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SmartBank Partners with KlariVis to Support Its Enterprise Data Strategy

As community banks nationwide embark on their data strategy journey, KlariVis is pleased to announce its newest partnership with SmartBank as the bank’s data and analytics partner of choice. SmartBa...

Business Wire

ROANOKE, Va.: As community banks nationwide embark on their data strategy journey, KlariVis is pleased to announce its newest partnership with SmartBank as the bank’s data and analytics partner of choice.

SmartBank, known for its progressive and innovative style of banking, opened the doors of its first branch in 2007 with the vision of building a foundation of strong leadership, forward thinking, and a sincere desire to provide incomparable client service. SmartBank now operates 42 full-service branches across Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

To support its mission of building an exceptional culture matched by outstanding service, SmartBank has partnered with data and analytics pioneer KlariVis. By harnessing the power of data, the bank will empower every level of the organization with self-service access to the high value, actionable data that resides in its siloed banking systems.

“As we embark on this transformative journey of fortifying our data reporting strategy, our team is thrilled to join forces and announce our strategic partnership with KlariVis,” said Cynthia Cain, Executive Vice President, and Chief Accounting Officer for SmartBank. “This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone for SmartBank, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence in financial services. Together, we are poised to elevate the standards of data reporting, ensuring precision, efficiency and unparalleled insights that better position us for our future and continued growth.”

“We are thrilled to partner with SmartBank and take part in their data strategy journey,” said Kim Snyder, CEO and founder of KlariVis. “Their team has a fierce commitment to delivering value for their shareholders and customers alike. With KlariVis, the bank will continue this commitment and be empowered to make well-informed decisions with ease, leaving behind the complexities of outdated reporting methods and allowing them to focus on what matters most. We look forward to the transformative power this provides SmartBank’s team.”

KlariVis stands at the forefront of transforming data analytics within the banking industry. Through a single source of truth for data integrity and the provision of consistently accurate and timely reports, KlariVis is leading a paradigm shift in how banks harness information. Developed by former bankers, the comprehensive and intuitive KlariVis platform aggregates data from core and ancillary systems, enabling banks to see data more clearly, from a macro view down to the customer level. This, in turn, empowers their teams to work smarter.

About KlariVis

Created by veteran community bank executives, KlariVis enables banks of any size to accelerate growth by leveraging the data that is locked in its siloed banking systems. Developed on a modern technology stack, KlariVis lets banks see data in a way that empowers their teams and customers to live and work better. With the time saved on analysis, banks can put their new insights to work towards building a better bank. For more information, visit www.KlariVis.com.

About SmartBank

Founded in 2007, SmartBank is a full-service commercial bank providing banking, investment, insurance, and mortgage financial services, with 42 branches spanning Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. Recruiting the best people, delivering exceptional client service, strategic branching, and a disciplined approach to lending have contributed to SmartBank’s success. For more information on SmartBank, visit www.smartbank.com.

Fonte: Business Wire

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