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OM1 Launches Three New Products Powered by Patented AI Platform to Expedite Delivery of Personalized Medicine

OM1 introduces three new products: OM1 Orion, OM1 Lyra, and OM1 Polaris powered by PhenOMTM – an artificial intelligence-powered digital phenotyping platform for personalized medicine and clinical r...

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The company is introducing OM1 Orion, OM1 Lyra, and OM1 Polaris, aligning AI technology and real-world data to offer unprecedented insights into the patient journey and further patient outcomes through prediction, precision, and discovery

BOSTON: OM1 introduces three new products: OM1 Orion, OM1 Lyra, and OM1 Polaris powered by PhenOMTM – an artificial intelligence-powered digital phenotyping platform for personalized medicine and clinical research. OM1 is the leader in providing Real-World Evidence (RWE) insights from bench to bedside, leveraging advanced predictive and generative AI platforms coupled with deep clinical data to empower healthcare stakeholders.

Today’s healthcare landscape is plagued with disparate and disconnected data sources, resulting in large, critical knowledge gaps from research and development to point-of-care clinical decision-making. Standing at the forefront of innovative predictive and generative AI-powered solutions, OM1 PhenOM’s products deliver unparalleled insights to empower HCP decision support for point-of-care treatment, close gaps in patient journeys by leveraging complex phenotyping models over deep clinical big data, and locate hard-to-find patient populations for research and treatment.

“There is a tremendous untapped opportunity to synthesize data sources to better understand patient journeys and treatment decisions, which we've learned to address with our digital phenotyping technology," said Joseph Zabinski, VP, Head of Commercial Strategy & AI at OM1. “Now, with our expanded product offerings, we can identify patients to reveal hidden characteristics and predict outcomes, ultimately improving how we conduct research and deliver care.”

Launched last year, PhenOM is built on OM1’s differentiated, high-quality data cloud – based on billions of data points from more than 340+ million patients – to improve individual care and population health. Now, with its distinct product lines, the platform delivers unmatched next-gen AI technology and clinically robust real-world data to address critical pain points across the healthcare ecosystem:

  • OM1 Orion offers pharmaceutical decision-makers a perspective on the patient journey not available using traditional analytic tools alone. Leveraging high-volume deep clinical data, OM1 Orion delivers a multi-layered 360-degree view of disease progression and burden for patient sub-populations. It enables the discovery and diagnosis of unmet needs, visibility into real-world clinical and financial drivers and barriers to care, and identification of complex patterns in disease progression, treatment response, and comorbid disease evolution. OM1 Orion provides a substantially more accurate picture of the patient journey while significantly reducing research timelines and associated costs.
  • OM1 Lyra provides insights for clinicians and patients toward the most effective treatment options by generating and stratifying predictions around diagnosis, treatment, and risk to personalize medicine at the point of care for providers with highly relevant and actionable insights. OM1 Lyra puts the patient's uniqueness at the forefront of their treatment by translating population-level patterns to the patient through disease and treatment-specific phenotypes.
  • OM1 Polaris optimizes clinical trial recruitment by leveraging real-world data-predicted outcomes and research protocol-tailored phenotypic profiles to identify prospective patients, investigators, and sites. This results in shorter recruitment timelines, reduced costs, and an increased likelihood of trial success.

“In a world of AI hype and skepticism, OM1’s Lyra, Orion, and Polaris solutions are a lighthouse for harnessing incredibly advanced technologies to empower providers and patients to truly own their personal journeys and to receive the ideal support from all healthcare stakeholders who share the common goal of advancing care for superior outcomes. Our leadership in this space aims to strengthen the relationship between a patient and their provider while improving the standard of care,” said Shawn Bates, Chief Commercial Officer at OM1.

To learn more about OM1’s real-world data and patented AI technology, please email info@om1.com.

About OM1

OM1 is pioneering cutting-edge healthcare innovation through its insights-driven technology and data. It specializes in personalized medicine, evidence generation, and real-world evidence (RWE) research powered by next-generation AI platforms, regulatory-grade deep longitudinal data, and globally recognized thought leadership. OM1 is led by a diverse group of scientists, engineers, researchers, and clinicians with over 30 years of experience in RWD/RWE who have written the handbook on building clinical registries and developing the outcomes measure framework. OM1’s unprecedented innovation takes RWE from bench to practice, delivering unparalleled personalized impact on the outcomes of patients and the advancement of research.

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