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Fulcrum IT Partners’ Verticalized AI Platforms Proven to Help Businesses Accelerate Growth and Solve for Desired Outcomes

#AI--Fulcrum IT Partners, a $1 billion-plus international IT solution provider, announces a differentiated approach to developing and consuming customized AI services, utilizing its applied AI strateg...

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Clearly Defined and Differentiated AI Strategy helps Fulcrum Exceed the Business and Technical Needs of Vertical Markets by Leading Tech Innovators

TORONTO: #AI--Fulcrum IT Partners, a $1 billion-plus international IT solution provider, announces a differentiated approach to developing and consuming customized AI services, utilizing its applied AI strategy and proprietary verticalized AI platforms. The suite of services and solutions is purposefully designed to action, integrate, secure, and scale AI for businesses seeking to accelerate their success using the power of AI.

Fulcrum’s AI strategy is crafted to bridge the knowledge gap customers face and introduce actionable AI into their businesses to create more efficiency and generate more revenue. For example, Fulcrum’s manufacturing platform uses AI for predictive maintenance, quality control, and demand forecasting among the many operational areas primed for productivity, performance, and profit enhancement.

Fulcrum’s unique approach to actioning AI includes working with leading vendors including Microsoft and NVIDIA. With these vendor partners and its distribution partner Ingram Micro, Fulcrum orchestrates hardware, software, and engineering expertise to craft and deliver innovative hybrid AI solutions that adhere to stringent data compliance and sovereignty requirements.

"Fulcrum IT Partners is committed to transforming the traditional IT service delivery model to a far more integrated and actionable model that leverages AI to enhance everything about the organization including the experience," said Kyle Lanzinger, President, Fulcrum IT Partners. “Our approach combines a deep understanding of current environments with AI implementation expertise to optimize data-driven AI outcomes, while understanding customers' unique needs and challenges within their vertical industries and supporting clients throughout their AI journey.”

The company's services include verticalized AI platforms, customized AI applications, and embedded RPA and ITSM platforms. Moreover, Fulcrum enables businesses to acquire AI hardware as a service, reducing CAPEX and promoting a more agile IT infrastructure.

Case Study: Fulcrum’s Applied AI Solutions and Services Accelerate Quality Control for Manufacturing Leader

Breaking ground in manufacturing, Fulcrum’s applied AI solutions and services have been successfully deployed by a global aerospace manufacturer in their hybrid environment. The solution replaced manual, clipboard-based quality control (QC) process with a predictive maintenance AI-based solution designed by Fulcrum. The new service measures QC and helps the company enhance efficiency and reduce errors at scale.

With a focus on customer-centric solutions and commitment to innovation, Fulcrum IT Partners is redefining industry standards across multiple verticals and enabling businesses of all types to harness the full potential of AI.

For more information about Fulcrum IT Partners and the team’s unique approach to applying AI for business please contact pr@fulcrumitp.com.

About Fulcrum IT Partners

Fulcrum IT Partners is the parent company of an expanding portfolio of established and successful IT solution companies in the UK, Canada, and the U.S., with proven expertise in cybersecurity, cloud, consumption-based IT and managed services. Fulcrum is dedicated to using technology to deliver better business outcomes to vertically focused industries through its breadth of expertise and longstanding relationships with respected industry partners.

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