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Nue’s “Everything Billing” delivers agile billing for every B2B revenue model

The end-to-end Revenue Lifecycle Platform Nue today announced its “Everything Billing” product to unify and accelerate finance operations across every B2B revenue model - including direct sales an...

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With CPQ and Billing under one platform, Nue empowers go-to-market teams with pricing and billing agility

SAN FRANCISCO: The end-to-end Revenue Lifecycle Platform Nue today announced its “Everything Billing” product to unify and accelerate finance operations across every B2B revenue model - including direct sales and product-led growth, subscription and usage-based pricing, and bundling across software, physical goods and services.

Fragmented billing hinders go-to-market acceleration

B2B companies are increasingly moving toward hybrid revenue models as a way to increase market share. However, billing systems have not been able to keep up. Many are built for limited use cases (subscription only, PLG only, or usage only), and are built outside of CPQs. This has created fragmented billing operations, which excludes companies from the full revenue advantages of hybrid models. Any changes in channel or pricing require constant manual intervention from finance to ensure alignment between the price, quote, final bill, and revenue recognition.

The CPQ/billing disconnect also means CFOs have an unclear picture of revenue and the full value of customers across upsells and cross-sells. With finance needing to pivot between multiple systems, it is nearly impossible to accurately forecast, budget and react quickly to industry changes.

“The biggest mistake we see companies make is using separate systems for each step in the customer lifecycle,” says Nue CEO Mark Walker. “Sales chooses a CPQ, finance chooses a billing system, engineering builds a PLG experience on Stripe – and then they try to get them working together only to bloat operational costs. With Nue, everything is unified. We bring all revenue models under one quote-to-revenue platform, one unified data model and single pricing engine. The minute you can quote across any revenue model, you can bill.”

Everything Billing Accelerates Finance with Agile and Unified Operations

Everything Billing is an enterprise-grade engine built for all revenue models, pricing complexity and billing agility, without creating messy data in the process. Seamlessly integrated into Nue’s Salesforce-native CPQ, it embeds billing operations into every go-to-market team’s routine workflows and liberates finance from constant manual data entry. The minute a quote is generated, Everything Billing takes over, moving finance teams toward more sophisticated billing by delivering:

  • Unified invoices for subscriptions, usage consumption, physical goods, and milestone-based services, with an instant preview of the invoice the minute a quote is generated - giving customers full and upfront transparency into their actual bill.
  • Real-time usage quoting, rating and billing visible in Salesforce CRM.
  • Automatic adjustment of invoices with a full audit trail to reflect expansion revenue, mid-term changes to subscriptions, and usage consumption.
  • Rapid-fast, automated and flexible billing runs (without the need for manual billing schedules) across subscriptions, usage billing, milestone-based billing and one-time billing. Finance teams can also easily split quotes into multiple orders that can be fulfilled and billed separately.
  • Complete ASC606 compliance while accurately billing and recognizing revenue across every model
  • Seamless integration with Stripe, Taxations, and ERPs through an intuitive data model
  • Real-time revenue analytics across pipeline, bookings, ARR momentum, and billing and collections.

“Nue is one of the most robust, thoughtful, end-to-end billing and quoting solutions we’ve seen,” says Jake Romphf, Director of Business Technology at Bench Accounting - North America’s largest bookkeeping provider for small businesses. “With Everything Billing, our billing processes – which are complex and high velocity – are now more agile, much simpler and faster to run. There is no gap between our Salesforce and billing data. It is a game-changer for our go-to-market - we now also get comprehensive analytics spanning the entire quote-to-cash process, from bookings, to billings, to RevRec.”

About Nue

Nue is an easy-to-manage, omni-channel Revenue Lifecycle Platform designed to meet the needs of the modern business to innovate and manage their customer revenue lifecycles end-to-end. With Nue, all go-to-market teams can accelerate sales with innovative pricing models and streamlined processes (across both direct sales and self-service commerce) so that companies can easily manage quotes to orders to renewals to billing – all the while delivering accurate analytics to Finance. Learn more at nue.io.

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