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Datyra, Inc. Announces the Release of The Corporatus 1.2: Advancing Scientific Discovery With a Specially Trained Model for Scientific Research

#ai--The Corporatus team is thrilled to announce the launch of The Corporatus 1.2, the latest iteration of our cutting-edge language model designed specifically for scientific research. Corporatus was...

Business Wire

SAN DIEGO: #ai--The Corporatus team is thrilled to announce the launch of The Corporatus 1.2, the latest iteration of our cutting-edge language model designed specifically for scientific research. Corporatus was trained on the literature of Da Vinci and Edmund Burke to incorporate their personalities and then trained again to perform its scientific tasks. Release 1.2 is available now at www.thecorporatus.com and includes features such as the ability to design experiments, brainstorm, and search for specific facts from its literature database of more than 100,000 research papers.

The greatest advance inside the 1.2 release is a new computer vision system which analyzes the graphs inside scientific papers and uses them to substantiate answers to scientific questions. This feature is a significant tool for researchers who want to use The Corporatus to find needles in the haystack of scientific literature and find incredible answers to scientific questions.

Key Features of The Corporatus 1.2 Include:

  • Computer Vision Analysis of Graphs: The Corporatus now automatically analyzes graphs included in its database of 100,000+ papers and captions them with a summary of their information.
  • Discussion of Graphs: The captioned graphs are discussed by The Corporatus to substantiate the answers provided to users’ questions.
  • Chat History: Users can now access their chat history to view historical answers and discussions.
  • Expansion of Literature Database: The Corporatus’ scientific database has increased to over 100,000 papers and the size of the database will continue to grow with the enhancements in the 1.2 release.
  • Multiple Language Support: The Corporatus now supports 10 languages. This allows researchers from all over the world to use the system.
  • "The Corporatus’ mission is to empower researchers with the tools they need to accelerate scientific discovery and innovation," said Nathan Klarer of Datyra, Inc. "With the launch of The Corporatus 1.2, we're taking a significant step forward in realizing that vision by expanding the model into computer vision and expanding the literature database drastically. We're excited to see the groundbreaking discoveries and insights that researchers will uncover using our scientific assistant."

    Experience the future of scientific research with The Corporatus 1.2. Visit www.thecorporatus.com to learn more and start exploring today.

    About The Corporatus:

    The Corporatus is a leading provider of advanced language models tailored for scientific research. Our mission is to empower researchers worldwide with state-of-the-art natural language and computer vision technology, facilitating breakthroughs and discoveries across diverse scientific disciplines. Learn more at www.thecorporatus.com.

    Fonte: Business Wire

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