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Kite and Uptycs Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Cloud Security in the UK

Uptycs, the premier cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), has announced a strategic partnership with Kite, a leading value-added distributor specializing in innovative and disruptive t...

Business Wire

LONDON: Uptycs, the premier cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), has announced a strategic partnership with Kite, a leading value-added distributor specializing in innovative and disruptive technologies. This partnership will deliver advanced cloud security solutions to enterprises across the UK, enhancing their ability to secure critical workloads and ensure compliance.

Enhancing Cloud Security

Kite and Uptycs are combining their strengths to address the growing demand for robust cloud security solutions. Uptycs’ unified CNAPP offers comprehensive protection for cloud environments and developer endpoints, addressing vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

“Today marks a major step in the global expansion of Uptycs’ sales presence and our Upward™ partner program,” said Mark Fitzmaurice, VP of Worldwide Channel and Alliances at Uptycs. “Kite has extensive experience in launching and building markets for innovative security solutions through their strong and growing partner ecosystem, which aligns perfectly with our goal of delivering our cutting-edge hybrid CNAPP to a broader audience in the UK and Ireland.”

Driving Innovation and Security

Kite’s proven track record of bringing leading-edge vendors to market, coupled with Uptycs’ advanced security technology, provides a powerful combination to meet the security challenges faced by modern enterprises. Kite can now offer its clients a unified solution that enhances their security posture without compromising performance.

“Uptycs fits perfectly into Kite’s ethos of launching disruptive vendors,” said Kuldip Tumber, Director at Kite. “The demand for hybrid cloud security solutions is growing rapidly, and Uptycs’ Unified Risk Prioritization Platform addresses critical security challenges faced by organizations today. We have been blown away by the interest in this sector of cybersecurity and are excited to bring Uptycs’ solutions to our clients.”

A Unified Approach to Cloud Security

Uptycs’ Hybrid CNAPP provides real-time visibility, streamlined operations and enhanced threat detection capabilities, making it a crucial tool for organizations seeking to secure their on-premises and cloud environments. This partnership allows enterprises to benefit from Uptycs’ comprehensive security coverage, from developer endpoints to cloud workloads, and ensures seamless integration with existing security infrastructure.

“Partnering with Kite was a natural next step in our progression as we look to expand further into international markets and grow our presence in the UK,” said Mike Campfield, CRO at Uptycs. “Prior to Uptycs, Mark and I both successfully built and led security businesses, in part due to our fruitful partnerships with Kite, and we believe we will do that again here at Uptycs. Their expertise in the space, coupled with our unique approach to hybrid cloud security, offers partners the ability to greatly enhance operational efficiency and strengthen business resilience. We look forward to the many opportunities this partnership with Kite will bring as we continue to grow and innovate in the field of cloud security.”

About Uptycs

Uptycs is the leading cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) for hybrid cloud environments, enabling unified cybersecurity across the entire application and infrastructure lifecycle. From the software pipelines that build applications to the cloud workloads that run them, Uptycs provides comprehensive protection through a single console, data lake, and policy framework.

With a commitment to DevSecOps excellence, Uptycs brings together diverse teams to master threat operations, ensure compliance, and reduce risk across clouds, containers, and software pipelines. By harnessing the power of security data, Uptycs delivers correlated insights that enable decisive actions to elevate cybersecurity standards.

First-generation CNAPP solutions don't have all the data needed to manage and prioritize risk. Uptycs revolutionizes cloud security by integrating advanced risk mitigation and AI technologies. This approach not only identifies critical threats but also proactively safeguards enterprise AI infrastructure and workloads. As a pioneer in the industry, Uptycs is continuously setting new standards for enterprise security and compliance integration.

Ready to unify and scale your hybrid cloud security? Uptycs brings teams together to optimize security operations, ensure compliance, and accelerate remediation across workloads, clouds, Kubernetes, and software pipelines – all from a single security console, policy framework, and data lake. Unify your cloud security strategy with Uptycs.

About Kite

Kite is a UK-focused, value-added distributor specializing in bringing innovative and disruptive technologies to the UK channel. With over 50 years of accumulated channel experience, Kite’s management team has a proven track record of launching and building markets for some of the most recognizable security and networking brands.

For more information, please visit Uptycs and Kite.

Fonte: Business Wire

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