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OmniSYS Receives Retail Excellence Award for Third Straight Year from Drug Store News

#digitalpathology--OmniSYS, the pharmacy division of XiFin, Inc., announced today that it has been awarded the prestigious Drug Store News (DSN) Retail Excellence Award (REX) for Technology and Automa...

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OmniSYS, XiFin Pharmacy Solutions Recognized for Innovative Technology and Workflow Automation that Helps Pharmacies Deliver Clinical Services and Get Reimbursed

DALLAS: #digitalpathology--OmniSYS, the pharmacy division of XiFin, Inc., announced today that it has been awarded the prestigious Drug Store News (DSN) Retail Excellence Award (REX) for Technology and Automation. OmniSYS is a leading technology provider focused on helping pharmacies achieve a stronger financial base with optimized and automated workflows, giving them THE POWER TO DO GOOD™ for the communities they serve. Technology that automates and streamlines pharmacy workflow, reduces administrative burden, and removes friction from the patient experience is more important than ever, as more than two out of three pharmacies are struggling to fill staff positions while demand for services continues to surge.

"For the third straight year, we recognize and congratulate OmniSYS for their contributions to the industry," said Julianne Mobilian, managing editor of Drug Store News. "We are proud to honor their achievements in pharmacy technology so that pharmacists can work as efficiently as possible to serve their communities."

DSN’s recognition of OmniSYS with the REX Award for the third year in a row reinforces the company’s track record of delivering value to pharmacies. This recognition highlights OmniSYS’ ability to create positive financial impacts and increase efficiencies that enable pharmacies to provide a myriad of clinical services that help patients lead healthier lives. From immunization alerts and clinical documentation to medical billing, OmniSYS offers purpose-built, future-ready solutions that provide the automation needed to optimize workflow, patient care, and profitability.

“We are honored to receive the REX Award recognition for our innovative technology and our exemplary team who empower pharmacies to provide convenient, affordable, quality care to the communities they serve, and help them maximize their opportunities as providers of clinical services,” said XiFin Chief Pharmacy Officer David Pope, PharmD, CDE. “This award comes at a time when pharmacists are increasingly facing medical billing opportunities and collection challenges when it comes to clinical services. Our recent Pharmacy Transformation Research study found that nearly 75% of pharmacists saw an expanded role that filled primary care gaps as a top growth opportunity.”

Pope pointed out that with pharmacy's role in healthcare continuing to expand, now is the time for pharmacies to augment their technology infrastructure with next-generation billing capabilities so they can take advantage of additional revenue opportunities.

To help pharmacies bill for clinical services, OmniSYS offers the industry’s leading medical billing solution trusted by over 30,000 pharmacies. With this solution, pharmacies can bill and get paid for immunizations, clinical services, DME, and specialty medications.

To empower pharmacies to deliver more clinical services, pharmacies can tap into OmniSYS’ smart clinical messaging capability, CareALERTS™, which presents timely, actionable immunization notifications to pharmacy staff, in workflow, allowing vaccination opportunities to be addressed at the point of care. Additionally, OmniSYS’ billing-enabled EHR brings together pharmacy and medical information into an insightful patient record that empowers pharmacists to deliver and document clinical services.

About OmniSYS | XiFin Pharmacy Solutions

OmniSYS is the pharmacy division of XiFin, Inc. It is a technology provider focused on helping pharmacies achieve a stronger financial base and optimized and automated workflows. From stronger finances to streamlined operations and industry-leading business strategy, OmniSYS gives pharmacies THE POWER TO DO GOOD™ for the communities they serve. With over 25 years of experience, we leverage our unique market insight, pharmacy workflow expertise and extensive industry knowledge to deliver valuable solutions to our customers. We provide medical billing, pharmacy workflow-enabled solutions, and patient engagement software for pharmacies. Our patient engagement capabilities can identify immunization or other clinical service opportunities within the pharmacist’s workflow, which drives value and delivers real results. OmniSYS currently serves over 30,000 pharmacies, connects to hundreds of payors and touches millions of patient lives. For more information, visit us at www.OmniSYS.com or XiFin.com, or follow us on LinkedIn.

About XiFin

XiFin is a healthcare information technology company that empowers healthcare organizations to navigate an increasingly complex and evolving healthcare landscape. Through innovative AI-enabled technologies and services, we deliver operational efficiency, interoperability, and simplicity. The company’s revenue cycle management, clinical workflow enablement, laboratory information system, and patient engagement solutions enable organizations to achieve stronger finances, streamline operations, and develop industry-leading business strategies. XiFin solutions deliver THE POWER TO DO GOOD™ so that healthcare organizations can do more good for more patients. Visit www.XiFin.com, follow XiFin on LinkedIn, or subscribe to the XiFin blog to learn more.

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