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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Releases 2023 Living Progress Report

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today released its annual Living Progress Report for fiscal year 2023, exhibiting the company’s business strategy and commitment to creating sustainable and re...

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Ninth annual report exhibits HPE’s commitment to sustainable, responsible business

HOUSTON: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today released its annual Living Progress Report for fiscal year 2023, exhibiting the company’s business strategy and commitment to creating sustainable and responsible technology solutions for a data-first world.

“The drive toward a thriving and sustainable society—where access to basic needs like food and healthcare are achieved within earth's ecological boundaries and while maintaining security and privacy protections—is being propelled forward by technology,” said Antonio Neri, HPE President and CEO. “At HPE, we are working hard to innovate in an ethical and sustainable manner so we can truly accelerate what’s next.”

Navigating a transition to a net-zero enterprise

HPE aspires to become a net-zero company by 2040 across its entire value chain. This goal, alongside a suite of targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), aligns with climate science and is supported by HPE’s Roadmap to Net-Zero. HPE is among the first global IT companies with a net-zero target of 2040 (or earlier) approved by the Net-Zero Standard of the Science Based Targets Initiative.

HPE’s approach starts with addressing the sustainability of its own business operations, reducing emissions within the company’s control, primarily through the transition to clean energy. For two consecutive years, HPE surpassed its 2025 target of sourcing 50% renewable electricity ahead of schedule.

Scope 3 emissions, beyond HPE’s direct control, represent the largest portion of the company’s greenhouse gas footprint and, in turn, the biggest challenge to and opportunity for reducing HPE’s emissions and those of the IT industry. HPE is firmly committed to advancing toward its 2030 targets and continues to deliver innovative offerings and business models that help to mitigate the environmental impacts of its customers’ evolving IT needs. In 2023, HPE’s overall emissions increased by 8% year-over-year, primarily due to business growth and changes in the product mix. HPE’s roadmap to achieve Scope 3 reductions requires longer-term investments and innovations in order to accelerate the decarbonization of the electricity on which HPE, its suppliers, and its customers rely.

Every leader at HPE is integral to the company’s journey to achieve its goal of net-zero emissions. To better integrate accountability for contributing to the achievement of this goal, HPE has implemented a unique method of tying variable compensation for HPE’s Executive Committee with climate metrics and bespoke organizational goals aimed at reducing HPE’s carbon intensity within each Executive Committee member’s individual span of control.

HPE provides a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable and responsible IT offerings

HPE is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of efficient and responsible IT offerings that help customers reduce the environmental impacts of their growing IT needs across the entire IT lifecycle. Established in 2023, HPE’s sustainable offerings roadmap aims to meet customer needs across three critical areas of their sustainable IT journeys:

  • Enabling Sustainable Transformations: In 2023, HPE expanded its portfolio of IT sustainability services to address sustainability challenges comprehensively, from data centers to workloads to individual devices. For instance, HPE Right Mix Advisor and the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework deliver a unique, workload-in approach that utilizes an array of tools and processes to address environmental and sustainability goals and efficiently plan for modernization.
  • Empowering Customers with Environmental Insights: HPE offers data and visibility into the environmental impact of IT estates, enabling customers to consider environmental factors when purchasing, managing, and disposing of IT infrastructure. For example, the HPE Sustainability Insights Center, launched in 2023, delivers energy and carbon emissions reporting via a unified console in the HPE GreenLake Platform, empowering customers to make impactful changes, reduce costs, and achieve their sustainable IT objectives.
  • Delivering Low-Carbon and Responsible Solutions: In 2023, 103 of HPE’s systems ranked on the Green500 list of the world's most energy-efficient supercomputers, with six among the top ten, including Frontier. Frontier, the pioneering exascale computer deployed with the U.S. Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was recognized in TIME's Best Inventions of 2023 in the Experimental Category. The latest generation of HPE ProLiant Gen 11 servers allows customers to consolidate and expand compute capabilities within the same or smaller footprint, reducing power, cooling, floor space, and licensing costs. HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers boast a 60% smaller data center footprint and 81% lower power and cooling costs compared to previous generations. HPE offers diverse solutions across global markets to extend the lifespan of legacy systems and ensure business continuity.

A trusted supplier and partner

HPE believes it has a responsibility to do its part to uphold the dignity of every person, and its culture of respect for human rights starts at the very top. Human rights is considered in every aspect of the business — from how it sources materials for manufacturing, to each products’ use phase, to how HPE treats and trains our own team members.

In 2023, HPE launched and made progress against three new supply chain responsibility targets related to worker training, worker voice, and no recruitment fees. The company also further operationalized HPE’s AI Ethics Principles across product development, partnerships, and sales engagements in the fiscal year. HPE offers AI services and technologies that address diversity and explainability concerns while helping customers unlock critical insights to the toughest challenges facing industries and society today. HPE has established an AI Ethics Advisory Board which is responsible for promoting the use, development and deployment of AI products and solutions by HPE and its customers in alignment with the company’s ethical standards.

A culture based on unconditional inclusion

People are what make technology possible, so continuing to keep team members engaged is paramount to HPE. Its efforts to empower and retain the best talent in the industry are reflected in strong team member engagement scores and voluntary turnover rates well below the industry average. HPE attributes this, in large part, to a culture that is committed to unconditional inclusion. This commitment is evident in our leadership ranks: in 2023, 46% of HPE Board members were women and 15% were ethnically diverse. Today, our Executive Committee is 50% female.

Our commitment to equity and social impact doesn’t stop at its team members. HPE understands how important technology – and equitable access to it - can completely change outcomes. With this in mind, HPE has established several tech accelerator programs to help startups with social impact missions get the technology and funding they need to carry out their missions. In September of 2023, the company launched three new accelerators with the goal of helping foster the next wave of innovation to combat climate change and with support from partners in finance, industry, and government. These startups now have the support and resources of HPE to help power their goals.

Recognized as a leader in ethical standards

Recognition helps HPE to understand if the company is on the right track, but never loses sight of the progress that remains to be made. HPE’s commitment to ethical business practices was recognized in fiscal year 2023 through rankings and awards by several reputable organizations including:

- JUST100 – in 2023, HPE ranked first on the list
- EcoVadis Platinum recognition (top 1%)
- Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 6th consecutive year
- Bloomberg Corporate Equality Index
- Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities – scored 100 for the eight consecutive year by the DEI Equality Index
- Great Places to Work for Parents – in 2023 HPE ranked 15 on the list

A more comprehensive list of HPE’s awards and recognition can be found here.

About Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) is the global edge-to-cloud company that helps organizations accelerate outcomes by unlocking value from all of their data, everywhere. Built on decades of reimagining the future and innovating to advance the way people live and work, HPE delivers unique, open and intelligent technology solutions as a service. With offerings spanning Cloud Services, Compute, High Performance Computing & AI, Intelligent Edge, Software, and Storage, HPE provides a consistent experience across all clouds and edges, helping customers develop new business models, engage in new ways, and increase operational performance. For more information, visit: www.hpe.com.

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