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Lightbeam Health Solutions Ranks #1 Best in KLAS® 2024 for its Remote Patient Monitoring Solution, CareSignal

#VBC--Lightbeam Health Solutions, the leader in population health enablement technology and services, ranked #1 Best in KLAS® in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), achieving a 91.1% satisfaction score ...

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KLAS Research’s annual report recognizes Lightbeam’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® product as the top RPM solution based on customer satisfaction and product quality

DALLAS: #VBC--Lightbeam Health Solutions, the leader in population health enablement technology and services, ranked #1 Best in KLAS® in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), achieving a 91.1% satisfaction score for its Deviceless RPM® solution, CareSignal. The 2024 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report recognizes software and services that have played a pivotal role in helping healthcare organizations realize success and generate improved outcomes over the last 12 to 18 months. All rankings are a direct result of the feedback of thousands of providers over the last year.

“At KLAS, we firmly believe that the voice of healthcare providers and payers is paramount,” said Adam Gale, Chief Executive Officer of KLAS Research. “The Best in KLAS awards are based on extensive feedback and evaluations from healthcare professionals across the nation. Winning a Best in KLAS award, therefore, is not just about recognition; it shows the trust and confidence that healthcare providers place in the winning vendors. It also helps validate each vendor’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to recognize 2024’s Best in KLAS award winners! Their unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes is wonderfully inspiring.”

Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM® drives value-based care success for payers and providers by capturing actionable, self-reported patient data in real-time and enabling risk-bearing organizations to scale clinical staff while extending reach up to 15X more patients. Exempting complicated setup and support, CareSignal leverages text messages and phone calls directly to the patient’s phone across 30+ condition-specific programs, including CHF, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, maternal health, behavioral health, and SDOH. Deviceless RPM® achieves remarkable outcomes, including one of the largest RPM implementations and evaluations in the U.S., analyzing 54,000 patients and yielding $53 million in cost savings: download the case study for details.

“This success is the result of deep collaboration among our innovative client-partners and our talented, passionate team,” says Jerry Shultz, President of Lightbeam Health Solutions. “The pressures of value-based care models, labor shortages, and rising costs mean that our client-partners need more than just insights; with Deviceless RPM®, we are proud to generate tangible financial results and improved clinical outcomes, all while elevating the patient or member experience for providers and payers alike. Lightbeam is energized to continue to serve the most innovative healthcare organizations in the country with CareSignal, alongside our robust analytics, care management, network optimization, and deep clinical and health equity AI capabilities.”

Healthcare organizations leveraging the #1 Best in KLAS RPM solution can now expand their achievable impact. Lightbeam’s Cohort Builder pinpoints eligible patients for CareSignal via claims, clinical, and ADT interfaces. Prescriptive AI further prioritizes patients most at-risk for avoidable utilization and identifies individual health equity vulnerabilities. Integrated analytics automates the measurement of clinical and financial value directly attributed to the Deviceless RPM® programs.

The 2024 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report is now available for download. To learn more about how Deviceless RPM® engages patients, creates scalability, and drives results, visit our website.

About KLAS Research

KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software and services to deliver timely reports and performance data that represent provider and payer voices and act as catalysts for improving vendor performance. The KLAS research team publishes reports covering the most pressing questions facing healthcare technology today, including emerging technology insights, that provide early insights on the future of healthcare technology solutions. KLAS also fosters measurement and collaboration between healthcare providers and payers and best practice adoption. Learn more at klasresearch.com.

About Lightbeam Health Solutions

Lightbeam Health Solutions delivers a proven model for managing patient populations and associated risk. Lightbeam enables payers and providers to orchestrate outcomes while transitioning to value-based care by providing the insights and capabilities healthcare clients need to serve their patients and staff while succeeding clinically and financially. Lightbeam powers population health management for ACO REACH, MSSP ACO, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial populations across the country. CareSignal Deviceless RPM® provides clinically validated, scalable, accessible engagement to rising-risk populations under all contracts, driving satisfaction, outcomes, and ROI. For more information, visit www.lightbeamhealth.com, and follow Lightbeam on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

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