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Euna Solutions Launches Partnership with Funkhouser & Associates to Empower Local Government Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Euna Solutions®, a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions for the public sector, today announced a new strategic partnership with Funkhouser & Associates (F&A), a public sec...

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Combining F&A's extensive consulting expertise with Euna’s purpose-built technological solutions, the partnership aims to boost capacity, accountability and confidence in the public sector

TORONTO & CHICAGO: Euna Solutions®, a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions for the public sector, today announced a new strategic partnership with Funkhouser & Associates (F&A), a public sector consulting firm, led by former Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser that specializes in state and local government strategic planning. The partnership enables local governments to leverage Euna’s best-of-breed budgeting software with F&A’s approach to developing data-driven and sustainably funded strategic plans and budgets.

“Modern strategic leadership and planning requires combining data and technology with vision and stakeholder input,” said Abhi Nemani, Senior Vice President of Euna Solutions and former Chief Data Officer for the City of Los Angeles. “Funkhouser & Associates brings a depth of expertise and experience with strategic planning, and we are excited to see more public agencies benefit from this knowledge as they implement Euna’s purpose-built strategic budgeting tools.”

The partnership aims to raise awareness of strategic budgeting as a transformative approach for local governments. In addition to knowledge sharing through thought leadership pieces, white papers, informational webinars, and case studies, Euna and F&A also will join forces to combine consulting services with implementation support and purpose-built software tools.

“Governments face complex challenges as well as opportunities in today’s fiscal, political, and technological environment,” said Mark Funkhouser, President at Funkhouser & Associates. “It is more critical now than ever, that we marshal all the resources at our disposal to help leaders serve and communities thrive. And collaboration is the key.”

To launch this joint effort, the two firms have co-written "Strategic Planning In a Time of Change: Plays to Build Capacity in Local Government," based on roundtables with city leaders and insights from both F&A’s and Euna’s practice areas. The playbook provides strategic leadership guidance, showcases actionable technological strategies for operational efficiency, and offers real-world insights on managing change in today's dynamic environments.

Teaming up, Funkhouser & Associates and Euna Solutions will synergistically leverage the core competencies of both firms in support of their clients. F&A’s clients will have the opportunity to explore how tools such as Euna Budget, as well as Euna’s procurement and grants management systems, can ensure that strategic plans are translated into action and sustainably funded. Conversely, Euna Solutions will refer customers requiring strategic planning consulting to Funkhouser & Associates. Both firms will jointly respond to RFPs for strategic planning and budgeting projects, thus maximizing the impact of their combined strengths.

Goals for the partnership include:

  • Strategic Planning Consulting: Funkhouser & Associates will provide consulting services to assist local governments in developing and implementing strategic plans. This includes support from initial vision to tactical steps and road-mapping and performance monitoring.
  • Best in Class Strategic Budgeting: Euna Solutions will provide advanced budgeting software to streamline financial planning and resource allocation, ensuring accurate and efficient fiscal management.
  • Data- and Resident Engagement-Driven Planning: Funkhouser & Associates will leverage data from Euna’s systems and engage residents to inform planning efforts. This approach ensures that plans are grounded in data and fiscal realities and reflect community needs, creating a comprehensive planning cycle.

Benefits of the partnership to local governments include:

  • Tailored Strategic Planning Support: Local governments will benefit from F&A’s expertise in crafting strategic plans that are customized to their specific needs and goals and help maximize each government’s capacity to generate positive outcomes.
  • Integrated Planning and Strategic Budgeting: Euna’s software will simplify and integrate planning and budgeting processes, making financial planning more accurate, efficient, and impactful.
  • Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making: Integrating F&A’s strategic guidance with Euna’s data analytics capabilities will help local governments make better, evidence-based decisions.

The partnership with Funkhouser & Associates follows Euna’s recent announcement of a new partnership with Polco, a civic engagement and analytics company.

“Strategic partnerships like these reflect our shared commitment to supporting the important work of public sector organizations,” said Nemani. “Through the combined expertise, technical support and the right tools, we can help ensure that local government plans and budgets are aligned with community priorities and needs, fiscal decisions are data-driven, and government staff is equipped to deliver positive results.”

For more information about this partnership, visit here.

About Funkhouser & Associates

Funkhouser & Associates is a boutique consulting firm founded on the idea that better government can be achieved through building trusted relationships and sharing innovative solutions. Led by Mark Funkhouser, a seasoned public sector expert and former mayor, the firm specializes in bridging the gap between policy and process, leveraging data for improved community outcomes, and integrating technology to create more human-centered governance. Their work includes extensive consulting, thought leadership, and hands-on support to empower public servants and enhance government efficiency. To learn more, visit www.mayorfunk.com.

About Euna Solutions

Euna Solutions® is a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions that power critical administrative functions and financial operations for the public sector. Euna Solutions offers trusted, easy-to-use solutions for procurement, payments, grant management, budgeting, permitting, and special education administration that are trusted to increase operational efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and compliance. Working with more than 3,000 government and public sector organizations across North America, Euna Solutions strives to build trust and enable transparency in our communities. Euna Solutions is recognized on Government Technology’s GovTech 100 list, an annual list of the top 100 companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies across the U.S. To learn more, visit www.eunasolutions.com.

Fonte: Business Wire

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