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Global Market for Quantum Technologies (Quantum Computing, Cryptography, Communications, Sensors, Batteries) 2024-2035 - ResearchAndMarkets.com

The "Global Market for Quantum Technologies (Quantum Computing, Cryptography, Communications, Sensors, Batteries) 2024-2035" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering. The Quantum Tec...

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DUBLIN: The "Global Market for Quantum Technologies (Quantum Computing, Cryptography, Communications, Sensors, Batteries) 2024-2035" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The Quantum Technologies Market Report is a comprehensive analysis of the rapidly evolving quantum technologies market, covering the key segments of quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum sensing. This in-depth report provides valuable insights into the market landscape, key players, technological advancements, and emerging opportunities in the quantum technologies industry.

The quantum technologies market is poised for significant growth in the coming years, driven by increasing investments from governments and private sector players, as well as the growing demand for advanced computing, secure communications, and high-precision sensing solutions across various industries.

The report begins with an overview of quantum technologies, discussing the first and second quantum revolutions, current market developments, investment landscape, and global government initiatives. It also highlights the key industry developments during the 2020-2024 period and the challenges for quantum technologies adoption.

The quantum computing section delves into the operating principles, types of quantum computers, quantum algorithms, hardware and software components, and the value chain. It also analyzes the markets and applications for quantum computing in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, transportation, and financial services.

The report further explores the intersection of quantum chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI), discussing the technology, applications, SWOT analysis, market challenges, and key players in this emerging field.

Quantum communications is another key focus area, with a detailed analysis of quantum random number generators (QRNG), quantum key distribution (QKD), post-quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, and quantum networks. The report also examines the role of trusted nodes, entanglement swapping, multiplexing, and advanced optical fibers and interconnects in enabling global-scale quantum communication.

In the quantum sensing segment, the report covers various technologies, including atomic clocks, quantum magnetic field sensors, quantum gravimeters, quantum gyroscopes, quantum image sensors, and quantum radar. It also discusses the market and technology challenges and the potential applications of quantum sensing in different sectors. The report also includes a section on quantum batteries, covering the technology, types, applications, SWOT analysis, and market challenges.

A comprehensive market analysis is provided, including a market map for quantum technologies, key industry players (startups, tech giants, and national initiatives), investment funding, and global market revenue forecasts for quantum computing, quantum sensors, and QKD systems from 2018 to 2035. The report concludes with detailed profiles of over 200 companies active in the quantum technologies market, offering valuable information on their products, services, and strategic initiatives.

With its in-depth coverage of the quantum technologies market, this report is an essential resource for businesses, investors, and stakeholders looking to understand the current landscape and future potential of this transformative industry.

Key Topics Covered:



