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Simplify Healthcare and XO Health Announce Strategic Partnership to Reinvent the Employee Healthcare Experience

Simplify Healthcare, a leading enterprise Payer software company, today announced a strategic partnership with XO Health, a pioneering health plan dedicated to transforming healthcare for self-insured...

Business Wire

AURORA, Ill.: Simplify Healthcare, a leading enterprise Payer software company, today announced a strategic partnership with XO Health, a pioneering health plan dedicated to transforming healthcare for self-insured employers. XO Health will deploy Simplify Healthcare’s cloud based solution — Simplify Health Cloud™ — comprising of five scalable end-to-end cloud based platforms — Benefits1™, Provider1™, Service1™, Claims1™, and Experience1™, to enhance stakeholder experience, drive membership growth, and optimize operations.

XO Health, the first health plan designed by and for self-insured employers, is committed to reshaping the healthcare landscape by eliminating inefficiencies and delivering a unified health experience for all. Through its unique business model and technology-led approach, XO Health empowers employers to offer tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of their workforce. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing their mission to create a new era in employee healthcare.

"XO Health's technology-led approach to delivering a unified health experience is deeply aligned with our vision of streamlining Healthcare Payer processes and enhancing stakeholder experiences.”Mohammed Vaid, CEO and Chief Solution Architect, Simplify Healthcare. “Simplify Health Cloud™ will enable XO Health to deliver a seamlessly integrated healthcare journey, drive efficiency, and improve outcomes for employers and their employees."

“The time to rethink employer healthcare is now. Self-insured employers have historically been underserved despite representing the largest segment of health plan buyers – and they’re hungry for new solutions that help them deliver affordable, high-quality benefits to their employees.” Swati Mathai, Founder and CEO, XO Health. “Unlike legacy plans, XO Health has a unified data layer that allows us to take full advantage of Simplify Healthcare’s complete product suite. Information that previously hasn’t been digitally accessible can now be consumable and actionable for all our stakeholders.”

XO Health will be the first company to leverage all five platforms within the Simplify Health Cloud™.

  • Benefits1™: Creates a single source of truth for product and benefits data with automated business rules and workflows to fulfill all compliance and mandated document generation requirements and integrates with upstream and downstream systems — including claims and underwriting.
  • Provider1™: Creates the master record for all provider data with automated rules and workflows to simplify provider management processes like contracting, onboarding, credentialing, reimbursement models, roster file management, and provider directories.
  • Service1™: Delivers a unified view of plan and benefits data with an AI- and NLP-powered search engine — to search for benefits by English text or codes — that enables Customer Service Agents to deliver optimum responses to benefit inquiries from members, providers, employers, and brokers.
  • Claims1™: Business rules and workflow-driven claims management platform that transforms benefits and provider data into a consumable format for the Core-Admin systems while enabling claims adjudication and configuration testing.
  • Experience1™: Rules-based master content management platform that pulls up-to-date benefits data from repositories to enable the generation, streaming, and personalization of content to members based on rules and customer metadata across all channels.

XO Health plans will launch in 2025.

About Simplify Healthcare

Simplify Healthcare powers connected benefits and provider journeys for Payers through a scalable, enterprise-grade, secure, compliant, and configurable cloud based software platform — Simplify Health Cloud™. Packaged on the Simplify Health Cloud™ — Benefits1™, Provider1™, Service1™, Claims1™, and Experience1™ provide Payers with discrete and precise solutions to complex problems and opportunities in delivering a rich set of products, benefits, and provider data. Simplify Healthcare also enables Payers to build enterprise solutions with speed and innovation on a configurable, secure, and low-code application development platform — Simplify App Fabric™.

For more information, please visit simplifyhealthcare.com

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About XO Health

XO Health is a groundbreaking new health plan on a mission to fix healthcare for employers and the employees and families they cover. The XO Health platform enables greater alignment across healthcare benefits and healthcare delivery, making it easy to achieve better outcomes. Physicians are rewarded, not hassled, for delivering the right high-quality care; plan members can connect to care on their own terms with zero anxiety; and employers have the visibility and control they need to offer responsible and meaningful coverage. With a new blueprint and an unparalleled team of industry leaders, XO Health is uniquely positioned to disrupt the healthcare landscape and deliver the transformative change the industry deserves. To learn more, please visit https://xohealth.com/.

Fonte: Business Wire

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