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Avionté Completes SimpleVMS Integration, Enabling Streamlined Contingent Labor Workflows Across Employers, Staffing Agencies, and Talent

Avionté announced full integration with SimpleVMS, marking the fruition of Avionté’s acquisition of the leading vendor management system (VMS) last year. The integration streamlines interactions a...

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Integration eliminates friction between employers and staffing agencies, significantly reducing time-to-submit and time-to-fill, and increasing share-of-wallet

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.: Avionté announced full integration with SimpleVMS, marking the fruition of Avionté’s acquisition of the leading vendor management system (VMS) last year. The integration streamlines interactions among employers, staffing agencies, and talent, resulting in faster time-to-submit, reduced time-to-fill, and an increased share-of-wallet.

“As employers consolidate their business with staffing agencies that can act as true strategic partners, VMS/ATS connectivity plays a critical role,” said Avionté CEO Rishabh Mehrotra. “Avionté’s unique bi-directional integration with SimpleVMS streamlines contingent labor workflows, enabling staffing agencies to provide a reliable source of talent faster while strengthening their partnerships with employers through enhanced communications and consolidated reporting. With the integration, we are seeing staffing agencies increase fill rates and share-of-wallet despite recent softness in the staffing market. Simply put, the integration delivers a substantial competitive advantage to the staffing firms who have it.”

When an employer submits a job requisition via SimpleVMS, it gets passed directly to the AviontéBOLD ATS and recruiters can instantly notify qualified talent through the Avionté 24/7 Mobile talent platform. Talent can respond directly from their mobile phone and pick the jobs they want to pursue. Recruiters can view and submit appropriate talent responses back to employers in near real time. In early tests of the new integrated workflow, one agency saw a 90% reduction in time-to-fill, with elapsed time measured in minutes and hours rather than days.

The streamlined workflow from SimpleVMS to AviontéBOLD and the Avionté Mobile Talent platform opens a wealth of possibilities for recruiters and employers, offering a comprehensive solution to manage the entire staffing lifecycle, from talent acquisition to contingent workforce management. Key benefits of this integration include:

  • Automated Workflows: The integration eliminates manual tasks, redundant data entry, and time delays associated with agencies managing separate VMS and ATS platforms.
  • Reduced Time-to-Fill: Data can be passed between employers, agencies, and talent in near real time to expedite talent sourcing and selection, enabling organizations to identify and onboard top talent swiftly. Staffing agencies can respond and act on open requisitions immediately, gaining a competitive edge in the talent market.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Employers and staffing agencies both benefit from greater transparency and visibility across the entire recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection, facilitating informed decision-making and resource optimization.
  • Simplified Vendor Management: Employers and agencies can coordinate and track day-to-day interactions and procurement processes, ensuring compliance and driving cost-effectiveness.
  • Better Talent Experience: Agency talent can view new job opportunities and shift schedules on their mobile platform and respond in near real time, encouraging talent to remain loyal to the staffing agency and maintain their currency within the agency’s candidate pool.

"In a competitive marketplace, the integration between SimpleVMS and AviontéBOLD allows agencies to support their clients faster and more effectively,” said SimpleVMS President Jason Oswald. “By seamlessly connecting the employer and agency in the same ecosystem, we maximize the recruiter's efficiency and improve their interactions with the employer. Most importantly, recruiters can focus their efforts on the candidate and employee experience, spending less time on cumbersome tasks such as double data entry. We are looking forward to building on the integration to create even more benefits for our clients and agency partners."

“Contingent labor will continue to grow as a percentage of the overall workforce,” added Mehrotra. “With employers, staffing agencies, and talent seamlessly communicating among each other, the integration marks an evolution in the supply chain of labor.”

Contact us to learn how the Avionté/SimpleVMS integration can benefit you.

About Avionté

Avionté is a proven leader in enterprise staffing platforms, providing a comprehensive end-to-end, cloud-based technology solution designed for scalability and growth. The Avionté platform delivers a complete front and back office, a robust mobile talent application, and a powerful VMS. With a single staffing platform, agencies can now manage the entire supply chain of labor, from employer to agency to talent and back. Learn more at https://www.avionte.com.

About SimpleVMS

SimpleVMS is a vendor-neutral vendor management system (VMS) developed by staffing industry professionals to enhance the relationships between clients and their staffing partners. The cutting-edge platform delivers complete workforce visibility and streamlined workflows, providing everything from job order management to invoicing and analytics, paired with an integrated timekeeping solution. More than software, SimpleVMS provides the hands-on support that employers and agencies depend on to manage their variable labor programs. For more information, visit https://simplevms.com.

Fonte: Business Wire

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