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Kinetic’s Innovative ‘Resi-Plow’ $2 Million Investment Reduces Fiber Construction Impact on Neighborhoods

In a move aimed at reducing the impact on neighborhoods and homeowners' landscapes, Kinetic has enhanced its fiber installation quality through the acquisition of over 50 small drop plows totaling an ...

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  • The ‘Resi-Plow’ method allows for low-impact fiber installation in residential neighborhoods.
  • Kinetic adopted this method in 2022, prioritizing high-quality, customer-focused construction and recently secured 50 additional plows totaling a $2 million investment.
  • Kinetic's specialized team pioneers sustainable, time- and resource-saving solutions, enhancing customer experiences by minimizing disruption to daily routine and property.
  • The team oversees innovation, from concept development to patenting newly created products.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.: In a move aimed at reducing the impact on neighborhoods and homeowners' landscapes, Kinetic has enhanced its fiber installation quality through the acquisition of over 50 small drop plows totaling an estimated $2 million investment.

This Residential Plow method addresses the challenge of upgrading fiber optic availability in established neighborhoods, particularly those with significant landscaping or those governed by community associations. The “Resi-Plow” method was designed and developed with these considerations in mind, ensuring that its deployment leads to high levels of customer satisfaction with minimal environmental impact.

“In the past, fiber optic cable installation methods have typically required larger construction machines and materials, more open trenches and more time,” said Mike Skudin, senior director of Kinetic Construction Optimization. “Our Resi-Plow technology, however, introduces fiber optic cable into the ground through an incredibly small tube ‘micro-duct’– something about the size of a crayon – significantly reducing the impact on established areas and landscapes.”

Moreover, Resi-Plow facilitates quicker repairs, minimizing customer downtime in case of fiber optic cable damage. This efficiency translates into broader accessibility of fiber internet within Kinetic’s service areas.

“Our product development involves collaboration across various departments, optimizing efficiency while upholding environmental responsibility,” said Rich Murtha, senior vice president of Outside Plant Engineering and Construction. “This strategy ensures we reduce our environmental impact without compromising on broadband affordability.”

The Resi-Plow method represents Kinetic’s commitment to a sustainable fiber internet future, ensuring minimal use of natural resources, soil disturbance and more efficient installation and repair processes, according to Skudin.

“Traditional cable and duct used within a subdivision can weigh up to 400 pounds per 1,000 feet, whereas the miniaturized fiber optic cable and micro-duct laid by our drop plows weighs just 40 pounds per 1,000 feet,” Skudin added. “The smaller material leads to smaller transportation and construction vehicles and equipment. This method exemplifies how Kinetic’s innovation efforts are directed at improving efficiency for our customers and our environment.”

This Resi-Plow initiative is spearheaded by Kinetic's Construction Optimization Architecture Team (COAT), which is leading the telecom industry in innovation. The COAT's groundbreaking technologies, many of which are exclusive to Kinetic, allow for the deployment of fiber in challenging environments with minimal environmental disruption.

The COAT's endeavors significantly benefit Kinetic’s communities, showcasing the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. Through its ongoing innovation cycle, Kinetic continues to strengthen its competitive advantage and uphold its commitment to quality service from sign-up to start-up.

By harnessing the COAT's cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, Kinetic not only improves internet connectivity speeds but also profoundly benefits individuals in rural communities across its broad 18-state network. This strategic dedication to innovation and quality emphasizes Kinetic's pivotal role in transforming telecommunications technology in remote areas.

Kinetic's drive for innovation is rooted in a commitment to delivering quality customer-experiences, and Kinetic believes that by taking a customer-focused approach during construction, better customer experiences are possible.

About Kinetic: Kinetic, a Windstream company, offers fiber-based broadband to residential and small business customers in 18 states. The company’s quality-first approach connects customers to new opportunities and possibilities by delivering a full suite of advanced communications services. Kinetic is one of three brands managed by Windstream. The company also offers managed cloud communications and security services to mid-to-large enterprises and government entities across the U.S. as well as customized wavelength and dark fiber solutions to carriers, content providers and hyperscalers in the U.S. and Canada. Windstream is a privately held company headquartered in Little Rock, Ark. Additional information about Kinetic is available at GoKinetic.com or windstream.com.

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