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Saviynt Presents The Identity Cloud at RSAC 2024

Saviynt, a leading provider of cloud-native identity and governance platform solutions, will present this week at RSA Conference (RSAC) 2024 its Identity Cloud, which is an intelligent, secure converg...

Business Wire

The Identity Authority’s automated, intelligent cloud platform provides superior security, improved productivity, privileged access, and effective compliance

LOS ANGELES: Saviynt, a leading provider of cloud-native identity and governance platform solutions, will present this week at RSA Conference (RSAC) 2024 its Identity Cloud, which is an intelligent, secure converged platform with AI capabilities that improves decision making, protects applications, secures identities, and boosts operational productivity across both internal and external ecosystems.

With a proliferation of identity types – human and machine, physical and digital – and an evolving threat landscape, organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Saviynt’s Identity Cloud meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs by leveraging its advanced security, intelligence, productivity and compliance capabilities on a single converged, cloud-based platform that evolves to meet the changing demand.

As the world’s leading identity cloud, Saviynt is announcing new advanced intelligence solutions that will allow enterprises to transform from a purely operational process to an automated, AI and ML approach with one cloud platform. These capabilities include assisted decision making via machine learning, the industry’s first Identity Security Data Lake to enhance visibility of identity security posture, and Savi a large language model (LLM) assistant to increase productivity and security. Saviynt will also soon be releasing a comprehensive Machine Identity Management product to better manage both humans and machines.

“There have been a number of recent public attacks on Identity Security providers,” said Jeff Margolies, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Saviynt. “Saviynt has met this moment with The Identity Cloud, which is an evolutionary way of approaching identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), application access governance (AAG) and external identity governance by providing all of these capabilities in a single converged cloud platform. Our platform was built with a security-first architecture that provides complete data and network isolation to our customers, ensuring their data is always secure. This is unlike other identity vendors but the ideal approach for a security-first solution like Saviynt.”

Driven by customer demand and practitioner innovation, The Identity Cloud is the best answer to the changing landscape, enabling organizations to be prepared, mitigate their risks, do more with less, and focus on what really matters. Saviynt achieves this goal by capturing operational data, enriching it with AI, and turning it into actionable intelligence.

“Transforming identity processes from operational to intelligent is a must for enterprises. With The Identity Cloud, organizations can automate tasks, improve decision making, reduce unnecessary risk, and deliver a transformational impact that improves efficiencies by over 50%,” said Margolies.

With intelligence and AI at its core, The Identity Cloud manages and governs the lifecycle of identities by streamlining and protecting organizations utilizing four key pillars:

  • Superior security powered by the industry’s most comprehensive and intelligent identity architecture: The Identity Cloud’s security-first architecture with established trust zones shares a common control plane for code delivery and tenant management allowing for version currency across all customer tenants, continuous version updates, and uniform security policy enforcement. The platform's isolation of data and network tiers ensures zero data commingling across tenants allowing for secure backups, zero data leaks, improved recovery point objective (RPO), as well as de-risk unwanted lateral access.
  • Intelligence that protects: Powered by the industry’s first, largest and only Identity Security data lake storing identities, attributes, access, usage, configurations and policies, customers can derive intelligent insights, discover risks and take targeted actions to improve their risk posture. Saviynt’s core tenets on intelligence are a benefit to its customers by performing autonomous decisions and onboarding, enrichment of their identity data to cut down governance costs due to poor data and providing contextual assistance with human-like interactions leveraging Gen-AI based integrations.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency via the industry’s only true converged platform: The Identity Cloud delivers the industry’s most advanced and intelligent recommendations engine empowering users and decision makers and boosts their productivity with a converged, intuitive user experience by allowing them to focus on sensitive and high risk items which matter the most. Customers will be able to cut request time up to 60%, reduce certification fatigue and focus on risky entitlements and extreme outliers with more than 75% revokes, and reduce tenant and application onboarding times by more than 40%.
  • Continuous compliance: Organizations can now meet audit, compliance, regulatory and privacy needs with identity at the epicenter. The Identity Cloud enables organizations to be audit ready by providing analytical controls to continuously monitor security risks within critical applications and understand the identity landscape with deep visibility on risk trends and improve risk and compliance posture.

“As businesses grow, they face new challenges in ensuring the right people have the right level of access to the right systems both internally as well as with third-party partners, suppliers, and vendors,” said Damon McDougald, the global Security Digital Identity lead at Accenture. “To meet this need, we’re working with Saviynt to help clients efficiently manage identities and control user access across the entire enterprise environment reducing the risk of security breaches.”

Many of Saviynt’s customers represent the Global 2000 leaders that have embraced digital and cloud transformation. All of these organizations have found value in their first day with Saviynt, while saving millions of dollars from legacy solutions that do not scale. The Identity Cloud provides rapid time-to-value with lower cost and increased ROI so organizations can eliminate the cost of legacy and point solutions, manual provisioning and access certification. Saviynt also provides unparalleled customer experience by onboarding applications once, easily creating reports, managing access policies and configuring workflows for an organization's specific identity use case all through a single, simplified experience with The Identity Cloud.

“None of us expected the level of visibility that Saviynt provided,” Syneos Health Principal Solutions Architect Mike Rivett said in a recent case study. “It lifted the curtain. We’ve been able to collapse entire on-prem domains based on usage modeling of accounts and entitlements within those directories.”

RSAC attendees can meet with Saviynt to view a demo of the platform May 6-9 at Booth #1355 inside the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

To learn more about The Identity Cloud, or meet with Saviynt at RSAC 2024, please visit our website.

About Saviynt

Saviynt empowers enterprises to secure their digital transformation, safeguard critical assets, and meet regulatory compliance. With a vision to provide a secure and compliant future for all enterprises, Saviynt’s cutting-edge solutions have been recognized as industry leaders. For more information, please visit www.saviynt.com.

Fonte: Business Wire

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