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Having Cracked the Code on the Most Complex Assets, Rocktop Takes On The Broader Fixed-income Market

#AI--Rocktop Technologies (Rocktop), a first-of-its-kind Solutions-as-a-Service company, today unveiled significant advancements in its strategic initiatives designed to empower investors, asset manag...

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New CTO and LiquidFi Partnership Bolster Firm’s Solutions-As-A-Service Strategy

DALLAS: #AI--Rocktop Technologies (Rocktop), a first-of-its-kind Solutions-as-a-Service company, today unveiled significant advancements in its strategic initiatives designed to empower investors, asset managers, and holders of risk to harness the full potential of complex fixed-income markets, such as mortgages, for consistently superior returns.

“Rocktop is focused on creating a strong form efficient fixed-income market, where each asset’s data and documents are immutable, transparent, and validated, enhancing liquidity, portability, and value throughout its lifecycle,” said Cade Thompson, Co-President and Chief Growth Officer. “Our aim is to empower investors to explore diverse and more complex markets at scale, uncovering new avenues for alpha creation or simply extracting additional yield out of mainstream investments.”

Since its inception in 2015, Rocktop has been dedicated to mitigating risks and maximizing the value of the most challenging fixed-income assets, from origination through liquidation. The firm addresses two main challenges faced by the sector:

  • The accuracy and completeness of underlying data, and
  • Operational errors and inefficiencies driving up costs and risk.

Drawing upon expertise spanning investment management, capital markets, data science, risk analytics, servicing operations, consumer credit, legal risk mitigation, and more, the firm has developed a comprehensive set of capabilities underpinning the delivery of their solutions. By interconnecting datasets and operational processes, Rocktop can provide a path to more reliable insights, more predictable outcomes, and better overall execution.

Today, the company announced the appointment of Jason Tanaka as Chief Technology Officer and the formation of a new partnership with LiquidFi, an industry-leading asset tokenization platform. These moves enhance Rocktop's technology-driven solutions, which now incorporate the latest developments in data science, machine learning, generative AI, and blockchain technology, focused on diverse asset types including Ginnie Mae Early Buyouts, HECM Reverse Mortgages, Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR), HELOCs, and Scratch and Dent Loans.

Jason Tanaka, Rocktop’s new CTO, has a 20-plus year track record leveraging a variety of technology innovations to move the mortgage and financial markets forward. He was previously Executive/AVP Real Estate Technology Strategy, USAA Federal Savings Bank; Managing Director, Livegage; Chief Technology Officer, Credit Union Student Choice; and Co-Founder, Simply Closing, LLC. “For decades, technology has been brought into the mortgage and fixed income spaces without solving some of the key underlying inefficiencies. I’m enthusiastic about our opportunity to harness cutting-edge technology-based solutions in reshaping the landscape of our industry,” said Tanaka about the opportunity.

The collaboration with LiquidFi further strengthens Rocktop's capability to offer transparent, immutable, and validated datasets using distributed ledger technology. LiquidFi’s real-world asset tokenization platform provides the infrastructure to reduce friction in capital markets through more efficient and transparent life-of-loan data verification and asset-level functionality. “We believe this partnership will provide significant value to Rocktop and its clients by utilizing the real-world efficiencies gained by distributed ledger technology. Together, we share the commitment to enhancing efficiency and transparency in markets, and this partnership is already proving its value on this commitment,” said Ian Ferreira, Founder and CEO of LiquidFi.

Rocktop Technologies continues to lead the charge in transforming the fixed-income market, propelled by its commitment to innovation and value creation for all stakeholders.

About Rocktop Technologies

Rocktop Technologies is pioneering Solutions-as-a-Service in the fixed-income market, committed to enhancing returns for all stakeholders. Our innovative solutions strive to propel the industry towards strong form efficiency, ensuring every asset is a known quantity, enhancing liquidity, portability, and value. By harnessing data science, Practical AI, and digital ledger technology, we drive this mission forward, eliminating inefficiencies and errors that lead to yield leakage. Our solutions, empowered by comprehensive data management and process automation, streamline risk identification, quantification, and management. Explore more at rocktoptech.com.

About LiquidFi

LiquidFi is an industry leading asset tokenization platform focused on preserving the integrity of data, documentation, and asset-level information over the entire asset lifecycle. Using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, digital assets on the LiquidFi platform have built-in data elements and functional capabilities reducing timelines and creating operational efficiencies for ecosystem participants. To learn more, visit www.liquidfi.io.

Fonte: Business Wire

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