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B2Trader v1.1 Update - Featuring New BBP Prime, Enhanced Reporting and New iOS App

B2Trader Brokerage Platform, a powerful crypto spot brokerage solution created by the leading technology and liquidity provider, B2Broker, has been updated. The new BBP v1.1 comes with a unique BBP Pr...

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: B2Trader Brokerage Platform, a powerful crypto spot brokerage solution created by the leading technology and liquidity provider, B2Broker, has been updated. The new BBP v1.1 comes with a unique BBP Prime functionality, enhanced report feature and flexible layout customisation.

The B2Trader update also saw the release of the BBP iOS mobile app. The BBP app, available as a part of the B2Trader turnkey package, provides seamless integration with the B2Core CRM solution and a native trading experience specially designed for iPhone users.

Exploring New Features of The BBP v1.1 Update

The new BBP v1.1 offers multiple breakthrough features that benefit brokerage firms and improve users’ trading experience.

BBP Prime

The new release introduces a new feature that enables the BBP to serve as a prime brokerage platform for other B2Trader brokerage platforms. Linked platforms can maintain and top up their balances on the BBP Prime, which will, in turn, manage and oversee balances on associated accounts on LPs.

In this case, BBP Prime is responsible for monitoring balances on brokers’ accounts, processing incoming orders, forwarding them to LPs/B2Connect, and managing trades, where data exchange is facilitated through the bespoke FIX gateway.

New Template Builder for Admins

The new update supports flexible workplace customisation for BBP admins. This allows brokers to offer personalised templates for workplace layouts, including a default layout that appears when a trader opens the trading terminal for the first time. Moreover, Admins can import pre-saved layouts, export template settings and save up to 10 custom setups. This feature is accessible in the “Settings” section on the left menu.

Enhanced Reporting to Improve Accessibility

The new B2Trader platform extends the reports system to assist admins in getting a comprehensive view of what is happening on their platform. A new report type has been added to facilitate obtaining a list of active accounts over a given period. These reports are crucial for assessing the growth of the exchange or brokerage platform.

Reports are stored and accessible within the B2Trader platform in a new “Report” button to simplify report generation and customisation.

More Control Tools for Traders

The new BBP v1.1 offers account selection directly from the “Trading” terminal on the top bar. Once traders switch profiles, all widgets and settings automatically adjust to display relevant information for the selected account. This enhancement helps manage multiple accounts, facilitating easier tracking of performances in a streamlined manner.

More Tabs to Facilitate Workspace Management

The BBP v1.1 release updates the terminal with new tabs and customised workspaces, enabling traders to open up to 10 tabs and manage multiple trading workspaces simultaneously. Users can apply ready-to-use layouts provided by the broker or create custom setups. This approach changes the way users organise their trades and streamlines it for more efficiency.

New BBP iOS App — Expanding The Turnkey Package

Mobile trading is becoming more trendy. The Stock Trading and Investing Applications Market report said that 58% of revenue share in the global trading markets in 2022 came from mobile platforms alone. The same report suggested that the trend is expected to continue growing as the sector is projected to reach $150 billion by 2032 from just under $40 billion in 2023.

With 6.8 billion mobile users worldwide, smartphones are inevitable for trading activities. That’s why most modern brokers focus on offering a dedicated mobile version of their trading platform to remain competitive.

As such, B2Broker expands its BBP turnkey solution and introduces a BBP iOS app v1.0, packed with all desktop trading functionalities for a superior mobile experience. A dedicated iOS mobile app and a robust web trading platform are necessary tools for brokers to offer a complete trading package to their customers. Let’s explore the features of the app.

Seamlessly Integrated with B2Core

The new BBP app swiftly integrates with the B2Core CRM mobile app, offering a solid one-sign-on capability. When users log in to their B2Core mobile app, they can seamlessly access the BBP iOS app without re-entering their login credentials.

Easily Accessible Account and Balance Data

B2Trader facilitates multi-account functionality as a crucial platform feature. With the new BBP app, users can switch accounts and start trading from any of them instantly. Users can enjoy a clear overview of available and on-hold funds in each account in the “Account Details” screen, providing quick access to the trader’s balance.

Overviewing Markets and Orders with Ease

The app offers an easily accessible “Market” screen with an intuitive trading interface. Users can find this feature from the “Markets” button on the “Account Details” to view customisable real-time charts, switch between chart types and find historical price data. The screen also includes three tabs for quick access to trading and account details: Order Book, Open Orders, and Balances.

The app supports options similar to those of the web version for order types: IOC, FOK, GTC, GTD, and Day for limit orders and IOC and FOK for market orders. The Order section offers a comprehensive view containing information about order types, quantities, prices, and processing times, while the advanced filters help traders find specific orders and streamline their order management.

Flexible Theme Customisation

The BBP iOS app, which serves as a part of the turnkey solution, enables brokers to personalise their platform’s themes and designs to align with their platform’s branding and logos, ensuring a unified user experience across all devices. Additionally, users can switch between light and dark themes to choose their preferred mode for viewing and trading.

Final Remarks

The updated B2Trader Brokerage Platform suite, including the revamped web platform and the new iOS mobile app, marks a significant milestone in B2Broker’s efforts and dedication to innovation. The redesigned visuals, enhanced features, and mobile app interoperability make B2Trader the ultimate trading platform for crypto spot brokers.

Fonte: Business Wire

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