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Tanium Plays Critical Role in Supporting AstraZeneca's Mission to Deliver Life-Changing Medicines

Tanium, the industry’s leading provider of Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), today shared the success story of customer and global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in securing over 125,000 endp...

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Alongside innovation partners ServiceNow and Microsoft, the pharmaceutical company secures more than 125,000 endpoints on the Tanium XEM platform and reduces patching time from one week to ten minutes

KIRKLAND, Wash.: Tanium, the industry’s leading provider of Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), today shared the success story of customer and global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in securing over 125,000 endpoints across 125 countries using the Tanium XEM platform. The company consolidated multiple endpoint-management tools to improve agility, efficiency, and visibility across company functions, minimizing the risk of a cyber-attack. This allows AstraZeneca leaders and scientists to prioritize their mission to focus on the patient and optimize their results.

“Downtime means the patient doesn’t win, and I want the patient to win. I want, in a sustainable way, to get them their prescription medicine as soon as possible,” said Jeff Haskill, vice president enterprise technology services, AstraZeneca. “We know if we are delivering, our scientists don’t have to be slowed down. They can come in and focus on what they are amazing at: creating better outcomes for patients.”

A key element of AstraZeneca’s success in maximizing the capabilities of the Tanium XEM platform is utilizing the robust joint solutions with ServiceNow and Microsoft. With ServiceNow, the company enhances cross-collaboration between IT and operations teams through trusted visibility, control, and remediation through a complete and real-time CMDB. With Microsoft, there are new possibilities with automation, including with the recent launch of Microsoft Copilot for Security. This drives organizational resiliency with unmatched speed, accuracy, and usability for security teams, and provides relevant, real-time insights across all endpoints.

“The immensity of AstraZeneca’s global endpoints reinforces the importance of having real-time visibility as well as the ability to make updates on those endpoints at speed and scale,” said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer at Tanium. “No second can go to waste when the result can have a direct impact on patient health. Tanium’s XEM platform enables AstraZeneca to be proactive in breaking down traditional silos and reducing the complexity, cost, and risks associated with deploying multiple point solutions.”

Other key features of the Tanium XEM platform relied on by AstraZeneca include faster patching and asset discovery. Before using Tanium, AstraZeneca’s ground-patching program took a full week, but now takes just 10 minutes. Additionally, AstraZeneca relied on Tanium to scan its IT environment for possible weaknesses during the worldwide Log4j attacks that began in late 2021. After the company finished the inventory, it used Tanium to deploy new updates – starting only five days after.

To learn more about how customers are improving security while saving costs using Tanium’s XEM platform, visit: https://www.tanium.com/customers/.

About Tanium

Tanium delivers the industry’s only true real-time cloud-based endpoint management and security offering. Its converged endpoint management (XEM) platform is real-time, seamless, and autonomous, allowing security-conscious organizations to break down silos and reduce complexity, cost, and risk. Securing more than 32M endpoints around the world, Tanium’s customers include more than 40% of the Fortune 100, 7 of the top 10 U.S. retailers, 9 of the top 10 U.S. commercial banks, all 6 branches of the U.S. military, and MODs and DODs around the world. It also partners with the world’s biggest technology companies, system integrators, and managed service providers to help customers realize the full potential of their IT investments. Tanium has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list for eight consecutive years and ranks on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. For more information on The Power of Certainty™, visit www.tanium.com and follow us on LinkedIn and X.

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