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Link in Bio Just Got an Upgrade

#Affiliate--As the Link in Bio market thrives within the $1.2 trillion social commerce sector (Accenture) and over 50 million users leverage these tools (Linktree, 2024), URLgenius is set to revolutio...

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URLgenius, 2024 Best Influencer Marketing Technology Finalist, Launches Automated Link Curation Solutions for Creators Ahead of Prime Day

NEW YORK: #Affiliate--As the Link in Bio market thrives within the $1.2 trillion social commerce sector (Accenture) and over 50 million users leverage these tools (Linktree, 2024), URLgenius is set to revolutionize how content creators harness this vital resource. Just in time for Prime Day, URLgenius - finalist for Best Influencer Marketing Tech for the upcoming 2024 Global Influencer Awards - unveils a cutting-edge automated link curation tool for creators. This new feature aims to simplify workflows, boost earnings, and save valuable time during one of the year's biggest shopping events.

Straight From The Source
"Prime Day brings both opportunities and challenges for content creators like an incredible amount of deals, shifting consumer preferences, and the need for efficient time management,” said 12-year veteran lifestyle blogger, influencer, and author KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood.

“URLgenius not only solves those challenges, but it’s also transformed my business by helping me work smarter and faster - doubling my commissions. It’s my number one platform for audience monetization, especially with new features like Trending Links. Before, my team spent hours compiling my highest-selling products for my followers once a week. Now, we can share my top 10 products across channels several times a week with a single URLgenius link that automatically updates daily.

She went on to mention, “Shoppers are interested in products that I truly use and love. Trending Links and now the Collections feature bring increased visibility to products with my seal of approval, supported with testimonials from my audience, to maximize revenue and increase sales. URLgenius has been a game-changer in terms of earnings and time saved, especially ahead of and during Prime Day!”

New Features to Transform the Link in Bio Experience
URLgenius' latest innovations include three groundbreaking tools that will unlock product curation opportunities to significantly boost product visibility and in-app product engagement with followers:

  • Trending Links: Imagine a virtual assistant for creators that automatically creates a daily list of their most popular products. Trending Links eliminates the need for continuous manual Link in Bio updates ensuring followers have instant access to a creator's most popular daily product recommendations.
  • Collections: Audiences expect curated product assortments and engaging content, but this can be painstaking for creators. URLgenius Collections empowers creators to generate a complete product collection with just a few clicks, using the product links and tagging system they already have in place.
  • Instant App Linking: Creators already have thousands of product links on blogs that send traffic to inefficient web logins. URLgenius simplifies the process of migrating to intelligent app links. Add a simple prefix to all product links in any blog and convert regular web URLs into app links to boost commissions by 2-5x.

Brian Klais, Founder and CEO of URLgenius, emphasizes the platform’s impact: "Link in Bio has been an incredibly valuable tool for creators, and our new features give creators a new edge. During the fast-paced Prime Day, creators can easily get overwhelmed. We do the heavy lifting and continue to evolve our tech to enable them to intelligently curate product recommendations and create new product links on the fly, ensuring a seamless and profitable experience for creators and followers alike."

Click here to learn more.

About URLgenius: URLgenius is the premier, patent-protected global app-linking platform that empowers marketers and creators of all sizes to create fluid app-to-app linking experiences to enhance engagement, conversions, and affiliate commissions.

Having facilitated over $1.3 billion in e-commerce sales in Q4 ’23 alone, URLgenius is renowned for its innovative approach that foregoes the need for SDKs, URLgenius offers unparalleled reliability, speed, and flexibility, all while prioritizing privacy.

Favored by leading content creators, agencies, and brands worldwide, URLgenius reduces friction for the end user when linking to apps and websites from social media, and digital and traditional advertising. Connect with us as we continue to evolve alongside the influencer ecosystem with even more groundbreaking solutions on URLgenius.com, learn best practices on our blog, and follow us on LinkedIn.

Fonte: Business Wire

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