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Cartan Group Announces Leadership Changes

Effective immediately, Cartan Group LLC is pleased to announce key leadership changes. Karen Kersey, a change management professional with a proven background in strategic and operational leadership, ...

Business Wire

Karen Kersey appointed CEO; Brian Tang and Brandon Caruana remain as directors

Mission continues to establish Cayman as ultimate destination in global tech landscape

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands: Effective immediately, Cartan Group LLC is pleased to announce key leadership changes. Karen Kersey, a change management professional with a proven background in strategic and operational leadership, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Co-founders Brian Tang and Brandon Caruana will remain in guidance roles as board directors, providing support to the new leadership team.

Cartan Group is an established management consulting firm that provides advisory services for strategy, finance, governance, and technological solutions to institutional clients specialising in blockchain-related technology. Kersey is poised to lead Cartan Group into a new era of innovation and growth as her expertise and experience are expected to ensure that Cartan continues to be the most innovative foundation administration company in the market, building on its legacy as the inventor of this business model in the Cayman Islands.

Caruana expressed his confidence in the new CEO to carry his and Tang’s vision forward. "For more than 15 years, we have worked with Karen, one of the most capable and dynamic leaders with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating. We are confident in Karen’s demonstrable ability and extensive experience to elevate Cartan to the next level and continue scaling the foundation companies Cartan supports."

Kersey's appointment marks a milestone for Cartan Group as she is the first Caymanian at the helm since its inception. “I am excited to start this new role at Cartan Group, building upon the legacy Brian and Brandon have meticulously created. We know the strategic value we bring to our institutional clients in assisting them in assessing situations, navigating challenges and executing plans to achieve the desired results,” said Kersey. “Cartan recognises the importance of having the right people in place and empowering them in their roles. This shared value is the basis of our work as a team. We know the people are critical to support the Web3 movement, and that understanding is central to every client we assist.”

Reflecting on Cartan’s role in the startup tech industry over the last five years, Tang noted, "We predicted and invented an entirely new business model focussed on foundation company administration and management. No one in the Cayman Islands was operating this type of company at the time, and we are proud that we were able to provide an example for others to follow."

Caruana and Tang’s collective operational focus has shifted to other projects including Tenet Bank, a revolutionary Cayman-based bank dedicated to the global innovation economy. "We are engineering our proprietary banking platform, TenetOS, setting new standards in the financial sector," said Tang. "As trusted leaders in the Cayman tech ecosystem, we are committed to fostering a thriving tech-focussed community. Tenet Bank is growing faster than anticipated, reaffirming our knack for identifying and executing successful business models."

As co-founders and directors, Tang and Caruana also continue to support Code(Cayman), a non-for-profit community organisation that provides open learning opportunities aimed at strengthening the local knowledge base, ensuring coding and entrepreneurial skills are accessible to all residents.

The change in Cartan’s leadership is seen as a positive step for the Cayman community. "At Cartan, every project receives our focus and resources until it is in a sustainable and thriving position, and we believe the new leadership team will continue to foster this ethos of dedication and excellence. For us, it’s a key part of the mission to elevate the Cayman Islands in the global tech landscape," said Caruana. "We believe this jurisdiction has the potential to become the ultimate destination for the international tech community and that every resident should benefit as a result, establishing what we call Innovation Island.”

For more information, please visit www.cartan.group, as well as our social channels: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Cartan Group

Cartan Group is a leading management consulting firm, providing advisory, strategy, governance, and technological solutions to institutional clients. Established in 2018, the founders pioneered services to Foundation Companies in the Cayman Islands. Cartan’s expertise lies in setting up and managing operations and offering customised solutions, enabling blockchain-related businesses and their stakeholders to leverage the strategic advantages of Cayman Islands structures. Cartan’s mission is to navigate every project towards the achievement of its goals.

About Karen Kersey

Karen is a strategic powerhouse with a knack for unravelling business complexities. Her expertise in strategic planning and operational leadership allows her to dive in, address issues head-on, and propel leadership confidence and performance to new heights.

Acting COO of Cartan Group since 2002, Karen's rich background in strategic leadership traces back to her almost decade-long tenure at DMS. As a Senior Vice-President, she was recognised as a trailblazer, fostering operational efficiency and molding leaders.

In 2008, Karen founded Kerage Un Limited, a performance agency specialising in leadership and team coaching, consulting, and training, with a growing international practice and a network of coaches across the globe.

A graduate of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, Karen earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree, graduating on the Dean’s List. She continues her pursuit of education and personal growth with a Project Management Professional designation, current Coaching Certification, and her leadership in Human Dynamics education.

Fonte: Business Wire

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