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Kraken Signs First Integrated North American Utility Licensee with Saint John Energy

Kraken, the fastest-growing utility software-as-a-service provider, announced a multi-year deal with Canadian municipal utility Saint John Energy (SJE) to license Kraken’s demand flexibility solutio...

Business Wire
  • Saint John Energy (SJE) to become the first integrated utility in North America to license Kraken
  • The deal advances both companies' shared mission to advance the adoption of low-carbon technologies
  • Partnership will see SJE license both customer and flexibility platforms from Kraken

NEW YORK & SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick: Kraken, the fastest-growing utility software-as-a-service provider, announced a multi-year deal with Canadian municipal utility Saint John Energy (SJE) to license Kraken’s demand flexibility solution and end-to-end customer service platform.

As Kraken’s first integrated partner in the North American energy market, SJE will be able to continue its long history of industry-leading innovation by using Kraken to offer cutting-edge solutions that deliver customer value while also supporting a decentralized, decarbonized grid.

SJE will adopt Kraken’s end-to-end utility operating system, enabling it to create brand new green energy-focused services, deliver advanced customer care through relentlessly efficient processes, and flexibly manage its distribution network.

Kraken, which is part of Octopus Energy Group, will onboard all of SJE’s residential and business customers onto its all-in-one customer service, billing, optimization, and asset management platform.

SJE provides some of the most innovative and forward-looking energy transition solutions across North America today, with more than 75 percent of Saint John Energy customers heated by electricity, more than 70 percent of customers renting water heaters, and more than 20 percent of residents renting heat pumps.

In 2019, SJE became the world’s first utility to deploy a Tesla Megapack to store power, cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and reduce grid strain. As the utility continues to employ solutions to reach net zero, Kraken’s end-to-end management platform will be critical for meeting the future energy needs of Saint John residents while alleviating emerging grid constraints as new renewable generation and consumer low-carbon technologies come online.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy Group, said: “Around the globe, Kraken partners with some of the most trusted energy brands to decentralize, decarbonize, and above all, modernize the grid.

“Saint John Energy’s track record as an innovative early adopter makes this partnership a natural fit for us as we look to drive the energy transition worldwide. As our first utility and distribution partner in North America, we are excited to support Saint John Energy in bringing more affordable, reliable solutions to its customers in Canada.”

This deal follows Kraken’s recent pilot partnership to reduce grid constraints in Connecticut, its successful U.S. launch of SmartFlex, and a licensing agreement with a Texas-based energy asset manager, Tenaska.

Kraken currently looks after 54 million utility customers across the globe, and manages around 155,000 domestic devices—totaling over 38 GW of contracted power—it stands as one of the largest residential virtual power plants in the world.

​“We’re proud and excited to partner with Kraken, which not only has a transformative platform but an international reputation for best-in-class solutions tailored to the energy industry,” said Ryan Mitchell, President and CEO of Saint John Energy. “Implementing its solutions will give our customers more information and control over their energy needs, and will allow Saint John Energy to pursue more innovative solutions in clean energy and the transition to net zero.”

SJE offers a first-in-class customer service experience and some of the lowest electricity rates to more than 36,000 customers. Already a leader in cutting-edge grid technology adoption, this partnership with Kraken will advance SJE’s goal to modernize and decarbonize the grid while providing exceptional customer service.

To learn more about how Kraken is advancing the global energy transition, visit kraken.tech.

About Kraken
Kraken Technologies offers a best-in-class end-to-end platform for energy supply and is operating in the UK, Japan, US, New Zealand, Australia, and most of mainland Europe. Kraken’s proprietary platform is contracted to serve 54 million customer accounts across the globe through licensees. Its first client was Octopus Energy, where Kraken manages 7.7 million retail customers globally and over 60,000 business customers (the largest of which is Arsenal FC).

Based on advanced data and machine learning capabilities, Kraken automates much of the energy supply chain to allow outstanding service and efficiency as the world transitions to a decentralized, decarbonized energy system. Kraken manages more than 38 gigawatts in utility scale assets. These span a wide range of technologies, from off-shore wind to grid-scale batteries. Kraken is also a global leader in the rapidly growing field of domestic flexibility. The platform already handles 162,000 domestic devices, totalling over a gigawatt of power.

Kraken Technologies is part of Octopus Energy Group and was developed to enable select third parties to take advantage of the technologies developed by Octopus Energy. It has already been licensed by major global players, including Origin Energy, E.ON and EDF. https://kraken.tech/

About Saint John Energy
Saint John Energy, a trusted energy provider since 1922, delivers high-quality products and services to more than 36,000 homes and businesses in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. A top-rated utility renowned for innovation, reliability and top customer service, it is committed to being a national utility leader in the transition to net zero. It has embarked on Zero30 – a roadmap to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. For more information, visit www.sjenergy.com and www.zero30.ca.

Fonte: Business Wire

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