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NEP Sweden Launches New Remote Operation Centres, Bringing Connected Broadcast Production Solutions to Region

NEP Sweden, part of NEP Group, the leading media technology partner for content creators worldwide, today announced the successful launch of its new Remote Operation Centres (ROC) meeting the demand f...

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New IP 2110 Facilities Now Online in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Umeå Serving Premier Broadcast Clients with NEP’s TFC Broadcast Control Solution

STOCKHOLM: NEP Sweden, part of NEP Group, the leading media technology partner for content creators worldwide, today announced the successful launch of its new Remote Operation Centres (ROC) meeting the demand for connected broadcast production solutions in the region. NEP Sweden’s ROC features three new facilities now serving broadcast clients and rights holders with both onsite and remote production services, supporting their delivery of premier live sports and entertainment content to audiences regionally and worldwide.

The new NEP facilities, which have been operational since September 2023, implement a solution that serves Sweden’s large geographic landscape, providing seamless connectivity and alleviating the need for extensive travel between different show venues. The innovative approach ensures that team members can collaborate and work efficiently from their respective locations, bridging the geographical gaps and keeping carbon footprint and sustainability measures in focus.

The heart of the new Remote Operation Centres is in a secure environment in Stockholm and is the central hub for the network of three additional facilities: ROCsett, ROCwest and ROCnorth. ROCsett, also in Stockholm, features five medium-sized PCRs and one large PCR. ROCwest, located in Gothenburg, operates one medium and one large PCR, while the ROCnorth in Umeå offers one large PCR. The workflows within each ROC site can manage all production formats from HD to UHD/HDR.

NEP Sweden’s ROCs utilize NEP’s proprietary Total Facility Control (TFC) software. The powerful broadcast control and networking solution empowers production teams by making IP 2110 technology fast and intuitive. TFC is used throughout NEP’s connected production facilities across the globe, giving production, video, audio, replay, graphics and engineering operators the ability to program show setups using a touchscreen, scale setups up and down, and share resources between any other facility within NEP’s connected production ecosystem, providing universal control, management and security.

The Remote Operation Centres successfully launched supporting TV4 Media’s broadcast delivery of the 2023-2024 Swedish Hockey League (SHL) season, covering 14 teams and more than 400 regular season and postseason game broadcasts. For a typical SHL matchday, more than 20 operators who would normally work onsite are now working from NEP Sweden’s ROCs, reducing travel to and from venues and limiting the number of generator-powered production units onsite.

“There is a growing demand for connected production solutions, and we’re responding to the needs of our broadcast partners in the region by bringing the new NEP Sweden Remote Operation Centres online, applying NEP’s deep understanding and expertise of SMPTE IP 2110 infrastructure and making this innovative and environmentally sustainable solution available to our clients,” said Per de Navarro, Chief Technology Officer, NEP Sweden.

“TV4 Media and the Swedish Hockey League have been tremendous partners to collaborate with as we launch the new ROCs in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Umeå, as well as the many technology suppliers we worked with to bring this vision to life. I’m very proud of our team and excited for the opportunities it’s going to deliver to our clients, across Sweden and beyond.”

Stefan Karlsson, Head of Production, TV4, said: “Through our collaboration with NEP, we are not only revolutionizing the way we work but also setting new standards for financial, environmental, and social sustainability. By combining our expertise, we’ve unlocked innovative ways of producing live sports at the highest industry standards. The new setup has substantially improved efficiency, production quality and work environment. With remote centers in three different locations around Sweden we are able to maintain and boost local talent, making sure our crews can focus on giving our viewers the best possible content.”

NEP Sweden selected several technology partners to support key broadcast production operations, including Sony’s MLS-X1 video switchers, utilizing its true 2110 workflow providing the opportunity to scale for UHD productions. For replay operations, the ROCs are employing EVS’ LiveCeption® solution, and for audio mixing, Direct Out’s fully modular PRODIGY.MP hardware is in use.

Christer Pålsson, Chief Commercial Officer, NEP Europe, said: “The successful launch of new connected Remote Operation Centres in three locations in Sweden represents a strategic and essential advancement of NEP’s services in the region, and I congratulate Per and his team on this project as they continue to provide the very best broadcast solutions to their partners. Backed by the full power of NEP’s connected global production ecosystem, NEP Sweden is ready to meet the needs of a growing market.”

NEP Sweden’s ROCs are part of NEP’s growing connected production ecosystem, giving more options for clients to produce content where and how they want across the globe. NEP currently operates over 20 Hubs with more than 100 connected PCRs across their network throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, along with a growing fleet of more than 200 OB trucks. NEP’s unmatched technical expertise is backed by more than 3,000 engineers and staff globally.

Learn more about NEP’s vision for connected production solutions on nepgroup.com.

NEP’s TFC Platform

TFC is NEP’s patent-pending software solution for solving the broadcast industry’s challenges around managing, monitoring, controlling and networking IP 2110 equipment and systems. Comprised of a broadcast controller, software defined networking (SDN) solution, and digital integrated video and audio (DIVA) solution for managing signal flow, TFC makes setup, use and management of 2110 infrastructure in connected facilities easy and intuitive.

About NEP

You have a vision. We see it, too. With a worldwide network of experts and cutting-edge technology, our unique Global Production Ecosystem empowers content creators and rights holders to tell stories in breakthrough ways. We're built on 35 years of trusted experience across broadcast, live event, and virtual production to deliver the solutions you need—anytime, anywhere.

Headquartered in the United States, NEP has operations in 25 countries with over 5,000 employees. Together, we have supported productions in over 100 countries on all seven continents, and we’re still growing. Learn how we help our clients bring content to life at nepgroup.com.

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