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China Automotive Multimodal Interaction Development Research Report 2023: Multimodal Interaction Application by OEMs and Multimodal Interaction Solutions of Suppliers - ResearchAndMarkets.com

The "China Automotive Multimodal Interaction Development Research Report, 2023" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering. China Automotive Multimodal Interaction Development Research...

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DUBLIN: The "China Automotive Multimodal Interaction Development Research Report, 2023" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

China Automotive Multimodal Interaction Development Research Report, 2023 combs through the interaction modes of mainstream cockpits, the application of interaction modes in key vehicle models launched in 2023, the cockpit interaction solutions of suppliers, and the multimodal interaction fusion trends.

By sorting out the interaction modes and functions of new models rolled out in the previous year, it can be seen that active, anthropomorphic and natural interaction has become the main trend. In terms of interaction mode, in single-modal interaction, the control scope of mainstream interactions such as touch and voice has expanded from inside to outside cars, and the application cases of novel interactions like fingerprint and electromyography in cars have begun to increase; in multimodal fusion interaction, multiple fusion interactions, for example, voice + head posture/face/lip language, and face + emotion/smell, are being available to cars, aiming to create more active and natural human-vehicle interaction.

Single-modal interaction develops in depth.

  • Haptic interaction: cockpits more tend to have large and multiple screens. The wider application of smart surface materials in cockpits also allows for extension of the haptic sensing scope to doors, windows, seats and other components, and haptic feedback technology is gradually introduced;
  • Voice interaction: enabled by large AI models, the voice interaction function becomes more intelligent and emotional. The introduction of lip movement recognition, voiceprint recognition and other technologies into cars brings higher accuracy of voice interaction and expands the control scope from inside to outside cars;
  • Visual interaction: the scope of face/gesture recognition based on visual technology begins to expand to body recognition, including head posture, arm movements, and body actions, etc.;
  • Olfactory interaction: the olfactory interaction function, which was originally often used to purify the air and remove odors, can now enable cockpit sterilization and disinfection, and supports the linkage of the fragrance system with cockpit scenes/seasons.

Car control by voice extends from inside to outside cars.

Changan Nevo A07 adopts iFlytek's latest technology XTTS 4.0. The voice of the car voice assistant is more natural and anthropomorphic, and can express multiple emotions such as happiness, regret, and confusion. It supports saying towards the outside of the car (the content can be user-defined). In addition, the trunk, windows, music, air conditioning, pull-out/parking and other functions can also be controlled by voice outside the car.

Equipped with 'SIMO' voice assistant, Jiyue 01 supports fully offline voice control in all zones, and allows for online voice interaction in the full process with weak network or without network. It enables recognition in 500 milliseconds and response in 700 milliseconds. Outside the car, the voiceprint recognition technology allows the driver and passengers to voice to operate air conditioning audio, lights, windows, doors, rear tailgate, charging cover and other functions, and supports voice parking outside the car.

Voiceprint recognition finds wider application.

All Li Auto's L series models support voiceprint recognition function. After passengers register their voiceprints, 'Lixiang Classmate' can identify who the passenger is, call the nicknames designated by different passengers, and perform vehicle control according to the positions of different passengers memorized via their voiceprint.

The voiceprint recognition VOICE ID of Hycan A06/V09 can clearly identify valid users and commands, and will become the entrance to HYCAN ID, allowing users to access rich smart ecosystems and use 100+ entertainment applications. Moreover based on voiceprint recognition technology, the system will actively block other disturbing sounds to improve the accuracy of recognition at the driver's seat.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Overview of Multimodal Interaction

