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Transformative $1 Million Gift Caps Bright 10th Anniversary Year for Watts of Love

#changinglives--Watts of Love is a non-profit making a global impact by empowering the most vulnerable people in the developing world to lift themselves out of poverty through its financial literacy p...

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2023 milestones include the distribution of the organization’s 100,000th light worldwide

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.: #changinglives--Watts of Love is a non-profit making a global impact by empowering the most vulnerable people in the developing world to lift themselves out of poverty through its financial literacy program and patented solar light. The organization is poised for its most impactful year yet in 2024 after receiving a transformative $1 million gift to cap off a 2023 filled with effective anti-poverty action.

In celebration of the International Day of Light, Watts of Love is raising awareness about the significance of sustainable lighting solutions in improving lives, particularly in underserved regions. Watts of Love's innovative approach addresses the immediate need for illumination and fosters long-term economic development by equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to manage their finances and build brighter futures.

The transformative gift from the Kathleen S. Craft Foundation is a catalyst for ending poverty through Watts of Love’s unique program, bringing light and hope to thousands of families in Malawi. The investment is helping to create the infrastructure for delivering a sustainable solution to end poverty there.

Watts of Love’s vision is to end the cycle of generational poverty. They offer a sustainable solution that combines financial literacy education and empowerment training with their patented solar light that lasts at least 10 years. Through their program, families learn how to save money they would have spent on alternative light sources, such as kerosene and batteries, and then reinvest those savings, earn more, and realize their big dreams. Watts of Love’s unique approach impacts education, health, safety, the environment, and economic development.

The founding trustee expressed, “It is our hope that this contribution will not only brighten the lives of those in need but also bring attention to the impact Watts of Love is making. Our goal is to inspire others to join the cause of creating brighter futures for all. Together, let’s light up the world!”

Nancy Economou, founder of Watts of Love, expressed her gratitude for the donation. “We are profoundly grateful to the Kathleen S. Craft Foundation for their commitment to Watts of Love and to families living in darkness and poverty. Their generosity allows us to empower more communities in Malawi, bringing sustainable lighting solutions that dispel darkness and create new opportunities. By fostering self-worth and financial freedom, Watts of Love’s program has an immediate and positive impact on families struggling in the endless cycle of poverty.”

That gift capped a remarkable 2023 for Watts of Love, the organization’s 10th anniversary year, which started with a team trip to the Philippines, where Economou was first inspired to start Watts of Love. In addition to outreach trips to Malawi, Ghana, and the Navajo Nation, other 2023 milestones included:

  • Distributing Watts of Love’s 100,000th light since the organization’s founding
  • Distributing 20,000 lights in Nkhotakota, Malawi, thus completing their first lighthouse, a multi-year initiative to light an entire community
  • Launching monitoring and evaluation work to measure progress, identify areas of improvement and maximize the organization’s global impact
  • Premiering “Ukwati,” Watts of Love’s first short film, winner of 30+ international awards

In its first decade, Watts of Love’s program has helped more than 124,000 families—including more than 865,000 individuals—in 55 countries. Click here for stories of families whose lives the Watts of Love program has changed.

The organization has partnered with Molex and UL Solutions since its inception. Molex was the first manufacturer of Watts of Love’s solar lights, which are certified by UL Solutions, demonstrating that the lights meet stringent safety requirements. Watts of Love also works closely with many other corporations, foundations, organizations, individuals, and nonprofit partners.

In each household provided with one solar light and financial literacy training, Watts of Love helps seven people, on average (Pew Research, 2020), leading to the following overall global impact, as of April 30, 2024:

  • $19,229,455 saved per year (GOGLA 2018)
  • 29,774,640 additional hours of study time per year (World Bank 2017)
  • 271,693,590 additional hours of productivity per year (GOGLA 2018)
  • 54,586,840 fewer pounds of CO2 released per year (Solar Aid Impact Report 2014​)
  • 58,060,548 batteries saved/kept out of landfills

For more information about Watts of Love, please visit www.wattsoflove.org.

About Watts of Love

Watts of Love is a non-profit that empowers the most vulnerable people in the developing world to lift themselves out of poverty through its financial literacy program and patented solar light. With nearly 1 billion people living without access to reliable electricity, impoverished families can spend up to 30 percent of their income to light their homes after dark, forcing them to sacrifice food, medicine, and education. By giving people the tools they need to succeed, Watts of Love is ending cycles of generational poverty with a simple, sustainable solution that has an immediate impact. With light, there is safety, opportunity, and hope for a brighter future. To learn more, visit www.wattsoflove.org.

Fonte: Business Wire

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