2.1 First and second quantum revolutions

2.2 Current market

2.3 Investment Landscape

2.4 Global government initiatives

2.5 Industry developments 2020-2024

2.6 Challenges for Quantum Technologies Adoption


3.1 What is quantum computing?

3.2 Market challenges

3.3 SWOT analysis

3.4 Quantum computing value chain

3.5 Markets and applications for quantum computing


4.1 Technology description

4.2 Applications

4.3 SWOT analysis

4.4 Market challenges

4.5 Market players


5.1 Technology description

5.2 Applications

5.3 SWOT analysis

5.4 Market challenges

5.5 Market players


6.1 Technology description

6.1.2 SWOT analysis

6.1.3 Atomic Clocks

6.1.4 Quantum Magnetic Field Sensors

6.1.5 Quantum Gravimeters

6.1.6 Quantum Gyroscopes

6.1.7 Quantum Image Sensors

6.1.8 Quantum Radar

6.1.9 Quantum chemical sensors

6.1.10 Quantum NEM and MEMs

6.2 Market and technology challenges


7.1 Technology description

7.2 Types

7.3 Applications

7.4 SWOT analysis

7.5 Market challenges

7.6 Market players


8.1 Market map for quantum technologies

8.2 Key industry players

8.3 Investment funding

8.4 Global market revenues 2018-2034


  • A* Quantum
  • AbaQus
  • Adaptive Finance Technologies
  • Aegiq
  • Agnostiq
  • Algorithmiq Oy
  • Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbH (AQT)
  • Alice&Bob
  • Aliro Quantum
  • Anametric, Inc.
  • Anyon Systems Inc.
  • Aqarios GmbH
  • Aquark Technologies
  • Archer Materials
  • Arclight Quantum
  • Arqit Quantum Inc.
  • ARQUE Systems
  • Artificial Brain
  • Atlantic Quantum
  • Atom Computing
  • Atom Quantum Labs
  • Atos Quantum
  • Baidu, Inc.
  • BEIT
  • Bleximo
  • BlueQubit
  • Bohr Quantum Technology
  • BosonQ Ps
  • C12 Quantum Electronics
  • Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC)
  • CAS Cold Atom
  • CEW Systems Canada Inc.
  • Chiral Nano AG
  • ColibriTD
  • Classiq Technologies
  • Crypta Labs Ltd.
  • CryptoNext Security
  • D-Wave Systems
  • Dirac
  • Diraq
  • Delft Circuits
  • Delta g
  • Duality Quantum Photonics
  • EeroQ
  • eleQtron
  • Elyah
  • Entropica Labs
  • Equal1.labs
  • EvolutionQ
  • EYL
  • First Quantum, Inc.
  • Fujitsu
  • Good Chemistry
  • Google Quantum AI
  • Haiqu
  • Hefei Wanzheng Quantum Technology
  • High Q Technologies Inc.
  • Horizon Quantum Computing
  • HQS Quantum Simulations
  • HRL
  • Huayi Quantum
  • IBM
  • Icarus Quantum
  • Icosa Computing
  • ID Quantique
  • InfinityQ
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Infleqtion
  • Intel
  • IonQ
  • IQM Quantum Computers
  • JiJ
  • KEEQuant
  • KETS Quantum Security
  • Ki3 Photonics
  • Kipu Quantum
  • Kiutra
  • Kuano Limited
  • Kvantify
  • levelQuantum
  • Lux Quanta
  • Materials Nexus
  • Maybell Quantum Industries
  • memQ
  • Menlo Systems GmbH
  • Menten AI
  • Microsoft
  • Miraex
  • Molecular Quantum Solutions
  • Multiverse Computing
  • Nanofiber Quantum Technologies
  • Next Generation Quantum
  • Nomad Atomics
  • Nord Quantique
  • Nordic Quantum Computing Group
  • Nu Quantum
  • NVision
  • 1Qbit
  • ORCA Computing
  • Orange Quantum Systems
  • Origin Quantum Computing Technology
  • Oxford Ionics
  • Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC)
  • PacketLight Networks
  • ParityQC
  • Pasqal
  • Peptone
  • Phasecraft
  • Photonic, Inc.
  • Planqc GmbH
  • Planckian
  • Polaris Quantum Biotech (POLARISqb)
  • PQSecure
  • PQShield
  • ProteinQure
  • PsiQuantum
  • Q.ANT
  • Q* Bird
  • Qaisec
  • QBoson
  • Qblox
  • Q-CTRL
  • QC Design
  • QC Ware
  • QC82
  • Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech
  • QMware
  • Qnami
  • QphoX
  • Qrate Quantum Communications
  • Quantum Resistant Cryptography (QRC)
  • Qruise
  • QSimulate
  • QTI s.r.l.
  • Quandela
  • Quanscient
  • Quantagonia
  • QuantaMap
  • QuantiCor Security
  • Qunasys
  • QUANTier
  • Quantinuum
  • QuantrolOx
  • Quantropi
  • Quantum Benchmark
  • Quantum Bridge Technologies
  • Quantum Brilliance
  • Quantum Computing
  • QuantumCTek
  • Quantum Diamond Technologies
  • QuantumDiamonds
  • Quantum Dice
  • Quantum Flytrap
  • Quantum Generative Materials
  • Quantum Machines
  • Quantum Motion Technology
  • Quantum Optics Jena
  • Quantum Source
  • Quantum Systems
  • Quantum Transistors
  • Quantum Xchange
  • QuantrolOx
  • Qubitekk
  • Qubit Pharmaceuticals
  • Qubrid LLC
  • QUDORA Technologies
  • QuEL, Inc.
  • QuEra Computing
  • Quintessence Labs
  • QuantGates
  • QuantWare
  • Quobly
  • Quoherent
  • QuiX Quantum
  • QunaSys
  • QuantLR
  • QuantWare
  • Qunova Computing
  • Qunnect
  • QuSecure
  • Quside Technologies
  • Qutronix
  • Randaemon
  • Resquant
  • Rigetti Computing
  • Riverlane
  • Rotonium
  • Sandbox AQ
  • SaxonQ
  • SBQuantum
  • Seeqc
  • Senko Advance Components
  • SemiQon Technologies
  • Silicon Extreme
  • Silicon Quantum Computing
  • Solid State AI
  • softwareQ
  • Sparrow Quantum ApS
  • SpeQtral
  • SpinQ Technology
  • Stafford Computing
  • Strangeworks, Inc.
  • sureCore Ltd.
  • Synergy Quantum
  • Terra Quantum
  • ThinkQuantum
  • t0.technology
  • Tokyo Quantum Computing
  • Toshiba Digital Solutions
  • TuringQ
  • Universal Quantum
  • VeriQloud
  • Vexlum
  • Wave Photonics
  • Welinq
  • Xanadu
  • XeedQ
  • Xofia
  • Zapata Computing
  • Zhongwei Daxin Technology

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