1.1 Definition of Multimodal Interaction

1.2 Multimodal Interaction Industry Chain

1.3 Multimodal Fusion Algorithms

1.4 Multimodal Interaction Policy Environment

2 Human-Computer Interaction Based on Touch

2.1 Haptic Interaction Development Route

2.2 Highlights of Haptic Interaction of OEMs

2.3 Cockpit Display Trends

2.4 Development Trends of Smart Surface Materials

2.5 Haptic Feedback Mechanism

3 Human-Computer Interaction Based on Hearing

3.1 Voice Function Development Route

3.2 Summary on Voice Functions of OEMs

3.3 Summary on OTA Updates on Voice Functions of OEMs

3.4 Development Trends of Voice Interaction Images

3.5 Application of Voiceprint Recognition in Car Models

3.6 Customization Trends of Voice Functions

3.7 Major Suppliers of Voice Functions

3.8 Voice Function Development Models of OEMs

4 Human-Computer Interaction Based on Vision

4.1 Face Recognition

4.2 Gesture Recognition

4.3 Lip Movement Recognition

4.4 Other Visual Interaction

5 Human-Computer Interaction Based on Smell

5.1 Olfactory Interaction Function Development Route

5.2 Principle of Intelligent Fragrance System

5.3 Fragrance System Technology

5.4 Application of Olfactory Interaction in Car Models

5.5 Summary on Fragrance System Technologies of OEMs

5.6 Olfactory Interaction Design Trends

5.7 Summary on Olfactory Interaction Suppliers

6 Human-Computer Interaction Based on Biometrics

6.1 Fingerprint Recognition

6.2 Iris Recognition

6.3 Myoelectric Recognition

6.4 Vein Recognition

6.5 Heart Rate Recognition

7 Multimodal Interaction Application by OEMs

7.1 Emerging Carmakers

7.1.1 Multimodal Interaction in Xpeng G6

7.1.2 Multimodal Interaction in Li L7

7.1.3 Multimodal Interaction in NIO EC7

7.1.4 Multimodal Interaction in Neta GT

7.1.5 Multimodal Interaction in HiPhi Y

7.1.6 Multimodal Interaction in Hycan A06

7.1.7 Multimodal Interaction in Hycan V09

7.1.8 Multimodal Interaction in New AITO M7

7.1.9 Multimodal Interaction in AITO M9

7.2 Conventional Chinese Independent Automakers

7.2.1 Multimodal Interaction in Chery Cowin Kunlun

7.2.2 Multimodal Interaction in WEY Blue Mountain DHT PHEV

7.2.3 Multimodal Interaction in Hyper GT

7.2.4 Multimodal Interaction in Trumpchi E9

7.2.5 Multimodal Interaction in Voyah Passion

7.2.6 Multimodal Interaction in Denza N7

7.2.7 Multimodal Interaction in Frigate 07

7.2.8 Multimodal Interaction in Changan Nevo A07

7.2.9 Multimodal Interaction in Jiyue 01

7.2.10 Multimodal Interaction in ARCFOX Kaola

7.2.11 Multimodal Interaction in Deepal S7

7.2.12 Multimodal Interaction in Galaxy L6

7.2.13 Multimodal Interaction in Lynk & Co 08

7.2.14 Multimodal Interaction in LIVAN 7

7.2.15 Multimodal Interaction in ZEEKR X

7.2.16 Multimodal Interaction in ZEEKR 009

7.2.17 Multimodal Interaction in IM LS7

7.2.18 Multimodal Interaction in GEOME G6

7.3 Conventional Joint Venture Automakers

7.3.1 Multimodal Interaction in Mercedes-Benz EQS AMG

7.3.2 Multimodal Interaction in GAC Toyota bZ 4X

7.3.3 Multimodal Interaction in FAW Toyota bZ 3

7.3.4 Multimodal Interaction in Buick Electra E5

7.3.5 Multimodal Interaction in 11th Generation GAC Honda Accord

7.3.6 Multimodal Interaction in FAW Audi e-tron GT

7.3.7 Multimodal Interaction in BMW XM

7.4 Concept Cars

7.4.1 Multimodal Interaction in Audi A6 Avant e-tron

7.4.2 Multimodal Interaction in BMW i Vision Dee

7.4.3 Multimodal Interaction in RAM 1500 Revolution

7.4.4 Multimodal Interaction in Peugeot Inception

7.4.5 Multimodal Interaction in Yanfeng XiM23s

8 Multimodal Interaction Solutions of Suppliers

8.1 Aptiv

8.2 Cipia Vision

8.3 Cerence

8.4 Continental

8.5 iFlytek

8.6 SenseTime


8.8 Desay SV

8.9 ArcSoft Technology

8.10 AISpeech

8.11 Horizon Robotics

8.12 ThunderSoft

8.13 PATEO

8.14 Joyson Electronics

8.15 Huawei

8.16 Baidu

8.17 Tencent

8.18 Banma Network


8.20 Hikvision

9 Multimodal Interaction Summary and Trends

9.1 Multimodal Interaction Fusion Trends

9.2 Cockpit Computing Power Required by Multimodal Interaction

9.3 Large AI Models Required by Multimodal Interaction

9.4 Integration of Multimodal Interaction and Cockpit Hardware

9.5 Summary on Multimodal Interaction Features in Typical Car Models

For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/i9xouu

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