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Posiflex Launches Opera MT-6200 Series Mobile POS Tablet

Posiflex Technology Inc., a global leader in Point of Sale (POS) systems and Online to Offline (O2O) solutions, today announced its latest mobile POS tablet offering - the Opera MT-6200 Series, which ...

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New offerings exploring mobile possibility and efficiency for retail, hospitality, logistics, and inventory management.

TAIPEI, Taiwan: Posiflex Technology Inc., a global leader in Point of Sale (POS) systems and Online to Offline (O2O) solutions, today announced its latest mobile POS tablet offering - the Opera MT-6200 Series, which explores mobility and efficiency with sleek, lightweight yet semi-rugged designs. It supports Android 13 with GMS Certification or Windows 11 IoT OS, available in both x86 and RISC variants. With screen sizes of 8" and 10.1", the series features dockability with a USB Type-C connector, allowing for fast power charging. Complemented by a variety of POS accessories to enhance functionality, they are designed to meet the demands of the mobile economy across various industries. This includes retail stores, hospitality, logistics, inventory/warehouse management, and more.

Superior Durability for Tough Applications

Leveraging Posiflex's cutting-edge engineering excellence, the Opera MT-6200 Series achieves a harmonious balance between the conflicting demands of tablets. It combines a lightweight and thin design with high-performance computing and semi-rugged durability. Equipped with a Corning Gorilla III touch screen, a PCAP multi-touch TFT LCD with 300nits brightness. The tablet is ideal for heavy use in various environments with ease. To ensure durability, the series incorporates semi-rugged designs, including IP54 water and dust resistance. It can withstand drops from 1 meter (1.2 meters with a protective case) and features a unique anti-slip design, providing a secure grip during handheld use. These elements collectively make the Opera MT-6200 Series resilient against the challenges of daily use.

Efficient USB Type-C for Fast Charging

Fast power charging and power efficiency are also essential to support the superior mobility of POS tablets. The Opera MT-6200 Series features an IPX7 waterproof USB Type-C connector for docking and rapid power charging. This feature enhances the overall user experience, providing convenience and efficiency for on-the-go professionals in various business environments. In particular, the smart docking station has a special bracket for protection and convenient charging, but when the tablet is in a rubber protective case, it can be docked directly to the charger without removing the case.

Flexible Functions for Customizable User Experience

In addition to a built-in 2D scanner and NFC module, Opera MT-6200 Series tablets offer programmable buttons on both sides of the screen bezel for customizable functionality, allowing customization for your specific applications. Opera MT-6200 series leads the way with seamless connectivity, supporting WiFi 5/6 and Bluetooth 5.0/5.2, ensuring a superior and efficient user experience.

Wide Range of Accessories to Extend Functionality and Maximize Convenience

As one of the manufacturers in the world capable of producing a complete range of POS terminals and peripherals from a single source, Posiflex offers a wide range of optional accessories including fingerprint reader, MSR, shoulder strap, protective case with rotatable handheld strap, touch pen and more. The smart docking station is also equipped with a variety of I/O ports to extend the functions for stationary operations - all to maximize flexibility, user value and convenience.

About POSIFLEX Group

Posiflex Group is a global leading Commercial AIoT platform powered by smart Online-to-Offline (O2O) and Software-defined Embedded Appliance Solutions. Pillared by three brands, Posiflex Group consists of Posiflex as global top 5 brand in POS & Kiosk, Portwell as Embedded Foundry for AIoT Edge Compute, and KIOSK Information Systems (KIS) for managed self-service automation – together with a common mission to enable optimized productivity and superior customer journey across the connected world.

Fonte: Business Wire

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