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Netmore Group and Stena Fastigheter Collaborate to Connect 27,000 Apartments with LoRaWAN Technology

Netmore Group, a leading global LoRaWAN network operator, has entered into a agreement with Stena Fastigheter, a Swedish real estate company to implement LoRaWAN technology across Stena’s property p...

Business Wire

STOCKHOLM: Netmore Group, a leading global LoRaWAN network operator, has entered into a agreement with Stena Fastigheter, a Swedish real estate company to implement LoRaWAN technology across Stena’s property portfolio. This initiative aims to enhance energy efficiency and digital capabilities of Stena's real estate operations.

Project scope and implementation

The project involves providing Netmore’s LoRaWAN connectivity to apartments across Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg. The implementation includes the installation of a large number of LoRaWAN gateways to support Stena’s rollout of submetering (IMD) and temperature/humidity sensors, including up to approximately 42,900 meters and sensors.

Initial focus on energy optimization and enhanced quality of living

A key aspect of the partnership is the use of technology for energy optimization. The primary applications include sub-metering enabled by the deployment of water meters, along with temperature and humidity sensors, which are expected to contribute to more efficient energy management in Stena's properties. Additionally, this technological integration is anticipated to enhance the quality of living for residents, offering a more comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Eric Collinder, Country Manager Nordics at Netmore Group, stated, "We are now entering a phase where LoRaWAN becomes the natural choice of access technology for property owners. We are particularly proud to have Stena Fastigheter, a leading property company in the Nordics, as our customer. They are a prime example of this, opting to equip their portfolio with Netmore LoRaWAN. Providing connectivity for solutions of this scale aligns well with our strategic goals and reflects our established expertise in the property sector.”

Peter Mikulic, Head of Digital Transformation at Stena Fastigheter, expressed, "By equipping our properties with meters and sensors, we can constantly align with the consumption patterns of the buildings and the needs of our tenants, while ensuring that any excess consumption is minimized. After a thorough evaluation of various access technologies and connectivity providers, we chose Netmore LoRaWAN. With Netmore’s connectivity, we can continue to maintain the high level of innovation and environmental consideration that our tenants have come to associate with us.”

Potential for future technological integration

While the initial focus is on energy optimization, the partnership and LoRaWAN technology also allows for the exploration and deployment of additional technological applications in real estate management in the future, demonstrating the versatility of Netmore's LoRaWAN solutions.

Potential applications include:

  • Water Leak Detection: Sensors to identify and alert about water leaks, preventing damage and conserving water.
  • HVAC System Monitoring: Advanced monitoring and control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for optimal energy use and resident comfort.
  • Waste Management Optimization: Intelligent waste collection solutions to optimize resource use and reduce environmental impact.
  • Smoke Detection: Deployment of smoke detectors for enhanced safety and rapid response in case of fire.
  • Radon Measurement: Utilization of radon measuring devices to monitor and ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Effortlessly connect your property portfolio to Netmore LoRaWAN

Netmore, in collaboration with property owners and application developers, has developed a streamlined, reliable, and cost-effective LoRaWAN offering that enables scalable deployment of sensor networks in both individual properties and extensive property portfolios throughout Europe. Property owners gain several advantages with Netmore LoRaWAN:

  • Efficient and Rapid Deployment of Large-Scale Sensor Projects: Property owners can quickly and easily set up expansive sensor networks.
  • Professionally Monitored Dedicated Network: As the operator, Netmore provides property owners with their own network, which is professionally monitored and maintained.
  • Open and Future-Proof Network: The network allows for a wide range of valuable and useful digitalization applications, ensuring longevity and adaptability for future needs.
  • Access to Netmore Market: Property owners can access a comprehensive range of turnkey digitalization solutions specifically designed for real estate through the Netmore Market.
  • Comprehensive Coverage within Properties: With Netmore LoRaWAN, property owners can reach all measurement points, regardless of their location within the property.
  • Extended Sensor Battery Life: LoRaWAN technology enables up to 15 years of battery life per sensor, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement needs.

For more information about Netmore’s solutions for smarter and more resource efficient properties and buildings, visit: LoRaWAN for Properties.

About Stena

Stena Fastigheter is one of Sweden's largest private real estate companies with more than 27,000 apartments and around 2,500 commercial objects in the metropolitan areas in Sweden. Internationally the operations are conducted by Stena Real Estate. Sustainability is high on the agenda and through the relationship management approach, we develop our neighbourhoods together with the residents and other stakeholders to create attractive areas where people thrive and stay for a long time.

About Netmore Group

Netmore Group is an IoT network operator, building the leading multinational network to advance sustainable business practices. We offer a reliable network platform and leading connectivity expertise for efficient measuring, monitoring, and optimisation of resource use. With 10 years in the industry, we have a solid track record, operating borderless on the European market and have grown to become a leading global network operator. Netmore group’s main owner is the Nordic infrastructure investor Polar Structure.

Fonte: Business Wire

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