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Hanshow Leads Retail Innovation with IoT and GenAI at NRF APAC 2024

#DigitalRetail--Hanshow, a global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and digital retail solutions, proudly participated in the first NRF Big Show 2024 Asia Pacific, held in Singapore from June 11...

Business Wire

SINGAPORE: #DigitalRetail--Hanshow, a global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and digital retail solutions, proudly participated in the first NRF Big Show 2024 Asia Pacific, held in Singapore from June 11-13. Organized by the National Retail Federation (NRF), this highly anticipated event marked a significant milestone in the retail industry, bringing together the best and brightest minds from around the world.

A Leap Forward in Shopper Experience and Store Operation

At this prestigious event, Hanshow introduced its Smart Cart Solution, developed with Microsoft on the Azure Open AI platform, leveraging Generative AI (GenAI) to enhance customer experience and store operations in a smarter, more connected retail ecosystem. This solution featured an AI copilot for personalized shopping, offering tailored recommendations and syncing online and in-store customer profiles for a seamless shopping experience.

Additionally, the Smart Cart enables skip-the-line checkout for faster, more convenient transactions. Retailers benefited from retail media revenue by displaying location-based advertisements and offering smart product recommendations, boosting their revenue. The solution also provided valuable data on shopper behavior and product performance.

In addition, Hanshow’s Lumina digital display series revolutionizes in-store marketing by integrating with GenAI, providing a state-of-the-art digital marketing solution. With the power of GPT-4 and DALL-E3, users can effortlessly craft product POP posters, atmospheric marketing visuals, and persuasive product copy through simple text commands.

"Our co-innovated solutions with Microsoft, showcased at this NRF, mark a significant step in revolutionizing the retail experience," said Shiguo Hou, CEO of Hanshow. "Together, we are not only redefining shopping but also empowering retailers with the tools to excel in a competitive landscape and forge a shared vision for the future. We’re honored to have jointly held our Retail Conference with Microsoft in Singapore, and our meeting with Microsoft APAC CEO Ahmed Mazhari discussed yielded new areas for possible future cooperation."

Sustainability and Growth Vision

Hanshow's vision for a greener future in retail outlines the steps businesses must take to balance decarbonization and sustainability with creating value for customers, employees, and stakeholders. A key component of this vision is the electronic shelf label (ESL) solution, which transforms retail operations by enabling dynamic pricing, real-time promotions, and efficient inventory management. ESLs help retailers significantly reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing food waste and enhancing resource efficiency.

Additionally, Hanshow has expanded its offerings with a digital energy solution. Key aspects of this solution include globally integrated local teams, R&D innovation, 24/7 butler service, a one-stop turnkey PV digital energy system, and flexible financing options with PPA resources. These initiatives drive sustainability and business growth by providing tailored PV, charging, and digital energy management systems.

Hanshow’s participation in NRF APAC underscored its commitment to driving innovation in the retail sector and supporting the digital transformation of retailers worldwide. The hands-on experience provided to attendees was a glimpse into a future where our technology is the cornerstone of a more intelligent, efficient, and eco-friendly retail landscape. As we move forward, Hanshow is committed to continuing to lead and support the global retail community in embracing transformative digital solutions that shape a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

About Hanshow

Hanshow is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electronic shelf labels and digital store solutions. The company offers customers a series of customized IoT touchpoints and digital store solutions that deliver customer-centric insights. Hanshow's solutions have provided services to a vast number of stores in over 50 countries and regions, helping them streamline operations, optimize pricing strategies, and offer consumers a more personalized experience. Learn more: www.hanshow.com

Fonte: Business Wire

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