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Pricefx Adds New AI Optimization Use Case to Latest Version of Pricing Software

#AI--Pricefx, the global leader in AI-powered SaaS pricing software, announced the release of Rampur 13.0 version of its award-winning pricing platform. The new version of its price management, optimi...

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Customers can achieve faster time-to-value with a wider array of supported business use cases and gain improved transparency for price optimization results

MUNICH & CHICAGO: #AI--Pricefx, the global leader in AI-powered SaaS pricing software, announced the release of Rampur 13.0 version of its award-winning pricing platform.

The new version of its price management, optimization and CPQ platform helps customers to achieve a faster time-to-value by supporting the widest range of out-of-the-box AI Optimization business use cases on the market today.

From machine learning and neural networks to agent-based AI and generative AI, Pricefx leverages the whole AI landscape to help customers improve margins and make better data-driven decisions at scale. Building on previous AI capabilities, Rampur 13.0 adds List Price Optimization and Agreements Accelerator to the platform, as well as new enhancements for integrations with SAP S/4HANA.

“We continue to heavily invest into our AI optimization capabilities to help our customers to drive their company goals through optimal pricing and providing optimal product mix,” said Billy Graham, Chief Product Officer at Pricefx. “For each AI optimized use case deployed, customers can recognize an additional 1-2% margin improvement on average. Our productized use cases give customers the fastest time-to-value, and the flexibility of our ‘bring your own science’ capability and the unmatched transparency of our clear-box AI ensures that customers have the trust and confidence for long-term adoption and futureproofing of their investment.”

In the Rampur 13.0 release, List Price Optimization has been added as a new use case that allows customers to optimize list prices, align them with overall price strategy, and enforce the required price differentiation across various product lines. This release also introduces technical Condition Record capabilities, which streamlines integration with ERP systems for further use within company processes.

Designed for process manufacturers, Agreements Accelerator enables the creation and maintenance of formula-based customer agreement pricing that reflects dynamic market changes in the resulting pricing at any point of time. Formulas can be designed visually, without coding.

Pricefx has also added enhancements and extensions to its integration with SAP S/4HANA, including an integration with the new templates for Agreements & Promotions and Rebates. Pricefx’s SAP Endorsed App has been Premium Certified for SAP S/4HANA. The company was one of 16 SAP partners to win a Pinnacle Award in 2024 and was also a finalist in the AI Partner Innovation category.

The Rampur 13.0 release is available now and more information can be found at https://www.pricefx.com/rampur/.

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About Pricefx

Pricefx is the global leader in AI SaaS pricing software, offering an end-to-end platform solution that is fast to implement, flexible to configure, and friendly to learn and use. Since pioneering cloud-native pricing technology more than a decade ago, its leading AI price optimization and management capabilities deliver the industry’s fastest time-to-value with activation in 6 months or less and the industry’s highest average ROI of 7,000% in the first 12 months from activation. Pricefx’s award-winning solution is focused on productized industry use cases proven to solve the most common and complex pricing challenges for large enterprise B2B companies in manufacturing, distribution, process engineering, and select other verticals. It is the leading AI price optimization and management platform that enterprises rely on to dynamically Plan, Price, and Profit. Pricefx’s business model is entirely based on fairness, and the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers is recognized by years of leading rankings among customer review forums. For more information, please visit www.pricefx.com.

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