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Torc Named “Remote Tech Company of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough

#LATAM--Torc, the AI-powered talent marketplace acquired by Randstad, has been selected as “Overall Remote Tech Company of the Year” in the 5th Annual RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards conducted by R...

Business Wire

BOSTON: #LATAM--Torc, the AI-powered talent marketplace acquired by Randstad, has been selected as “Overall Remote Tech Company of the Year” in the 5th Annual RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards conducted by RemoteTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates technology companies, products and services empowering remote work and global teams.

Torc’s intelligent talent marketplace platform connects cloud-native developers with jobs and provides a next-generation talent engagement experience for companies. With more than 27,000 digital talent enrolled worldwide, and a current emphasis on LATAM, the US and India placements, Torc’s commitment to productivity and upskilling make it a critical component of digital enablement strategies.

“Torc is obsessed with AI, productivity and the success of distributed teams, and that’s why we can deliver viable developer-to-job matches in as little as two hours,” said Michael Morris, CEO and Co-Founder of Torc. “As part of Randstad Digital, Torc continues to provide incredible career opportunities for developers, and secure intelligent talent engagement experiences for companies.”

The RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards program is a comprehensive analysis of the world’s top companies, solutions and products in the remote technology industry. The 2024 evaluation attracted thousands of nominations across 15 countries.

“Torc elevates the capabilities of talent search teams, and alleviates manually intensive tasks and rushed decisions that increase the risks of hiring technical talent,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of the RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards. “Torc has revolutionized how the CHRO and CTO handle enterprise talent engagement, increasing productivity, collaboration, career growth, and morale.”

Companies looking for the most productive developers, and developers looking for the best jobs, are in the Torc talent marketplace. Join today https://www.torc.dev/.

About Torc
Torc, the AI-powered talent marketplace acquired by Randstad, connects global developers with jobs and provides an intelligent talent engagement experience for companies worldwide. Torc’s emphasis on performance, productivity and upskilling make it the preferred digital enablement solution for on-demand technical talent. www.torc.dev

About RemoteTech Breakthrough
Part of Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership, the RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in technologies, services, companies and products that empower remote work and distributed teams around the globe.

Fonte: Business Wire

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