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Observe.AI Launches Next-Gen Conversation Intelligence, Creating a Definitive Path to Value Realization For Generative AI in Contact Centers

Observe.AI, a leading GenAI Conversation Intelligence platform for contact centers, today unveiled new generative AI capabilities that transform how contact center leaders improve revenue, retention, ...

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New GenAI enhancements to Real-Time AI and Post-Interaction AI help contact center leaders rapidly drive value with effortless configurability and fast implementation

SAN FRANCISCO: Observe.AI, a leading GenAI Conversation Intelligence platform for contact centers, today unveiled new generative AI capabilities that transform how contact center leaders improve revenue, retention, and operational efficiency. This latest release highlights Observe.AI’s focus on fast implementation and enterprise-ready workflows that help contact centers accelerate time-to-ROI from AI investments — in some cases, down to as little as three weeks.

While earlier approaches to conversation intelligence have relied heavily on keywords and phrases to extract precise yet narrow insights, deriving insights based on complex reasoning and broader subjective questions has remained a key challenge. With this new release, Observe.AI enables customers to tackle this last frontier using natural language prompts to extract more nuanced, subjective, and ambiguous insights.

For example, contact centers can easily answer questions like “Did the agent respond appropriately to customer objections?” or “Did the agent ask probing questions to understand the customer’s issue?” These insights then enrich Auto QA, coaching, and real-time agent guidance at the speed and performance required by enterprise contact centers. Now contact center leaders no longer have to struggle with incomplete or inaccurate insights and slow, complex implementations.

“Our enterprise customers have spent decades building their reputations and aren’t willing to invest in unproven technologies that miss critical insights or require tedious implementations that stall and fail. Observe.AI is empowering contact centers to derive accurate conversation insights that enhance real-time agent guidance, call summarization, Auto QA, and business analytics,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Observe.AI. “We’re bringing our customers to value faster, easier, and more securely.”

Observe.AI is used by more than 350 enterprise customers – including Accolade, Affordable Care, Concentrix, Cox Automotive, Maxor, Pearson, and Public Storage – and analyzes over 2 billion transactions to support hundreds of thousands of agents. The platform is built on a domain-specific, 40-billion-parameter LLM, wrapped in secure, supervisory layers and fine-tuned with over 100 years of contact center data, driving accuracy lifts of 45% for dead-air detection, 35% for call summarization, and 33% for sentiment detection compared with generic models. Observe.AI integrates across the contact center and business tech stack – including CCaaS, CRM, BI, HRIS, KnowledgeBase, and other systems.

Accolade is a personalized healthcare company that provides virtual primary care, mental health services, expert medical opinions, and care navigation to employers, health plans, and consumers. With more than 1,000 customers and 12 million members, Accolade manages millions of interactions annually to help members get the right care at the right time.

“We are proud of our human-powered approach with trust and empathy at the core,” said Ardie Sameti, Senior Director of AI and Automation at Accolade. “By customizing and co-developing with the Observe.AI platform, we can analyze 100% of our interactions with members and provide real-time feedback to our Care Teams with areas for improvement. We are able to create high-quality after-call summaries using generative AI that are consistent and actionable. Our work with Observe.AI helps our Care Teams optimize their time and provide better member experiences.”

Observe.AI’s new GenAI capabilities for Real-Time AI and Post-Interaction AI allow contact centers to:

  • Attain the most comprehensive Auto QA coverage, using the industry’s highest accuracy benchmarks, with richer insights for both precise and objective aspects, as well as more nuanced, subjective, and complex aspects of customer interactions
  • Completely customize after-call notes to the needs of every contact center, ensuring summaries are structured with fields that contain specifics such as competitors, offers or products mentioned, answers to choice-based questions (e.g. “Was customer sentiment positive or negative?”), and text paragraphs or bullet-points
  • Customize real-time guidance and knowledge assist for improved agent performance, productivity, and compliance

To learn more about Observe.AI’s new GenAI release, please visit https://www.observe.ai/blog/genai-conversation-intelligence

About Observe.AI

Observe.AI is the GenAI conversation intelligence platform trusted by enterprises to empower their contact centers with real-time agent guidance, coaching, post-interaction summaries, Auto QA, and advanced business analytics. Built on the industry's most accurate contact center LLM, the platform analyzes every customer conversation, identifying critical insights to boost revenue, improve customer retention, and optimize operational efficiencies and compliance – while ensuring security and at massive scale. Trusted by leading companies such as Accolade, Affordable Care, Inc., Concentrix, Cox Automotive, Maxor, Pearson, and Public Storage, Observe.AI accelerates outcomes from the frontline to the executive level. For more information, please visit www.observe.ai.

Fonte: Business Wire

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