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Frontier Technology Inc. Announces SaaS and Licensed Versions of FTI MERM Platform (Mission Effectiveness Readiness Management)

#DODDataIntegration--Frontier Technology Inc. (FTI), a leading provider of deep data expertise and mission-tailored services and solutions to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and the Inte...

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Powerful cloud-based software platform provides the U.S. Navy a bird's-eye view into the health, performance and mission readiness of all systems in individual ships, and ships across the fleet.

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio: #DODDataIntegration--Frontier Technology Inc. (FTI), a leading provider of deep data expertise and mission-tailored services and solutions to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community, today announced the availability of SaaS and licensed versions of its Mission Effectiveness Readiness Management (MERM) platform. MERM was previously only available as part of FTI’s tech-enabled service offerings.


FTI’s MERM platform is a cloud-based solution that leverages AI/ML to help the U.S. Navy make informed real-time or near-real-time maintenance and supply decisions.

MERM provides a clear visual display of the current status of all weapon, sensor, command and decision, and other elements that support combat missions. It delivers predictive fault information to enable high speed decisions and actions in support of Navy operational readiness.

MERM’s benefits include:

  • Faster speed to data
  • Generates key insights faster
  • Aggregates data for enterprise view
  • Real-time and historical health and trend analysis
  • Increases data maturity
  • Increases confidence in data
  • Scalable to the enterprise

MERM can be operational in weeks or months versus years, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. It serves a wide range of users, from those with basic skills to highly technical professionals. MERM isn’t disruptive to current customer environments, and works with virtually all systems, applications and data types. And FTI customers continue to own their own data.

“Current systems provide limited real-time battle space situational awareness due to lack of visibility into the operating status, performance and mission readiness of ship systems, and laddered up, to the status of the fleet,” said Jose Hidalgo, President, Frontier Technology Inc. “FTI MERM addresses that challenge by taking in data and outputting insights and visuals that enable the Navy to proactively manage mission readiness.”

FTI MERM is Now Available via SaaS and Perpetual Licensing

Delivery via SaaS

FTI MERM is now available via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Subscription pricing allows fast and predictable adaptation to changing customer demands, ensuring new capabilities, data ingestion and integration requirements, and scalability can be delivered as fast as they are needed. Additionally, MERM’s throughput-based approach is designed to meet a wide range of needs, from maintaining current systems to deploying enterprise-scale solutions across multiple Program Executive Offices (PEOs), industry partner systems or large-scale Fleet operations. MERM is highly flexible, enabling tailored support for a diverse range of requirements, from straightforward updates to complex, cloud-based installations for extensive user communities. The demand signal from the customer defines the volume of data and how quickly it must be ingested.

Perpetual Licensing

FTI’s new perpetual licensing model for on-premise implementations is designed for new and existing customers seeking both affordability and predictability. This option also provides an opportunity to secure continuous support, regular capability enhancements, critical security updates, and the latest ATO and environmental certifications, keeping your operations not just running, but running securely. Designed and built with flexibility at the forefront, our licensing model ensures customers can leverage the full power of FTI MERM at an affordable price point. Customers can choose to license FTI MERM independently or in combination with our expert technical services, ensuring seamless integration and maintenance across various environments.

Schedule a demonstration or request more information: Product@FTIdefense.com

FTI’s Broad Naval Data Capabilities

FTI’s experience in weapons systems, maintenance, modernization, cyber, ship to shore communications as well as logistics and programmatic support has been foundational in the development of our products and solutions, and to the expertise of our Navy Operations Team. FTI’s offerings provide near-real-time access to critical data, offer immersive analytical experiences, and enable the discovery and understanding of complex data and systems via mission centric and purpose-built visualizations. Our solutions significantly reduce the time required to identify and solve problems, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in critical operations.

FTI’s Full Range of Capabilities

FTI offers a broad, integrated and seamless data analytic ecosystem, with capabilities including data integration, data analytics, modeling and defensive/resilient cyber technologies and services to enable the DoD, Intelligence Community and the Federal Government to make the best decisions possible for their missions.

FTI’s extensive library of IP and technologies leverage more than $200M of U.S. government and FTI R&D investment.

FTI's data analytics solutions and services are built around the FTI Cortex Integration Platform which leverages artificial intelligence/machine learning to deliver a wide range of analytic and visualization capabilities for acquisition and operational decision support across DevSecOps, enterprise architecture analysis, enhanced data visualizations, model-based systems engineering, digital transformation and system performance analysis.

FTI's modeling solutions and services help our customers better track, visualize, simulate and analyze trends and underlying mission drivers across wargaming, logistics analysis and visualization, system performance modeling, synthetic systems and data generation support.

FTI's defensive/resilient cyber solutions offer a portfolio of advanced technologies and services to help maintain and optimize cyber defense, including mission cyber risk analysis, supply chain illumination, blue and gray space analysis, penetration testing, RF analysis, and cyber-enhanced threat intelligence analysis.

About FTI

FTI provides deep data expertise, technology and services that enhance the ability of the DoD, Intelligence Community and other agencies of the Federal Government to make the best decisions possible. Drawing on nearly four decades of innovation, FTI’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property and operational technologies has been augmented by more than $200 million of U.S. government and FTI R&D investment, and solutions can often be mission-ready in a matter of weeks. Headquartered in Beavercreek, Ohio, FTI operates in 34 states, works at all levels of classification and offers seven facilities of varying clearance levels nationwide. More at www.ftidefense.com.

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