic’s data security software for SaaS, GenAI and cloud was born out of the frustration of its leaders trying to implement SaaS applications that make businesses more productive but are off limits because of high-risk security concerns. As a next generation security solution focused on cloud-based applications, Metomic gives security teams clear visibility into their organization’s SaaS network to manage sensitive data and detect security threats, allowing businesses to take full advantage of their SaaS application network. To learn more visit www.metomic.io.

Fonte: Business Wire

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