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Perfect Corp. Unveils Unique ‘Beautiful AI’ Brand Solutions for Beauty, Skincare, and Fashion at Viva Technology 2024

Perfect Corp., the leading AI and AR beauty and fashion technology provider and developer of Beautiful AI solutions – a complete range of AI-powered innovations that transform brands and make the us...

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The new solutions in comprehensive ‘Beautiful AI’ leverage advanced Generative AI and GPT technologies to deliver breakthroughs that cater to brand needs.

PARIS: Perfect Corp., the leading AI and AR beauty and fashion technology provider and developer of Beautiful AI solutions – a complete range of AI-powered innovations that transform brands and make the user’s world beautiful - proudly announces brand new additions of transformative solutions to its suite of Beautiful AI solutions, across all four key pillars – Beauty AI, Skin AI, Fashion AI, and Generative AI. Perfect Corp. invites you to join them at Booth E55 at the Viva Technology show, Europe’s biggest Startup and Tech event taking place May 22 – 25, 2024 to explore the innovative world of Beautiful AI.

A Newly Developed AI Assistant Framework – ‘PerfectGPT’ Empowers A Wide Spectrum of AI Services for Brands

Developed to redefine industry standards, the all-new ‘PerfectGPTTM’ framework promises to enable the latest in AI technology to revolutionize the beauty, skincare, and fashion industries. The PerfectGPTTM tool brings specialized assistants to the virtual world, to solve major customer pain points through natural language interactions with a range of Beautiful AI solutions, including the brand new services of BeautyGPTTM, SkincareGPTTM, AI MakeupTransfer, AI Face Swap, HD Skin Analysis, and Skincare Pro with Virtual Aesthetic Tools.

  • BeautyGPTTM, Perfect Corp.’s proprietarily trained AI Makeup Assistant is based on the large language model technology. It has been adapted to fit the unique needs of beauty lovers and makeup brands. The tool provides highly integrated, highly comprehensive capabilities comprising the following features:
    • Natural chat
    • Virtual makeup try-on
    • Makeup recommendations based on facial attribute analysis
    • Foundation recommendations based on skin tone analysis
    • Interactive makeup tutorials with step-by-step application instructions
    • Product/SKU recommendations based on user’s makeup preferences
      The technology leverages Perfect Corp.’s proprietary AI trained specifically for beauty applications incorporating brand-specific needs.
  • SkincareGPTTM is another AI assistant specialized in Skincare. The proprietary trained AI model has been adapted to fit the unique needs of the skincare industry. The solution implements the following tools to cater personalized needs for all skincare customers:
    • Natural chat, where users can ask specific questions about their skin concerns
    • HD Skin Scan, where the AI uses device camera to detect skin issues and analyzes the user’s skin type
    • Product/Routine/Treatment Recommendations per user’s unique skincare needs
    • Skin Simulation, where users will see the expected results of use visualized on their own faces through an AR experience
      The tool is built using Perfect Corp.’s proprietary AI, and is trained specifically for skincare applications that target specific skincare industry needs.
  • High-Definition Skin Analysis: Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution now offers skin scans in high definition (HD). This dermatologist-validated skin analysis solution now offers an improved user experience by delivering scans with higher accuracy and revealing more visual details in the scan results. It also has a multi-zone analysis capability to focus on specific skin areas. The update allows brands to offer even more personalized product recommendations tailored to their customers' unique skin conditions.
  • AI Makeup Transfer: This revolutionary technology is able to extract the makeup look from any reference image, and immediately transfer it to the photo of user’s face with AR technology. Our AI algorithm recognizes eye, face & lip makeup from a sample image and turns the makeup shades, textures, patterns, as well as the overall style into an AR virtual look for users to try on instantly. Based on the transferred makeup look, the solution matches look colors with real-world cosmetics and offers a personalized recommendation on these specific brand products. This solution will remove the guesswork when finding makeup inspiration online, being able to merge real-world products and virtual experiences by applying makeup to the photo user’s face with only one click.
  • Skincare Pro with Virtual Aesthetic Feature: This update brings new capabilities to Skincare Pro, giving specialists the chance to show their customers the final results of any aesthetic treatments or non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures before committing to a decision. The feature can be used for non-surgical treatments such as botox, dermal filler, skin lasers, facelifts, microneedling, and more.
  • AI Face Swap: This new innovation seamlessly superimposes facial images onto any selected portrait, achieving hyper-realistic results. Brands can leverage this capability to enable users to apply their own faces to branded photos and videos, bringing them one step closer to achieving their desired branded appearance.
  • The unveiling of the complete Beautiful AI suite of solutions at Viva Technology 2024 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI for the beauty & luxury industries. As industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors converge to explore the latest advancements, the stage is set for transformative partnerships and groundbreaking initiatives.

    "This unveiling represents a culmination of relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation," remarked Alice Chang, Founder & CEO of Perfect Corp. "We are thrilled to introduce the full suite of Beautiful AI technologies, which encapsulate our commitment to empowering businesses with transformative solutions."

    In addition to its advanced functionalities, the innovations prioritize user experience, offering intuitive interfaces and seamless integration with existing platforms. Their user-friendly design ensures that businesses can seamlessly harness the power of AI.

    As Viva Technology 2024 draws closer, the unveiling of this Beautiful AI suite marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards a future where technology transcends boundaries and unlocks infinite possibilities for businesses worldwide.

    Schedule a meeting with our team at Viva Technology 2024 and take the first step in revolutionizing your business with our new suite of Beautiful AI solutions: https://calendly.com/perfect_corp_/meet-us-at-vivatech?month=2024-05

    About Perfect Corp.

    Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) leverages ‘Beautiful AI’ innovations to make our world more beautiful. As a pioneer and leader in the space, Perfect Corp. works with over 600 partners around the globe to empower brands to embrace the digital-first world by transforming shopping journeys through digital tech innovations. Perfect Corp.’s suite of enterprise solutions deliver synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys through hyper-realistic virtual try-ons, AI-powered skin analyses, personalized product recommendation tools and many more Beautiful AI innovations.

    Fonte: Business Wire

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