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BrainTale Accelerates Its International Expansion and Unveils Tier-one Collaborations to Improve Brain Care and Enable Precision Neurology

#biomarker--BrainTale, a medtech deciphering white matter to enable better brain care, spin-off of the Paris Region Greater Hospitals, unveils today a selection of leading research centers collaborati...

Business Wire
  • BrainTale unveils partnerships with leading research centers in Europe and in the US to ultimately improve brain care through biomarkers development.
  • By powering precision neurology, the company provides the brain research community with relevant quantitative imaging biomarkers to improve patient care and clinical development of new disease-modifying drugs.

PARIS: #biomarker--BrainTale, a medtech deciphering white matter to enable better brain care, spin-off of the Paris Region Greater Hospitals, unveils today a selection of leading research centers collaborations. For its partners, BrainTale offers innovative regulatory-cleared software medical device combining relevant standardized white matter quantification and AI solutions. Its final goal is to assess brain damages evolutions with a high efficiency and accuracy in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions to finally take appropriate decisions, both in the day-to-day clinic and during drug development.

Long underestimated in neuroscience, white matter, which represents 60% to 80% of the human brain, plays a key role in its proper functioning, development, and aging, whether normal or pathological. Accordingly, since its creation in 2018, BrainTale has been developing non-invasive, accessible, actionable and clinically validated measurement and predictive tools for patients suffering from brain diseases. With a strong collaborative approach, the company’s ambition is to provide investigators with relevant measure of the brain to improve patient care and clinical development of new disease-modifying drugs.

BrainTale discloses a selection of its partners research centers of excellence.

With Professor Fanny Mochel, MD, PhD in charge of the reference center for Neurometabolic Diseases and Leukodystrophy at Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris, France), the collaboration focuses notably on leukodystrophies. Professor Mochel comments: “Implementing BrainTale’s biomarkers in our daily clinical practice and integrating this white matter quantification method in the clinical development brings significant value to our practice. Our expert center aims at providing the right treatment at the right time, and BrainTale's markers offer invaluable insights and benefits toward achieving this”.

With Professors Ayham Alkhachroum, MD, MSc, Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurocritical Care and Sebastian Koch, MD, Professor of Clinical Neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (Miami, Florida, USA), the collaboration will assess the benefits of BrainTale’s markers to evaluate patient after acute cerebral hemorrhage. Professor Alkhachroum comments: “There is an unmet clinical need to improve patient’s management in acute cerebral hemorrhage by selecting patients who can benefit from surgical evacuation. BrainTale’s technology can provide key information to advance decisions toward improving care in acute cerebral hemorrhage patients”.

Professor Rajiv Gupta is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Medical Director at MGB Enterprise Neuroradiology, Mass General Brigham, Vice Chair for Clinical Operations in the Department. of Radiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts, USA). He is a member of BrainTale’s Scientific Advisory Board with focus on traumatic injuries and ageing diseases. ”Working with BrainTale empowers our research with standardized and calibrated DTI metrics. It paves the way for widespread diffusion of such biomarker both in research and in clinical practice”, comments Professor Gupta.

An innovative, highly powerful tool and decisive enabler for caregivers and drug developers.

BrainTale aims at contributing to a better understanding of underlying mechanisms of several diseases and conditions, such as cognitive disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, demyelinating diseases such as leukodystrophies and multiple sclerosis, and acute conditions such as traumatic brain injuries or stroke.

The non-invasive white matter quantification provided by BrainTale is an innovative, highly powerful tool and decisive enabler for caregivers and drug developers, offering objective assessment to refine patient populations and monitor individual or patient population responsiveness to new therapies in development. By facilitating early detection, target identification, patient stratification, and treatment monitoring, biomarkers enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of drug development efforts in the central nervous system complex and challenging therapeutic environment. BrainTale’s biomarkers relevance in contemplated conditions has been heavily supported by fast growing scientific literature in the recent years. In practice, BrainTale’s software solution offers quality controlled, reliable, standardized and clinically validated reporting of diffusion MRI data processing that dramatically reduce multicenter variability from any MRI scanner type in standard clinical setting.

« Our collaborative approach is the foundation of BrainTale’ strategy to establish white matter measure as a reference to ultimately contribute to a better brain care. We are thrilled to unveil those first partnerships and intend to expand our network of partners in the coming months”, comments Vincent Perlbarg, BrainTale’s chief scientific officer and cofounder.

About BrainTale

BrainTale is an innovative European medtech company measuring the brain through white matter quantification and standardization based on a commercially available software medical device solution. This regulatory-cleared AI software offers quality controlled, non-invasive, reliable and clinically validated reports after diffusion tensor MRI data processing. BrainTale enables drug developers, leading academic researchers and physicians to improve patient care by understanding neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions, assess brain lesions evolutions and take appropriate decisions in the clinic and during drug development. BrainTale empowers the scientific and medical community with objective measure to transform brain care.

Because brain diseases have become the medical issue of our time, we can no longer wait. At BrainTale, we strongly believe that by exploring better, we can treat faster, together.

For more information, please visit www.braintale.eu

Fonte: Business Wire

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