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Atropos Health Raises $33M to Scale the Automation of High-Quality, Personalized Real-World Evidence Leveraging Generative AI

Atropos Health, the pioneer in translating real-world clinical data into high-quality personalized real-world evidence for care, today announced a $33 million Series B on the heels of the adoption of ...

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The Company is Also Forging Strategic Partnerships With Pharmaceutical Companies and Vertically Integrated Healthcare Companies to Drive Evidence Adoption in Oncology and other Specialty areas

PALO ALTO, Calif.: Atropos Health, the pioneer in translating real-world clinical data into high-quality personalized real-world evidence for care, today announced a $33 million Series B on the heels of the adoption of its Generative AI platform (GENEVA OS™) by healthcare institutions, data platforms, research institutions, life sciences companies and more. The funding was led by Valtruis, with participation from new strategic investors including Cencora Ventures, McKesson Ventures, and Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, along with existing investors Breyer Capital, Emerson Collective, and Presidio Ventures.

Atropos Health was founded in 2019 by Brigham Hyde Ph.D., Nigam Shah MBBS, Ph.D., and Saurabh Gombar M.D., Ph.D., originally developed as the “Green Button” project at Stanford University. The trio are leaders in applications of AI and real-world evidence research in healthcare, and on a mission to democratize access to high-quality real-world evidence (RWE) as a means to improve decision making and outcomes in healthcare. Since then, the company has emerged as a leader in the application of generative AI thanks to unique vertical user experiences like ChatRWD™ which reduces the time to produce high-quality publication-grade real-world evidence from months to minutes through a chat-based AI co-pilot.

“As excitement over the application of Generative AI technology in healthcare turns from potential to practical applications, the focus of providers, life sciences, and other healthcare stakeholders turns to quality, transparency, and automation backed by tangible ROI. For decades, high-quality clinical evidence has served as the currency of value in healthcare. Atropos Health is built on investment in scaling the production of high-quality, transparent, and now real-time evidence production that matches the standards of the clinical and research communities,” said Brigham Hyde, CEO and Co-Founder of Atropos Health. “This funding round, which includes multiple major strategic stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, is validation that our platform is rapidly becoming the standard not only for automation and user experience, but also as the trusted quality layer between healthcare data and the critical evidence needed to better inform patient care, research, and policy.”

Investing in Real-World Evidence for Value-Based Care Decision-Making

With this funding, Atropos Health plans to further its stake in value-based care. The company’s portfolio of evidence-generating applications supports whole-person care and value-based performance and has long been utilized by Atropos Health partners including Arcadia. Through Atropos Health, healthcare organizations are able to accelerate appropriate clinical decision-making to drive high-value, low-cost care for patients based on their unique physiology. To drive this mission further, Atropos Health is welcoming value-based care veteran Mike Spadafore to its board.

“For nearly 15 years, I’ve had a front-row seat to value-based care's evolution and positive impact on patients, physicians, and communities. I am excited about Atropos Health and its ability to automate personalized, real-world evidence at scale for both providers and researchers,” said Spadafore, Managing Director of Valtruis. “Atropos Health has the potential to dramatically improve existing workflows across both life sciences and health systems, in turn improving clinician decision-making and driving better outcomes for patients. We are thrilled to partner with Atropos in this journey.”

Expanding the Atropos Evidence™ Network Including Vertical Integrations with Oncology and Specialty areas

As a part of this round, Atropos Health will enter into strategic relationships with partners from life sciences and vertically integrated healthcare players. Through Cencora, a leading global pharmaceutical solutions organization, Atropos Health will bring its real-world evidence platform to oncology and specialty care. Evidence for care is critical in the rapidly evolving treatment landscape for oncology, where the stakes are high for cancer patients. Now, oncologists and researchers can leverage the Atropos Evidence Network of millions of anonymized patient data converted to high-quality evidence to inform their decision-making process. In turn, pharmaceutical customers of Atropos Health, such as Janssen Research & Development, LLC (Janssen), a Johnson & Johnson company, can leverage this evidence network to drive critical R&D initiatives and accelerate the time of the development of the next treatment.

“Atropos Health addresses a very real problem that both health systems and pharmaceutical manufacturers face in turning medical data into insights in a timely, predictable, and cost-effective manner.” said Michelle Snyder, Partner at McKesson Ventures. “As leading industry players increasingly recognize the value of having the right data, rather than just having the most data, Atropos Health stands out in its ability to understand and score datasets in a compliant and secure manner in order to accelerate research and improve patient outcomes.”

Expanding Investment in Atropos Health Generative Application ChatRWD

Launched in Beta in Q4 of 2023, ChatRWD cuts production of high quality real-world evidence down from months to minutes through clinical and research friendly chat based user experience. While the speed of ChatRWD is already revolutionary, accuracy and transparency of results is a core tenant of Atropos Health foundation. Built on the core technology GENEVA OS, ChatRWD is a LLM independent framework (enabling institutions to maintain LLM security and integrity) that is built to eliminate hallucination risk that is unacceptable in the clinical evidence arena. A pending publication will further outline this approach and the benefits to accuracy in the generation of evidence. Investment in this round will support the full launch of ChatRWD with the potential to democratize high-quality, accurate, transparent, and personalized real-world evidence for everyone.

About Atropos Health

Atropos Health is the developer of GENEVA OS™, the operating system for rapid healthcare evidence across a robust network of real-world data. Healthcare and life science organizations work with Atropos Health to close evidence gaps from bench to bedside, improving individual patient outcomes with data-driven care, expediting research that advances the field of medicine, and more. We aim to transform healthcare with timely, relevant real-world evidence.

To learn more about Atropos Health, visit www.atroposhealth.com or connect through LinkedIn or follow on X (Twitter) @AtroposHealth.

Fonte: Business Wire

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