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amazee.io and ANNAI Inc. Partner to Provide Japanese Businesses with Scalable, Flexible Application Delivery and Hosting Services

#developers--Today, amazee.io, a Mirantis company, announced a partnership with ANNAI Inc., leaders of open source technology solutions, that brings amazee.io’s innovative platform as a service (Paa...

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Combines amazee.io technology with ANNAI expertise to deliver open source platform as a service

TOKYO: #developers--Today, amazee.io, a Mirantis company, announced a partnership with ANNAI Inc., leaders of open source technology solutions, that brings amazee.io’s innovative platform as a service (PaaS) to Japan, providing local businesses with scalable and flexible application delivery and hosting services.

“This is a pivotal moment for us as we extend our reach into the Japanese market, a step that signifies not just expansion but a deep mutual trust and commitment,” said Franz Karlsberger, CEO, amazee.io. “We are confident in ANNAI's expertise and close alignment with our values and vision of empowering developers and businesses through open, adaptable technologies. Together, we see tremendous potential to transform the way Japanese enterprises leverage application delivery and hosting platforms, ensuring they have the tools to innovate and compete on a global scale."

The partnership leverages ANNAI’s deep understanding of the Japanese market and its extensive distribution capabilities to introduce amazee.io’s cutting-edge open source PaaS to Japan. This initiative is designed to empower local businesses with advanced, adaptable, and scalable application delivery and hosting solutions, enabling them to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness.

“I am truly excited to introduce amazee.io’s pioneering open source Platform-as-a-Service to the Japanese market through our exclusive partnership,” said Satoshi Kino, co-founder and CEO, ANNAI, Inc. “At ANNAI Inc., we resonate deeply with amazee.io’s innovative vision and robust product capabilities, designed to empower developers with seamless, scalable, and flexible application delivery. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for us but also promises substantial growth and success in Japan. We are committed to delivering extraordinary solutions that exceed expectations and drive innovation without the operational overhead.”

Through this partnership, Japanese businesses across various sectors will gain access to state-of-the-art PaaS solutions tailored to meet their dynamic needs. The open source nature of amazee.io’s platform ensures flexibility and adaptability, fostering innovation and growth within the local business ecosystem. Both companies are dedicated to providing seamless integration services, local support, and comprehensive training programs. These efforts will ensure smooth adoption and maximum efficiency for users, reinforcing the commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

amazee.io, acquired by Mirantis in 2022, is the creator of the ZeroOps application delivery hub that can help users accelerate their release cycles and bring their products to market faster. The open source project Lagoon is available on GitHub under Apache License 2.0. Lagoon is a cloud-native platform for the deployment, management, security, and operation of applications that greatly lessens the load on developers in terms of dealing with infrastructure.


ANNAI Inc. leads the way in providing open source technology solutions that redefine digital experiences. The company boasts a proud heritage of delivering exceptional results for enterprise clients, government ministries and agencies, and educational institutions, including NTT Communications, Schneider Electric, Tokyo University, Kyoto City, and The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Centered around innovative product development, superior engineering, and methodologies, ANNAI acts as a true navigator in clients’ journeys toward success. Inspired by its namesake—the Japanese term for “pilot”—ANNAI partners closely with clients, devising and implementing tailored digital solutions that drive their missions forward.

About Mirantis

Mirantis helps organizations achieve digital self-determination by using open source software to provide complete control over their strategic infrastructure. The company combines intelligent automation and cloud-native expertise for managing and operating virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes, and cloud environments. Mirantis enables platform teams to deliver a public-cloud experience on any infrastructure, from the data center to the edge, with one cohesive cloud platform for complete application and operations portability, a single pane of glass, and automated full-stack lifecycle management – all based on open source using open-standard APIs.

Mirantis serves many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Adobe, DocuSign, Inmarsat, PayPal, Societe Generale, and S&P Global. Learn more at www.mirantis.com.

Fonte: Business Wire

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